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We are a small PG-13 Avatar and LoK themed Server with about 140 members, it's a chill server and everyone is welcome. The server has an easy role system that will only show you the things you want to see. Select the role of ships and fandoms that you are interested in.

We also have other funny roles you can get such as DnD, Writer/Artist, Suit Lovers, etc.

Channels we have:

-ATLA general channels
-ATLA shipping channels

-LoK general channels
-LoK shipping channels

-Kyoshi books channel, shipping channel
-Memes, Fanfictions,...
-Other Fandoms (She-ra,...)

-NSFW Channels (18+ role)
-IRL Channels (Food, Health, Pets,...)
-DnD Gameplay
-Pokemon bot
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Great server!
This community is a wonderful place for fans of both LoK and ATLA. There's a bunch of wonderful channels for every taste. The community's great and the people are interesting and accepting. Lots of fun roles and the server itself is a blast to be in. I'm very lucky to have been able to find it. Would definitely recommend, 5/5.
102 days ago
Fun, Welcoming Group
The group is very welcoming and there are a lot of channels to choose from to discuss topics and share our passion for all things ATLA and LOK.
131 days ago
alycat24ab alycat24ab
A True Home
This server has given me new friends and truly feels like a family. Everyone is so nice and there is no judgment about ships. It is very welcoming and has a ton of cool stuff besides Avatar (dnd, fitness and health, arts and crafts). When I come on I truly feel like I'm coming home. 10/10 do recommend.
133 days ago
Best Avatar community ever!!
No fights, no anti-ethic speeches, just a place to nerd out about the best show ever.
Why enter this server:
-chillin' fire benders
-cool water tribe
-swifty air monks
-the earth people rock!
133 days ago