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🎨 Art Café has a unique layout that ensures everyone's artwork receives feedback! We make sure no one gets ignored.

Art Cafe is a server dedicated to making a supportive community of artists. This community intends to help each other improve and to motivate creativity! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
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Faustodragon Faustodragon
I would rate it it about 9000/6 it's so good! It isn't even limited to just drawing! For example, someone named Grandma writes stories and shares them for us to see! Example:
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xEclypze xEclypze
Amazing People Fantastic Feedback, For any and all levels of Art!
Art Café has been one of the most supportive and amazing servers I have found in a long time. I have searched through many discord servers only to post my work and have it left in the dust lost and forgotten behind someone elses spammed work. I came to Art Café hoping it would be different, as I reviewed the rules about posting and seen how the sever admin had set up the channels I began to realize that it was exactly what I was looking for. There are several art channels to post on, this way no ones art is just lost in the abyss of posting. One of my favorite rules in the server is commenting before posting, this allows everyone to at least get some feedback on their art. The best quality about this server is also how friendly everyone is, I have a really hard time connecting to existing groups most of the time and these warm friendly people have welcomed me with open arms. I have only been here for about 2-3 months and I developed so many friendships with people who actually care about my artistic journey and how I am doing. It has been such a fantastic experience. This server is for every artist at any level. We love leaving positive feedback and we are all very welcome to newcomers!
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yaw heE yaw heE
This server is truly fantastic, it has helped me gain inspiration and improve my art. A while ago i lost all inspiration and motivation and this server is where i found it again! i cant thank the server and the people in it enough ^-^
I really recommend this server to ANYONE who has a passion for art <3
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Grandpa Bob Grandpa Bob
Power Tripping Mods
┌Third Reply To Owners Reply: lmao you made whole novel on a wordpad haha what a loser and i actually read it all and let me summarise your link basicly he in denial saying "everything u say is lie" thats the full summarise of your whole giant novel that ye made, good way to prove my point that your in denial and incompetent leader snewberry, pathetic lol, stagnating server and validly so incompetent leader, nonchalant in denial and psychotic staff he gives powers to gg proved my point even further with ur link gj oaf lmao ┌ PS: stop sending your mindless goons to harass me in dm like faustus, koffi and others haha because all they do is end up digging ur servers grave further and humiliating them selfs in return lmao.

>2nd Reply To Owners Reply: this hase not gotten beyond anything idc if you have no time or not you giving power to borderline psychotic people clearly incompetent leader, also i am not lying at all simply speaking the truth and when u say u removed ur mods and admins permission to bann and kick i require a long lasting proof of that untill then your the one lying and projecting it into me<
█Answer to owners reply > what a ultimate bufoon you are snewbal few people have allredy dmed me by seeing my review and i provided them every bit of screanshot of our conversation in dm you have apologised in the begining yes but then i politely told u that its not anough since ur mods power tripping like there no tomorrow and you do nothing for it you even admitted you self that you gave power to a mentally ill and bordedrline psychopath by name of Koffi
which says alot of things about you, none of my review is fake nor am i angry simply letting people know how truly this server is run assually, not to mention you started as you projected into me syaing lashing out on me for simply stating truth and exposing it on review.

Becoming hell bent on arguing with me in dms everyone who wish to se lots of screanshots i have about our conversion can add me to friend list and ask me it here my btagg Grandpa Bob
#6775 also literally ur whole reply was butt a bunch of pathetic lies you dissapoint me snewberry over how petty you are that u dont understand you cant fight against factual screanshots that i have on our conversation even if you delete all your posts u made in our dms it wont help u cuz i allredy took screanshot from start to finish with context anjoy your stagnant power tripping incompetent server bufoon. To Summarise it all yes reviews are indeed fake since they hosting give aways for people giving highest review or just simply threatening pple with kick if they dont i been there i seen it and know it, my reviews spot on and disagreement and power tripping mods are not same thing toodles you oaf snewberry █
Here Is Screanshots of Koffi adding me to friend list and starting to harass me like she harassess anyone who says anything she doesnt like by the wya she changed name to avoid shame of exposure i brought upon her. Check new name take notes of the time stamp as well thank you my publik and everyone who supports my truth exposure. >(if you wish more screanshots add me to friend list and i shall provide them to you cheers
The Review > Koffi and few others extremly power tripping mods started making up fake stuff saying im violating rules saying dont backtalk with mods even tho she and few others have ganged up on me from the moment i joined over nothing spreading falsehood on me and talking shit then expecting me to "not backtalk" 0/10 server also reviews were fake made by people requested specificly for the reward to make them so bad server wudent reccomend to anyone - yours truly unbiased critic
Snewberry Snewberry
Admin response
Here is my final response to this review, with screenshots:


Reply #1: This is has gone BEYOND Art Café and is out of my control. I did not ask anyone to DM you. This is a disagreement between two people and does not reflect the attitude of Art Café.

Why are you continuing to lie about the dynamic of our server? The event giveaways are for people who participate in the drawing challenge, not for reviews. You have made up this claim using nothing else except your own assumption.

Here is a screenshot of the event page.

I'm sorry if you have felt attacked by Koffi but I cannot control what individual people do. I am just one person who works full time, as well as studies and who needs sleep. I cannot keep everyone on a leash.

Again, the reply that Grandpa Bob has provided is something out of my control. I cannot control what happens in DMs. This does not reflect the Art Café experience.

The mod, Koffi, mentioned in this review has been spoken to about her behaviour.

Additionally, moderators have lost the ability to kick/ban members so I can review the situation before making a final decision.

Original Response: "A truly unbiased critic" has made fake claims in this review, based on no information at all besides his own assumption. The review is poorly constructed and obviously written out of anger from being kicked. I've apologize to the user personally, as he had felt unfairly treated by a moderator, but he began to lash out and insult me when I asked why he lied in the review. He wanted me to demote a mod that has been there since the start purely because he had a disagreement. He used his Disboard review as a threat to be invited back into the server.

It is a blatant lie that the reviewers are "rewarded" for making a review. They do so because they enjoy the community. His lie is based on absolutely no evidence. You can search every channel, even ask the reviewers personally, there's nothing about "rewards" for reviewing.