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Solid Plurals is a server for those who are tired of the hundred word long trigger lists, and want to escape the need to walk on glass that plagues most plural servers. However, that is not to mean we are sticks in the mud. We wish a create fun, lighthearted place people can go to and be themselves without having to deal with the usual downsides of other plural servers. All while maintaining entertaining and deep conversation.

There are only two requirements:
-You must be at least 18, this is to make sure we can get people who will be more mature overall.
-You must have be able to respond to stuff in an adult and mature way.
This server is made for those who want to hang out, and if it is to your taste to have some explicit fun, be it a singlet, tulpa, system, median, or anything in between.
It is made with purpose of being a welcoming and safe place for everyone, with a relaxed set of rules focused on solely preventing bad behavior towards others.
The owner of this server is a system with no original, consisting of a daemon and a tulpa. So anyone is welcome.
Welcome! (`・ω・´)”
We're a fledgling server dedicated towards the Armored Core successor Daemon X Machina! Come join us!