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◇ Welcome to Celestials! ◇

We are a growing community evolving around MMORPG's, Art , Music and much more!

What do we have to offer?

• Level up system
• Frequent Giveaways
• A bot section (many bots!)
• An art section and chat for all our talented artists
• A non toxic environment
• Friendly staff and community
• International chat for every language you desire to use
• Juicy dank memes
• An advertisement channel to promote your content for free
Join us now, we are not evil... Or maybe? :)
Are you looking for a new guild in AQW? Come and join 💔Heartache💔!!

♡ We’re a friendly community for games, anime, and just generally having fun!
♡ We focus on the weekly events and helping others!
♡ We host Events, Contests, or Giveaways at least once a month!

Even if you don't want to join the guild in-game, please feel free to join our Discord and receive the same treatment as one of our own members. Our server isn't only for AQW either, so if you have other interests I'm sure you will still fit in!
this server is a place to Buy & sell your accounts and also buy accounts i will buy your account for a very good price i will not undersell you !
(PT/BR) A maior comunidade sobre AdventureQuest Worlds em língua portuguesa há mais de 10 anos, o AQWCangaceiros é um servidor que visa a diversão e o suporte aos jogadores de AQW e AQ3D em suas respectivas dúvidas.

(EN) The biggest AdventureQuest Worlds community in portuguese since 2009, in AQWCangaceiros you can take off your doubts about AQW/AQ3D and have fun with a lot of activities!
Hello and Welcome to our Adventure Quest Market server , we are doing lot of giveaways , we have best account for sale , also Heromart codes , and we are doing lot of stuff there , have fun with us :)
HELLO AQW GAMERS!! Your looking for an AQW server right? Well your in luck, we are completely AQW based with farming,classes roles, memes and more. Maybe you'll join this server and might find yourself a bit lost? Dont worry we have a guide for you. This server is new please we need all the support we can get from YOU! yes you if you join now you'll get a special role given to the first 13 members that join so join now!
We're an AQW Guild who help each other whenever someone needs it, and we grow as friends along the way! Anyone can join. It just might take me a little bit to add you to the guild in the game!
This is a community of Adventure Quest Worlds players! We give updates on the game, Twitter posts, reddit information, games and fun members. Feel free to hope on and learn about our community and the game!
We're a fun chat community who grew from a simple game called Aventure Quest Worlds. We're welcoming and open to new people, give us a try! Even if you don't play games we welcome everyone! # Awesome bots # Friendly staff # Minimal rules # NSFW/Memes channel
An AQW based server by the host of the "Sir Syndicate" Youtube channel, Any Players welcome!