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Gamers Anonymous
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Gamers Anonymous

Gamers Anonymous is a video game themed peer mental health support server.

We are a 18+ supporting server, welcoming of any mental illness and any gaming style.

Here at Gamers Anonymous, our priority is to become a helping hand to those in need, and receive a helping hand when we need it!

⟣ Aesthetic earnable roles!
⟣ An diverse, non judgmental, welcoming community.
⟣ Assignable gaming roles to look for others to play with.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for better specified support.
⟣ Assignable age, pronoun and DM preference.
⟣ Supporting channels with pingable support.
⟣ Frequent quests and prompts to participate in.
⟣ Channels with access by role for privacy and comfort.
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life.
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
ulysses ulysses
Love it!
Ive been in the server for a while and I find somewhere or someone to fit in with and plenty of people of all likes and natures. plenty of stories and chatter, but how much you can do in server, how friendly everyone is and how well set up it is. It is just an amazing server and ive used discord almost daily because of the group and found plenty of interesting people to talk to and even play various games across various platforms with.
Handsome Jack Handsome Jack
Well organized
This server is perhaps one of the most well themed and organized one i have ever been in. There is explanations and instructions for everything. It looks professionally set up. It has a good role color scheme. Its over just 100/100.