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CftE | Companions from the Empire | is a community aimed at helping and teaching people about various IT Subjects, such as, Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, Scams, Networking, Programming, Web Development, Digital Wellbeing, IoT (Internet of Things) & obviously we also play games from time to time so feel free to join.

When you join the server you will be asked to read the rules and then make an introduction of yourself. If you do that you will get access to the server. Thanks zCreed96CftE.

We also post interesting jobs/volunteering opportunities from time to time for those interested. And we even make tutorials & we help our community with any questions regarding IT.
I just want to add something, if you have time to join our community you should have enough time to make a short introduction about yourself. By doing that you will get access to the server.

But I want to add that if you want to learn how to 'hack' then this server is not for you sorry, there are ethics involved with Cybersecurity which you should know before joining the server.

Weekly Streamed & Recorded Hack The Box sessions by zCreed96CftE

We're teaching people how to also "hack" & find vulnerabilities obviously but only the ones that have been already found/fixed and how to find some.
Welcome to 🌹Growing Together🌹!

We are a peer-to-peer mental health server. We provide you with a safe, welcoming environment that offers both community and private support, mental health and recovery resources, and most importantly - a place to call home! Different from many other mental health servers, we treat each other like a family. We are a tight knit community always looking to support each other however we can. We have a big family with some top notch staff members who work hard to keep this server running smoothly and making sure everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible. If you are looking for a server with awesome staff members, amazing supporters, and a fantastic community, Growing Together is the place for you! Come join us in Growing Together for help, hope and healing. 🌹🌹🌹

What We Offer:
🌹│Tight Knit Community
🌹│Safe & Friendly Environment
🌹│Fun Bots including gaming, music and economy bots
🌹│Cute Emotes
🌹│One on One Private Support
🌹│Community Mental Health & Support Channels
🌹│Recovery & Self Love Channels
🌹│Interactive Channels & Events

And much more!


Come join us for help, hope and healing at Growing Together!

Shaman's Journey is a community of friends who understand and support each other through the challenges of living with mental illness. We also like to have as much fun as possible. We are looking for new friends to join us. We like to play games, chat and listen to music in the server. We have a lot of fun, and voice calls sometimes go on for hours. Most members are 18+ and we value maturity and respect. There is a fair bit of adult humor. We have several bots to keep us entertained.
► Server Description
An 18+ community with a variety of channels and games and over 300 members. Join our friendly, fun atmosphere with no judgments or drama!

► Features
◈ Over 300 members, a friendly supportive community and staff
◈ Some discord games and bot games like Pokecord, Boxbot,
Akinator, Snake, Hangman, Minesweeper, IdleRPG and more
◈ Amaribot leveled roles system
◈ Tatsumaki, Mantaro and several more fun bots
◈ Reaction Roles for profiles
◈ Hidden support channels for a small support community,
access gained through reaction roles
◈ Hidden NSFW channels for more lightly moderated
discussion, but no NSFW images. Access gained through
reaction roles
◈ Voice channels
◈ Community voice events planned
Hey there! Yes you! Feel like you have no LGBTQ+ friends? Looking for a chill, SFW place to hangout and casually talk? Well that's what our server is all about!

-Anyone of any race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender is welcome.
-We aim to provide a safe space for lgbtq+ people, people struggling with their sexuality and supporters.
-We have Question of the day, a channel for controversial talk, a writing channel and a support/venting channel for ANYONE who needs it.
-We don't allow NSFW here (except for harmless innuendos and curse words).

Interested? Feel free to join at anytime!
Ever wanted to make a discord bot? Well in Coders Coalition can help you do that. Coders Coalition is the official discord for Jared Galyan, who is a Youtuber that does tutorials and other neat stuff.
💜 Project Inklings - Discord Server

We're a a UK-based Mental Health Charity, and we specialise in working with you on your mental well-being, worldwide.

