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♬ || BTS A.R.M.Y
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♬ || BTS A.R.M.Y

This is an open community server, dedicated to the popular Korean boy group/band BTS!

Hello! Are you a simple Army? Or just like bts? Either way welcome to the ♬ || BTS A.R.M.Y discord server. Where we invite you to join us in our simple fun, and Army updates, and theories.


『 ❥ | In this server we offer 』
♡ Lots of roles & more to come!
♡ Partnerships
♡ Channels for all needs
♡ lots of theories!!!
♡ Lots of Dad-Jokes
♡ Helpful Bots
♡ Suggestions are open!
♡ VC's for things like Gaming and Karaoke
♡ Plus more!

So come join us here! At the BTS A.R.M.Y Server!

↬ Owners: @mqknae#4956
↬ Co-Owners: @mochi#7540 - @phatwhale ♡#4589

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bangtantwix bangtantwix
I love this server so much, we're seriously like a huge ass family over there. When I first joined that server...We didn't even have disboard and a lot of members. I wasn't really active at all- later on I'm like #1 active on that server lmao and head admin. Zen literally made this amazing server that I could not even imagine me making one like that at all. Zen's lucky to have us. Tbh, I never excepted to have so many friends from that server AT ALL, they're even like my other family members that I can count on. It's basically a server that's not hella active and nobody pings like a billion of times, just the perfect amount of activeness and pings each day. The staff there is literally hilarious and amazing including me.
- K, the head admin of
♬ || BTS A.R.M.Y. uwu