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jirachi (the lord) jirachi (the lord)
epicc for epicc gamers
very epicc in my epicc opinion and would definitely tell other epicc gamers to join for some epicc memes and an epicc community. epiccccccccccccc.
Matty Matty
The Place To Be
I just enjoy a collective group of like minded people who are able to assist you no matter the skillset or experience and with no hesitation. Feels like a groups of friends.
warrior. warrior.
really cool n new server!
very cool! admins were nice and helped me a lot! chill atmosphere n good sevrer set up
allstardad allstardad
Solid crew here. Learn and grow!
These guys know their stuff. Willing to share info, teach and critique. Solid add, glad I’m here 10/10, would join again!
Zeyrr Zeyrr
Just a good server.
Nice people, good community. Laid back. Not much else to say. It's just a good server.
Alikine Alikine
Genuine Review of Care Palace
Hello again team this is me the neutral reviewer giving you another review on another server. I’m glad you people found my last one so controversial. I will now start my experience in this server.

I was greeted with the same three roles, intro, rules, which I did appropriately I thought. I couldn’t ping staff so a admin immediately went off and excused it with “dumb btch stuff sorry” I then proceeded to ask why I wasn’t in.

At this point the staff told me to go back to the role menu and grab a “dominant” role even tho I am switch and prefer little. Of course the role menu has to be so colorful and giffy that you can’t focus long enough to find anything and would kill anyone with epilepsy. The staff then proceeded to say “how the **** is that confusing for you” after i said “wow, ok” once told to get a dominant role.

Half their server isn’t serious at all and I’ve been locked out of general trying to join it for 45 minutes at this point. I originally just joined for a partnership with my server and to give it a quick nuetral review that is supposed to be 5 stars.

Started reading general and it’s just full of toxicity which I love personally. Most people in a cgl community for 14+ (Staff said information is inaccurate but wouldn’t give accurate info) do not. If your looking for no toxicity this server is definitely not for you.

I’d also like to mention how hard they work on the actual server only to have the experience ruined by bad staff and no accountability. Even the blacklist is a joke it’s amazingly toxic. Props to that if that’s what they are going for.

The server owner and staff not only condone what’s going on but are the main participants. After seeing this I immediately knew I couldn’t partner with them and ruin my own members experience.

Overall this server shouldn’t even be labeled in cgl and I am thoroughly shock it is allowed to be so at all. I’ll update after some staff comes in trying to argue to get you cuties into their server. It’s not worth listening to them. Stay lovely.

After confronting the staff that my review was posted I was immediately barated with attacks by the staff.

Not only that but the admin that had the incident earlier in the review literally told me that they had the owner on their side so their attitude didn’t matter.

Not only that but I was banned for being =insert line of long curse words here= this is the final bit of my review unless I am responded to.
PassTheBoof PassTheBoof
Ticotac Ticotac
Très bon serveur
Je pense personnellement que ce serveur est une pépite et que la personne qui la crée est un/une génie d'ailleurs ce serveur devrait recevoir un prix Nobel
RandomPerson RandomPerson
Dobry serwer
Długo na nim nie jestem ale widzę że to dobry serwer. Schludnie ułożone kanały. Dużo reaction roles. Organizowane eventy też są na plus.
Ogółem to polecam ten serwer. :)
I <3 Pepe I <3 Pepe
Moja opinia
Co tu dużo mówić. Fajny serwer, giveaweye robią, eventy. Dużo osób pisze. Fajnie jest
Bad Girl 231 Bad Girl 231
This server is awesome. I would Recommend It to anybody. They are nice and respond within minutes.
*̴_̴A̵l̶e̷x̸a̴_̶*̸ *̴_̴A̵l̶e̷x̸a̴_̶*̸
honestly a good server lol
very good server if you wanna meet new people. :) one of the friendliest servers i’ve ever been in! :D
Violet Violet
Not really welcoming
New members doesn't get noticed. They only talk amongst theirselves. No one will notice your chat it's insane.
Berklee Berklee
You Won't Find Anything Better ......... And you won't be disappointed
If you're looking for the BEST, You found it. This group of gurus have the patience of saints and their knowledge is off the scale. Anyone would be fortunate to join and get their years of expertise. My advice: if you are interested in having more money, trading, and learning inside a friendly atmosphere (Don't Hesitate to Sign Up!) I am very grateful to be a part of this group. This group is for all levels of experience. See you there!
¤gio_the_anime_kid ¤gio_the_anime_kid
I dont like it
No more dating wwhyyy i uaed to like peradise sngd now im 9 snd i am Allowed to join
The64BitWolf The64BitWolf
While I'm not that active in the server, it gives off a good and friendly vibe. Even with it's occasional drama, which staff resolves fast and efficiently, it's a very fun server to be in.
di_natty_one di_natty_one
Excellent chat
This chat is divided into many sub chats where you can always find a new trade idea or knowledge being shared Ask a question and someone will surely chime in. Very courteous group. Glad I found this place 🤑
Lucy<3 Lucy<3
Great server :3
I loved this server since I joined it and it's been great, great staff, cool stuff going on, friendly members, pokecord, slotbot, decent bots, a tiny bit dead ATM but still a great server to make friends and chill out. <3
Not so Spoopy Not so Spoopy
Worth It
This Discord server is the perfect place for adults who are just looking for a chill, fun place to be. It's extremely active for how small it is which is already a bonus. If you join, you won't regret.
chill chill
It's kinda gay
I was promised a reward but I got called a furry so minus 1 star. Also they talk about a mc server but I've yet to join and it's giving me feels. 😔
smellycunt smellycunt
Just a little bit of company
It’s annoying but I love it. Ok I’m jut filling space for 80 characters now
Average meme server
Just another average meme server where you can chat with friends and meet new people. The server is pretty good except the pinging sometimes can be a bit excessive. If you don't like getting pinged about once a day for a stupid reason don't join. Other than that, everything is great!
𝔻𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕜 𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕖𝕠𝕨𝕤𝕜𝕪 𝔻𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕜 𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕖𝕠𝕨𝕤𝕜𝕪
We should defeat anime and furries today, so we need more people to be like that!
abs63 abs63
Simply The Best
This group has the best traders around. More than just their predictions being accurate often, they’re always willing to help you understand and grow. A+

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