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We are a small PG-13 Avatar and LoK themed Server with about 140 members, it's a chill server and everyone is welcome. The server has an easy role system that will only show you the things you want to see. Select the role of ships and fandoms that you are interested in.

We also have other funny roles you can get such as DnD, Writer/Artist, Suit Lovers, etc.

Channels we have:

-ATLA general channels
-ATLA shipping channels

-LoK general channels
-LoK shipping channels

-Kyoshi books channel, shipping channel
-Memes, Fanfictions,...
-Other Fandoms (She-ra,...)

-NSFW Channels (18+ role)
-IRL Channels (Food, Health, Pets,...)
-DnD Gameplay
-Pokemon bot
This Avatar Fan Server is a chill hangout server for fans of Atla or Lok.
🔥 Self roles choosing which nation (including both water tribes)
🌪 If you would like to be a character you can ask one of the Admins
🌊 Not super strict
🍃 Several bots including MEE6, Carl-bot, Dyno, Dank Memer, Groovy and a couple others.

Created by Nyx AKA Avatar Kyoshi