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-Whats up in this server you can post your best gaming clips. Find new people to play with and just chill and vibe.

-What We Offer
-Good Staff Team
-Non Toxic And Active Staff
-Active Community
-Advertise your:
🎦 Youtube
🎦 Twitch
📱 Instagram
🖥️ Discord Server
❓ Or Anything Else?
🎉 We also do giveaways often!
Игровой сервер, здесь ты сможешь найти себе с кем пообщаться и поиграть вместе со своими друзьями! Если ты ищешь адекватную компанию или же просто хочешь порофлить с друзьями, тогда тебе тут рады!
Like gaming?
Like having friends?
What a shame.... Nah just kidding come on in!
New comers are welcome
This server offers Minecraft gaming
Some Rust and maybe others in the future so feel free to join!
🦀Salut ! 🦀

Si tu aimes parler de dev sur Discord entre deux tasses de café ?

Viens discutailler avec nous sur Les Laboratoires Rust et partage avec nous ta bonne humeur !

Nous ne sommes pas limités au Rust, tous les sujets concernant la programmation informatique sont au rendez-vous, allant de l'open source au web 👨‍💻

Rejoins nous ! 👍
Hey you! Get on your feet! Its time to take the battle to them with your sparkling new clan! We are nice guys who don't go too toxic and love to hang around! We are great fighters and everyone here has raid experience! If your looking for a solid clan that knows when to pick a fight, join us!
✨This is a new server and friendly community✨
✨ We also play Siege, Among-Us, GTAV, Rocket League and more!✨
✨No toxicity✨
✨Chill server✨
✨edgy humor✨
Привет! Мы рады приветствовать тебя на нашем сервере! На нём мы вместе играем в различные игры или просто общаемся. Также автор сервера периодически проводит конкурсы и имеет свой ютуб-канал, где играет с подписчиками
Welcome to King's Playground!

Our community offers many different gaming experiences that everyone will enjoy, such as: SCP: Secret Laboratory, Gmod and Rust. Our community welcomes everyone, no matter where you're from or who you are. We are currently looking for capable staff members who can relax and play, but can also enforce the rules when need be.

So what're you waiting for? We'll be waiting for you to join us in the playground!
Сервер создан чтобы отдыхать, находить тиммейтов, а так же делиться интересными мемами и новостями. Мы ждём тебя друг!
На этом сервере ты найдёшь много игровых каналов с такими играми как: WOT, WOT Blitz, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rust, Grand Theft Auto: V, War Thunder, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
Le serveur SREG est un serveur français basé principalement sur le jeu RUST,

comment cela fonctionne :

Vous pouvez créer une team Rust sur ce serveur pour cela il faut remplir c'est condition :

- être minimum 2
- être actif sur discord
- être actif sur Rust
Dans quel but créer une team sur ce serveur :

- Cela vous permettra juste de vous occupez de votre groupe de joueurs et non pas de devoir créer et vous occupez d'un serveur discord
- D'avoir des giveways et des tournois organiser

Autres présicion :

-Vous aurez une catégorie priver pour seulement votre team
- Votre team aura maximum 10 joueurs

Merci de votre compréhension
this is a server for people who play dead by daylight and rust
for rust only join if ur good
Polski serwer dedykowany grze rust! Szukasz znajomych do wspólnej gry czy porad dotyczących na przykład budowania to dobrze trafiłeś.Już teraz dołącz do naszej świetnej społeczności.
Hey there, newfriend!
You're gonna do like 4 things for me right now.
You will
1. JOIN The Drunken Panda discord server
2. BUY sushi for all the admins
3. SURRENDER your doge memes in general chat.
4. ENSLAVE your eyes by joining us for movie nights every Tuesday.

If you join to play WoW, keep in mind this server is HORDE ONLY. No Alliance allowed. We also play Overwatch, Rust, and Minecraft.
We have our own Minecraft server.
Just a Fun And Chill Place To Hang Out. We Do Weekly Game Nights The Chats Semi Active Overall Id Recommend Coming On By And Checking The Place Out For Your Self. Hope To See You There!!!
This server is about have a good time and enjoying a game that is sometimes hard to enjoy. We have a wide range of players and skill levels so don't feel left out.
Welcome to Tilted Hosting
here at tilted hosting we aim to provide affordable but high quality equipment
All our Minecraft server packages have a 12 core cpu and go for as low as $1.50
This is a server for all Gamers out there. Feel free to join the server and ask people to play with. My goal is 200 members by the end of November so please consider joining and inviting your friends, Thank you. also add me at Kengab Bryle#3545 for more information!
Welcome to LanqGaming!
We are a fun and chill server to hangout in! We do nitro drops and giveaways. We also do dank memer giveaways.

What we offer:
Self Roles
Events & Giveaways
Fun Bots and Channels
Partnerships and more!

Join LanqGaming today!
Official Discord server of crazeeey. For people who love CSGO and want a place where they can share ideas and meet new people. Chill, fun and a great server to be in. Join now!
[- LuGaR De NaDiE -]


LuGaR De NaDiE es perfecto para jugar con o sin amigos.


Siempre seras aceptado y tratado amablemente siempre y cuando cumplas nuestras reglas


no aceptamos gente toxica y si eres toxica te vas ban.


Jugamos muchas variedad de juegos tanto como Rust,Roblox,Among us,o cualquier otro


Lo mejor de todo es que el dueño de este grupo,es un Youtuber con mas de 2030 subs y dispuesto a mas y juega seguido con sus subs y todo.


Únete! No te arrepentirás
Самый большой дискорд-сервер по Among Us для русскоязычного комьюнити.
Мы предлагаем:
- Большое количество желающих поиграть по голосовому чате.
- Адекватная модерация. Практичность использования для нахождения игроков.
- Хорошое коммьюнити.
- Проведение ивентов.