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The Night House | בית הלילה
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The Night House | בית הלילה

A friendly and inclusive Left Hand Path / Satanism focused server that is welcome to all, regardless of ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious practice, etc. and does not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, or harassment.
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cherry cherry
super informative :)
i’m not active very much but there’s TONS of helpful info on there when i do come onto the server, and being able to talk to other users about astral dreams is so relieving for me since I’ve always had the most strange and vivid dreams since childhood, and I want to be able to understand them more. Everyone is also super nice and helpful and I love the atmosphere of the server. (I also appreciate using Helios too lol) Thanks for everyone who helps make the server what it is! <3
Hal Hal
Safe Place
I have yet to still really involve myself in the community after a long hiatus of living to the fullest, but I will say that this server is full of interesting, knowledgable and wonderful individuals who make you feel known and safe all while taking care to educate one another.
Sister Demeter Sister Demeter
<3 Night Home
I have been in this server for absolute months and It has been my main server since I joined! I continue to love the community and though at one point I was not exactly pleased with most active people - it changed (for better); whether it was people leaving or problem children getting kicked). I stick around and watch the servers community change and grow and I strongly feel that if the server did not make efforts to filter troublemakers and such out that the community would be absolute shit! The introductions channel saves us from raids and most trolls. The staff are wonderful friends, some being very new at the time of writing. Our staff's intentions are only to keep the server clean and out of confusion/chaos. We have channels for so many things to keep the server organized as well as channels for debate and mental health-related topics, etc. (LOTS of channels o-o). The server is very kind and accepting of who you are as a person as long as you are not an asshole/fascist/nazi <3<3<3 <3. Occasionally the server does get stirred up in some way by certain people or situations but usually, the staff takes care of it when they can. I would say that the number of good things in this server outweigh bad. If it were otherwise I would have left long ago, but I feel that this server is homely and comfortable; I love it deeply and I thank everyone who is apart of it for being great people to be around!
Monsters Monsters
Wholesome and Accepting
populated with genuine, earnest, and practicing peeps. the staff is thoughtful and knowledgable. the resources are vast, and the sense of community is strong. they dont allow violent ideologies or toxic people much leeway, and as a result, they can get some hate from other servers.

trans friendly, plural friendly, even contrary spiritual practices are welcomed as long as you can maintain a respectful attitude. if youre in the market for a wholesome and warm community of occultists and the like, you can almost certainly find it here.