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This server is made for those who want to hang out, and if it is to your taste to have some explicit fun, be it a singlet, tulpa, system, median, or anything in between.
It is made with purpose of being a welcoming and safe place for everyone, with a relaxed set of rules focused on solely preventing bad behavior towards others.
The owner of this server is a system with no original, consisting of a daemon and a tulpa. So anyone is welcome.
Welcome! (`・ω・´)”
We're a fledgling server dedicated towards the Armored Core successor Daemon X Machina! Come join us!
Welcome to Theodora's Nest.~ We are a growing server and could use all the help we could get to improve!

This server is for hosts with only one or two daemons. It is intended to be a space where small systems can discuss daemons and their origins, talk about their daemons, and have all of us (daemon and host or co fronter alike) just talk about our experiences and share what knowledge we have. This server is 18+ and the group will be capped off at 25 to keep the server small and intimate and laid back.