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Lewd Empire™ 🎄

Welcome to Lewd Empire™ [18+] !

Lewd Empire is a server full of lewds,
lewdies, and lewding!
We mainly focus on the community aspect and have an active chat. If you come just for the nsfw content then be sure to checkout the access channel to get into that.

I love you all and I hope you have a great time here ~ Dezin, The owner of Lewd Empire
Dezin Bumped 18 minutes ago

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5 reviews
Dezin Dezin
The Greatest of all Discord Servers!
This server has helped me through the bad times I've had in my life, without it I wouldn't be here today. I try to keep a non-toxic environment and if anyone is disrespectful they will be punished, simple as that.
I've assembled a great community full of mature individuals and I am proud of that accomplishment. I hope you use this server to fill your boredom and your desire to be lewd!
TheEyelessReaper108 TheEyelessReaper108
i love this server
alot of fun and tons of great ppl that help me steer away my boredom
[🥖 General] Adalani [🥖 General] Adalani
You can't argue with that value. I heard Adalani is a great staff member.
Sceptical Sceptical
LE review
This is the best server ever! I really recommend you join and meet a really good staff member who works hard and is hilarious. He's basically on 24/7 so you can definitely find him. @HiZo#6848 is him.