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This server is just a fun roleplay taking in the place of the world of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. With the cold war between the Magic and Science side in the world on the edge of heating up. Threats on the tiers from insane scientists to people ascending to the level of the divine, one would wonder how you'd find the way to solve these problems. Turns out all you need is a grumpy homeroom teacher with a strange power and a bit of forced motivation to turn a class into something more. A miracle. It is simply meant to be fun, nothing more to it I suppose.
Welcome to Domum!
Domum is the Latin word for home, and that's what the owners strive to create, a home for anyone to join and to create friends in.
We're a growing roleplaying server, made for anyone to join and to have fun in,

- A large roleplay, with a lot of channels.
- A large amount of lore for the entirety of the server to be discovered as you roleplay!
- A staff team who are all skilled in roleplaying and making character who would be happy to help if you're just starting, or if you're a professional already!
- Open to partnerships and affiliations!
- A friendly, welcoming community!

We look forward to seeing you here!
Owners: Sariel#0326, ビクセン#7840 (Vixen), - Pigeon -#1340
An unofficial server for discussion of SCPs, SCP:SA, and SCP:CB!