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✈️ Join my server if you are interested in Aviation ✈️
🌐 You can select your own airline as your role 🌐
🛬 We are a group of people who are interested in aviation we also have some real life pilots on here 🛫
🔥 You can also come here just to chat to people and listen to music while at it 🔥
🛩️ We are also looking for moderators 🛩️
Hello! we are an aviation discord community looking for new members to come and discuss aviation topics with us! if you are intrested in aviation or would like to learn more. please join our server :D thanks!
| XP | BA3 | Aviation | Project | is a new project for x plane 11 users windows and Mac ( Mobile users also allowed) and we are currently working on a remapped Version of the Airbus A330 and a few other engines for X plane along with scripts / Skins / aircraft modifications. Or just weather your a aviation geek and want to chat with people who are also interested about the project or just about aviation. You are allowed to self promote your YouTube! Twitch etc. And if constantly proven to be mature and a decent content creators will be given the role and announcements will be made when your live or posted a new video. Your also allowed to share your own work that you posted on the x plane forum! Get in touch with a staff member to ask for roles and requirements! To
Join its

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Discord nitro giveaway. At least 2 people must
Join and stay in chance to quality | |
Just a fun server to role play virtually ordering aircraft from the company Airbus!
The Aviation Community (TAC), is a server for all aviation and travel enthusiasts to come together as a community.
TechCon is a server where technology enthusiasts and non enthusiasts can join. We offer forums for those with problems with technology, or where you just want to talk. We also offer a Go Live section where we will host your live session for you. We offer a variety of different bots, user made and those registered in DBL. We have over 130 members! Please join our server!
This server is all about FSX and a community for it. Apply to be a pilot and participate in landing competitions and recieve special benefits! All of this is free!
Welcome to Aviation World
Share your aviation photos
Latest news in aviation
and much more!
Thanks JIMMY
Welcome to the General Flight server!
Our discord server is based on the youtube channel, General Flight.
We hope you join to not only be informed on videos but also to learn more about infinite flight and aviation in general. Everyone that joins is and always will be welcomed warmly! :)
Do you like planes?
You do not need to, but this server is mostly based around planes.
We have an Aviation news channel, spotters guides, general (of course) and special channels.
there are also some roles.