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Welcome to Chillbar! ❤ Small & Active Server ✦ Based around meeting new people and having a good time! ✦ 27/7 VC ✦ Active Chat ✦ No Toxicity ✦ Events ✦ NSFW
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PokeMaster718_GD PokeMaster718_GD
Nice social sever!
Good for meeting new people. Very accepting of others, and an overall good atmosphere.
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Crayuth700 Crayuth700
Fucking Great
Ginger scared me at first but the realized he was great, just like everyone else. I wish I encountered this community before. And I am glad I am a part of it.
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Amatsu-Kami Amatsu-Kami
Chillbar is a welcoming place for everyone!
The moment a friend of mine showed me this place was overwhelming. Nice people and a nice staff team, who are all welcoming you and already taking you as a part of the huge Chillbar-family! It can be too much at first because it is such a big place but you quickly feel comfortable within it.

This will await you in chillbar:
- Overall very nice and friendly people
- A very nice and entertaining staff team which keeps the place fun for everyone and takes care of problems very quickly
- Channels for basically anything to share, for example "Art"
- Events to keep members busy and entertained
- Minigames to keep you busy and gain credits
- Currency system to buy roles/colours
- LAST BUT NOT LEAST the best owner in the world, a very generous and funny guy!

Overall a very nice place to relax and to have some fun with new people and friends!
There are all sorts of people here, why not enter this server and take a look for yourself?

Be part of this family!
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Quintenvw Quintenvw
Cool server imo
that's all