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Lewd Empire
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Lewd Empire

Lewd Empire is an amazing server dedicated to weebs and people who wish to express their inner-lewdness! The server itself is mainly a friendly community server focusing on its members and their happiness.

The main aesthetic is "Love" with colors of pinks everywhere! We have our very own bot LewLew, plus our own emojis, wow! The list goes on! It's a nice place to visit but we need more of an "oomf" and I hope you can assist us by joining us and giving your oomf.

The server does have an an nsfw section that you may not access unless you assign a role, so everyone is welcome and safe from seeing the things they don't need to see ;w;

Join today and help us rise! Be lewd!
ѕαpphírє~ Bumped 10 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

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FoxGameXx FoxGameXx
The place is full of friendly people who are usually on and ready for some casual chat... but there is also the fun part of the server that does not lack in quality
slugeoskar4 slugeoskar4
WhaleCum! For the Lewd Empire!
The Lewd empire! Is a good place to find friends, listen to music and having some fun in the NSFW channels. The Owner is a real nice guy and the staff are all Amazing! So come on over and have a good time!
Rēza Rēza
Awesome server
Great server, great staff, completely chill chat, and nsfw to top it all off. One of the few servers I've found myself enjoying.
触手 トロいんの木馬 触手 トロいんの木馬
Amazing! Interactive! Lewd!~
When i first joined Lewd Empire, I didnt know what to make of it, but after spending countless hours in the server meeting new people and learning new experiences it changed the way i view and interact. I have learned many things and life lessons, sharing both laughter and sorrow, and helping this server grow strong. I wish to make a 150$ dontation in future and hope it reaches a whopping 50k members.