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We're a new server looking for active members from all around the globe ^w^.
We have:
Level Roles
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure channel
Anime channels
We plan on setting up a few smash tourneys so stay tuned!
A server for Smash, Brawlhalla, Paladins, and FighterZ/Xenoverse 2! We are a gaming server where you can find a match or a friend.
This is the unofficial discord server for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Join us to chat and challenge yourself with new allies and adversaries! Open to all skill levels.
Welcome to Alley Kats! We are a simple hangout gaming area with our very own mascot! That would be Moni. We do game hosts! Where you set up a game session and get permission to do an announcement to see if anyone wants to pair up to play! The games that are confirmed to host are Smash Bros, Roblox, and Skribbler! Hope you don't die!
mostly a smash bros related server, but we do other things around here as well, come join :^]
Welcome to LaniiVille
Its a server where you can be silly
Play games with each other
Host art contests
Post Memes everyday
Enjoy LaniiVille!~
Welcome to PokemonWifi!
-Join the PW League! Gym leaders needed!
-Friendly, growing community
-Events for other Nintendo games in the future
A Discord where people can talk and play games! We are a Smash Bros and Splatoon 2 based server (Nintendo Switch Games) but we also have a community so the server is for everyone! We also have a gaming section for other games! We also have:

-Game nights and special events!
-Bots to play with and to play music!
-Quick and friendly staff for whatever you need!
-A place where you can play Splatoon and Smash Bros!
-Locked Roleplay and Venting chats!
-Colored roles!
-Time Zone roles!
-And so much more, check us out!
Koa's server is designed to be a semi professional server for people who like being social without actually being social.

*Rules to keep the server from chaos.

*Suggestions taken into account for next update.
A smash rpg. Collect characters and equipment. More will be explained when you join.
Hi to all!
I am Darki! and that is my server!
What is there ? Everything ! But most of these topics:
☆ Pokémon
☆ Drawing / Art
☆ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
☆ Sonic
☆ Splatoon2
☆ Smash Bros Fighter
☆ Minecraft
☆ Kermit / Bird Love
☆ fun and games
☆ and and and
.... I'm yours Owner and hope that you like MY server and you can have a lot of fun there! Looking forward to all the joins and beautiful nightmares!

The Dark Community! wait for you! :3
Hi an alle! Ich bin Darki! und das ist mein Server ! Was gibt es dort ? Alles ! Aber am meisten diese Themen :
☆Mario Kart 8 Delachs
☆Smash Bros Fighter
☆Minecraft Bauer
☆Tauben Viecher
☆Kermit Love
☆Spiel und Spaß
☆ und und und ....

☆Ich bin euer Owner und hoffe das euch MEIN Server EUCH gefällt und ihr sehr viel Spaß dort haben könnt!☆

Freue mich auf alle die joinen und schöne Albträume noch! Die Darkmunity! erwartet euch! :3
Wir von German Smash Bros Community sind ein Discord Server im Aufbau. Wir schätzen höflichen Umgang, Sympathie und Teamwork! Hier ist für alle Smash Fans was zu haben ;D! Da wir noch im Aufbau sind, halten sich die Spielerzahlen zurzeit in Grenzen, aber du kannst uns helfen, dies zu ändern! :D
Schau doch vorbei! :3
LG Crow
This is a server for Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans! Give each other your Friend Codes and battle away! We have custom commands for specific characters in Smash Ultimate too!
welcome to luigi
we are a nintendo fanbase server, welcome to people who might not even be nintendo fans! a community server for everyone? just what you're looking for!

『 What do we offer? ⇣ 』
• Active members + staff
• Staff applications open all the time
• Self-assignable nintendo roles, info roles, and more!
• Many partnerships!
• Daily updates!
...and lots more!
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
Tired of pings? Well, say no more! We have our own assignable PING ROLES! No need to worry now!
this server is just bc i was bored and wanted to make a server but join anyway, whoever joins gets a free cookie
LETS PLAY with the Nintendo Switch Discord Community!

Come chat with us @
Follow us @
Submit @

Primarily focuses on the "I'm Online Now Lets Play" aspect of the Nintendo Switch. Centralized matchmaking for various gaming titles.

Timezone Region, Name Joycon Colors, Over 21, Has Capture Card, Has LAN Adapter, 50+ Online Games

Having a certain role will unlock things. Example: Splatoon 2 will gain access hidden channels such as Splatoon-General, Splatnet and Reaction Ability Checklist channel.

Pledge your allegiance to either Team Minus or Team Plus.

@everyone is disabled but @here Is enabled. Only a bot can send via command, it has a cool down per user and only certain game roles will receive the notification only if they have the role and is online on discord.
This is the main central server for Super Smash Bros. news and other stuff.
Welcome to the Fight Club!

Here you can...

-Look for people to play with.
-Chat with others.
-Talk about SFV, SSBU, DBFZ , or any other fighting game.
-Join leagues and other servers.
-Promote your twitch or Youtube channel.
-Join server hosted tournaments.

If you're a fan of fighting games games this is the place for you.
UltiCord is a server for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (and other SSB games as well!). We host tournaments, discussion about the competitive aspects about the game, DLC discussion, and overall friendly users!
Welcome to my Legend of Zelda RP! The name may not be all that special, but the server sure is. Here, we roleplay with a more literate, novel style format, in the fantasy world of Hyrule. Take on the role of an original character and travel Hyrule how you please, in the midst of a great battle between the kingdom and Ganon's forces. Ganon has been nearly defeated and has retreated into a remote area of the lost woods. Zelda, having fallen into a deep vision filled sleep, is guarded by Link, the Hero of Time, until the day she awakes and Ganon returns. In the meantime, forces on both sides fight to claim Hyrule. Choose your side, or don't choose any! It's our story to create! Let your imagination run wild!
The Smash Bros Hub is a server built around the popular Nintendo Game Smash Bros. We have monthly tourneys with special rewards and roles. Now introducing Smash Bros Factions! 110 Unlockable roles! We have friendly staff and people willing to play anytime. What are you waiting for? Come join us!
Welcome to Nintencord! Our very new Discord server all about Nintendo! Once we get more members, we will host tournaments, leagues, giveaways, and play games together! If you aren't a Nintendo fan, you can still join and meet some friends! Come join!