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This bnha server is a roleplay where the second generation of characters can be heroes or villains.
APPLICATIONS ARE 16+ ONLY, but anyone is welcome to the server!

Welcome to the 2nd Generation BNHA, it’s been 22 years since the kids were last at UA, and they’ve become heroes. All might has passed away, but is still remembered as the hero of peace, along with Deku, who is now the number one hero and the new symbol of peace. Bakugo, who is close behind at a close second while Todoroki trails behind as the third place hero. Deku and the rest of the kids are now 37 and have children of their own…. The League has receded into the background and haven’t been seen in quite some time, but their presence is still present with mild attacks of nomus and various other small villain attacks. The 2nd generation of heroes are now starting their journey to becoming heroes and are now at their first year of UA… Where will they go from here? It’s up for you and the rest of the server to find out….
Hi! This is my first ever public server. So there may be some kinks to be tapped out but all and all, its still something new! Over all all you'll need for this server is a Villain character <That isn't taken> a Class 1A character <That isn't taken> and, a Class 1B character <That isn't taken> also the teachers/ Pro Heroes <That Aren't Taken. This is an OC <Original Character> based Role Play! Meaning 2nd Gen!! There will be more explanations on the server! Ya'll have a nice day!