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Gamers Anonymous

**Gamers Anonymous!**

• Gamers Anonymous is a **18+** community run support server that's dedicated to giving everyone a safe place to be themselves, make friends, and feel like they belong!

• We're a mature, diverse, non-judgmental, friendly and active community; welcoming of everyone with a mental illness!

Here's some general information about the server:

⟣ Aesthetic roles you can earn or purchase with server currency.
⟣ Rewarding leveling up system with separate roles, ranks and colors.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for more accurate communication.
⟣ Tons of custom and amazing emojis!
⟣ Access to a large amount of mental health resources!
⟣ Dedicated support roles and rooms.
⟣ Private OPT-IN channels for extra safety and comfort!
⟣ Stay in the gaming loop with news updates!
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life :]
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
𝓞ℝᶤ-ℕ๏ᑭᵖ 𝓞ℝᶤ-ℕ๏ᑭᵖ
You can be yourself.
This server is very well managed, people here a friendly and you can discuss about games or your health,

you will not find more open-minded people than them.
5 days ago
Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow
Best server ever
I love Gamer's Anonymous. It became the only server I interract in. It's all very organized and we all care about each other there. It's like a second home. I'm always impressed by the fact that everyone is friendly and nice all the time. Also, the owner is 10/10. Totally recommend! :)
106 days ago
~☆ Espie ☆~ ~☆ Espie ☆~
My Favorite Server!
I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this wonderful server. Every user is so friendly, caring and helpful. I've been helped with hard times and accepted by everyone. I feel wanted in this community, and I've made so many great friends. The owner is very friendly and interacts with all users as well. Nothing but good from this server, great safe space for everyone. I highly recommend!
179 days ago
ulysses ulysses
Love it!
Ive been in the server for a while and I find somewhere or someone to fit in with and plenty of people of all likes and natures. plenty of stories and chatter, but how much you can do in server, how friendly everyone is and how well set up it is. It is just an amazing server and ive used discord almost daily because of the group and found plenty of interesting people to talk to and even play various games across various platforms with.
504 days ago