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The Night House | בית הלילה
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The Night House | בית הלילה

A friendly and inclusive Left Hand Path / Satanism focused server that is welcome to all, regardless of ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious practice, etc. and does not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, or harassment.
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A lot of negative energy
It feels stifling and somewhere to avoid at all costs. Just from entering it feels negative and made my hair stand
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主里士神小 主里士神小
I fucking tried
I tried, I really did. I've been in and out of this server a few times. It's lovely, really. There are some amazing people there that are very much so worth getting to know. It's just the constant public disrespect for the Christian god I can no longer tolerate. I am not Christian, but I do consider him a good and close friend of mine and the constant public disrespect, talking about sacrilege, etc, hurts my heart and offends me on a deeply personal level. But powers that be FORBID that anyone publicly discuss how they plan to disrespect entities that THEY like. Even if it is "on your own time", it's still rude as all fuck to discuss it publicly especially when others are courteous enough to not discuss how much they hate the entity you follow and don't do anything to mess with them either. You have problems with Christianity? Fine. You have emotional scars and shit from it? Fine and perfectly understandable. You wanna act like fucking children and lash out at the Christian god because you can't find ANY OTHER FUCKING WAY to work out your personal issues? Fuck you. Fuck. You. I could tell you some shit about a few pagan gods that have left some deep emotional scars. Do I lash out at them? No, I fucking don't. Do I deliberately disrespect them because "it's cathartic" or some shit? NO I FUCKING DON'T. You have a problem with THE PEOPLE that call themselves Christian and do shitty things? Fair. But how about when pagans say the same shit about pagan entities and their followers? Is that somehow not as bad? Fuck off.

Other than the blatant immaturity and hypocrisy regarding the Christain god that frankly, seems to be present in 99.99% of the pagan community, three stars. Docked two because I fucking can't tolerate that shit.
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princess triangle princess triangle
Strength in Diversity
The left hand path draws people from all backgrounds, and the Night House is a place where people can find common ground and hash things out. Pinned resources are generally quite useful, though the channels can be somewhat expansive and disorganized.

Would highly recommend.
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BurritOwl BurritOwl
Very inclusive server
I've been in a few occult servers since I began my journey roughly 5 months ago, but this one is my favourite. I've learned so much in the month+ I've been there. More than the other ones combined despite being relatively active. They're very inclusive of all types of people, great mod team, and very kind and thoughtful members all around. There's a shit load of different topics (almost too much I might say). My one and only complaint is the amount of channels and how none of them are only viewable to certain roles (excluding NSFW of course. That one is locked). Everything else about the server makes up for it in my opinion.