What we can do for you:
✅ We strive to provide and maintain a thriving community, where everyone is welcome, and everyone can speak in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.
✅ We have a fantastic community who can listen and guide in the darkest of times, and we offer one-to-one support with our incredibly kind supporters using our in-house support platform, whether it's to just listen, or for advice and guidance.
✅ We promote healthy living and well-being, developing emotional stability and self-improvement.
✅ We work on issues you personally feel you need help on, and you determine where you would like to be. We do not require a diagnosis of any sort to be able to help you.

Our server has:
👥 Moderated, automated one-to-one support rooms where you can speak to someone in trust and confidentiality. We also have community support, where you can draw on experiences and advice from the community.
👥 We have small specialised communities, such as for plurals and people who are LGBT.
👥 A responsive and relaxed staff team. We're very open, and our intention is to help people in need, and not to penalise you for seeking help. We welcome volunteers!
👥 Fun stuff, such as events, meets, movie watching, and we also do outreach and mental well-being awareness.

Find out more here:
👋 Server:
🌍 Website:
(Please note: You need to be 15 or over to join, as we are limited in what we can do for younger people.)
.・゜゜・.・゜゜**we are NOT alone** ・.・゜゜・.・゜゜・
**About us**
We are a chill community based around supporting & meeting people with many struggles in their lives, regardless of what it is we are here for you!

**What we offer**

✿ Weekly events
✿ Helping community
✿ Multiple Roles for you to select from
✿ Multiple Channels for you to talk in
✿ Games
✿ Movie nights
✿ Partnerships
✿ Support Channels
✿ Many commands for you to use
and a heck ton more!


We hope we've grabbed your attention. If so, we hope to see you soon!

Link Invite:
Nouveau !
Welcome To Advertising Kingdom

Hello and thank you for choosing Advertising Kingdom, your #1 Choice to promote your Discord/Social Media's!

We are all about Growth, Support, Advertising, GIVEAWAYS, and a Community built/Co-Linked with one designed for Streamers, GIVEAWAYS, and Subscriber ONLY GIVEAWAYS! Come on down and promote whatever you please long as it's in the correct category. We look forward to serving you!

We will NEVER use @/Everyone: Role specific ONLY | Subject to @/Here

🎁Frequent Giveaways Rewarding either Nitro/PayPal $$$!
💝Partnerships, Feedback, Selfies, Allied Servers, and MORE!
🎀Friendly and Active staff to support all of your needs!
👶Advertising, Support, Social Media's, and MORE!
💹Owned and Operated by a Twitch Streamer!
🎁Giveaways For Twitch Subscribers ONLY!
(18+ Members Only)

As the name may suggest, we are a community of people trying to lose weight and get in shape! ~
However, we don't exclusively focus on weight loss - we welcome anyone who is trying to change their life for the better, or anyone who has completed their journey and just needs the continued support.

In this server you can feel free to ask questions about diet and exercise, show off your weight loss progress, share tips and tricks with the other members or just simply talk about your day.
We are a community and support server. Offering help for depression, support for LGBTQ+, Furries, and more! We are active, friendly, & always look out for each other x). We have our own self-hosted Nadeko bot as well as other features! The age range here is 13+, which means we do not have or support nsfw. The most important thing here, is that you have fun, and make friends. Otherwise, what's the point!? Midnight forever!
Nouveau !
Legend Cafe Is a for anybody who just needs to sit down and relax, we have music, amazing members, NSFW chats, and more. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, we will accept you no matter what, and our caring staff will make sure that you are not harassed or bullied for who you are. Our current goal is to make it to 80 members, will you join the peeper nation and help us expand or will you be a square?
Bruh you like hentai? Epic people? Terrible jokes? Then tf you waitin for? Get in here!!!
This server is full of fantastic people and plenty of things to talk about all the time, not huge rn, hoping to grow, full of helpful people for anyone who needs some advice or to vent, it also has anime, gaming, and picture chats, lots and lots of hentai, and very epic staff-!
cute aesthetic growing socializing/music discord server for those w 0 social skills, ppl who suck at socializing, are lonely, struggle to make friends, have disorders, dont fit in, are bored or just wanna talk to ppl who can relate 2 them! age does not matter <3
                    .             .               *            ✦                                               
゚。 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤 ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ~✿
╔═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╗
`🖤;`┊ we have a large variety of channels to choose from so you’re never bored & over 30 bots + self promo channel

`🤍;`┊ lots of roles & 500 emotes, n supportive staff + members, sporadically active, level system w perks & boost + donate perks

`🖤;`┊ we luv rock & metal & luv horror films but you can join no matter what you listen to or watch; we do movie nights & listening parties on VC

`🤍;`┊ looking for partners, boosters (lvl 3), bot makers, active members, pms & staff

`🖤;`┊ if you get banned from servers often b/c of their strict rules n struggle 2 find people to connect/relate to,, feel free to join!
╚═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╝

┊♡ links:
┊♡ vanity link:

A server dedicated to providing a staff and secure place for all people who identify under the LGBTQAI+ spectrum. Here we do not judge, only accept.
Our server is for those who just want a place to help others and/or seek support. It's a place for others to give and get help. What do we offer:
💜Specific support channels
💙Growth and leadership opportunities
💚Events and support sessions
🧡Off-server outreach program
💛Many bots! And fun
❤️Friendly and kind staff
💜Teen only support channels
Hello there! Our server is a cafe-themed, safe haven which provides you with mental and emotional health support and varied ways of entertainment such as:
✨LGBTQ+ friendly✨
✨active staff members✨
✨active channels according to interests✨
✨a wide range of self assignable roles✨
✨over 10 bots you can interact with✨
✨occasional events that take place✨
✨informative channels such as reviews and recipes on a variety of subjects✨
✨and much more, so join to find out!✨
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚❀ ⋆。˚❃
┊ ┊ ┊ ✿
┊ ┊ ❁⋆
┊ ๑ ┊
✾ ⋆ ┊. ˚. 。☆✼★━━Garden━━★✼☆。

✿ Hiya and welcome to Garden ! This is a Multi-Purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, make friends and relax, our main goal is to be toxic free, so everyone feels important, good and welcomed!
✿ This is 13+ server ( any less is breaking discord TOS)
✿ We are not a dating server but who says you can't meet your soulmate here? Worth a try.
✿ Looking for active Partner Manager and New staff.
✿ In Garden we offer many things including:
- active text channels and voice calls
- friendly and helpful staff and members
- a way to get different perks on the server
- themed channels designed for variety of desires
- lots of cute emojis
- self assignable roles and ping
- fun and entertaining bots
- fun events and giveaways
- available partnerships

。☆✼★━━ join us today, you won't regret it! ━━★✼☆。
Looking for a fun, chill, and friendly place to hangout?
Well stop by Guardian's home to have all this and more like games and bots!
come on and join us and become apart of this small family!
Nouveau !
A safe place for everyone, remember your are loved! Your are not alone <3
This is a server where you can communicate, role play, and have fun with people that have the same interest as you. This is mainly going to be an RP server.

This server includes:
✨Non-limited Creativity✨
✨ Events✨
✨Non-judemental atmosphere✨
And much more!
MyTech is a growing community focused on helping others fix issues that may arise with their computers or laptops. Our friendly team is always happy to help regardless of how small or large the problem is. We also help users build custom computers to get the best performance for the best price.
Welcome to r/INFP! We're a chill, community-oriented server looking to build up our member base. We have a lot of hobby channels, self assignable roles, fun emotes, and support channels. We hope you have a good time! 🌻
╭══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╮
~Welcome to Non-Stop 24/7~
╰══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╯


«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Non-Stop 24/7 is a small yet very active server that is growing in members with each passing day. We are looking for kind good hearted people who wish to help each other and build them up. We are focused on keeping this a safe and welcoming community which seeks to help support and encourage people and help them have hope, joy, and peace. We have many goals and focuses for this server!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

☁ミ✲ extremely active vc

☁ミ✲Roblox gaming

☁ミ✲movie night- every night

☁ミ✲frequent events and many debates

☁ミ✲people of all ages under 18 and over 18

☁ミ✲ female and male owner

☁ミ✲very light amount of cursing

☁ミ✲supportive and sfw


☁ミ✲happy and friendly environment yet we also joke around a lot

☁ミ✲open staff roles

☁ミ✲new friends