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In this server, you can make new friends, post art, talk about games, or even just chat! This server is still growing so stay tuned for more stuff!
We have:
1. Music bots & Channels 🎶
2. Art section 🖌
3. Gaming section 🎮
4. Self assignable roles! ❓
!!! we partner !!!

๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°-°๑۩ m i s t ๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°-°๑۞๑


bot games
leveled roles and self roles
kind community
almost exactly equal male to female ratio
pokemon bot and akinator
active music vc
Join to meet new friends in a laid back, cozy atmosphere. We hope to see you soon
➼ a m b i t i o n ~୨୧

we are a small and friendly community.
a few things for you if you join:

~ ♡ friendly community ♡

~ ♡ self assignable roles ♡

~ ♡ ranking system with role reward ♡

~ ♡ cute people ♡

~ ♡ partnerships ♡

~ ♡ NSFW ♡

we are also looking for staff and partner managers!

❥ so come & join if u like cute stuff. ♡
❥ server invite:
Hey! Do you like Minecraft? If not all good! This chat is for everyone! We are friendly and helpful in anyway! We can give you tips and help with almost anything! We also have game nights almost everyday! If you do like Minecraft then you will love this group even more! We have daily Minecraft streams and server events! Join our amazing group today!

🙌🏻The Pumpkin Kingdom🙌🏻

•Active Fans 🏃
•Custom Minecraft server
•Kingdom RolePlay
•Mafia Event and Game
•Gaming chats
•Daily Game Events!
•Awesome & Interactive Bots 🤖
•Levels & Ranks
•Custom Economy
•Daily Interactive Live-streams
•Lots Of Channels
•Art tip channel
•Art channel
•Huge Arcade
Hallo yuk join us in server "MANIAC"

Kami menyediakan tempat untuk para gamers mobile/pc.
Dan ada tempat lainya untuk ngobrol sesama gamers lainya. Siapa tau disini kalian dapat teman atau bisa juga jodooh(yayayaya)

• DOTA 2
• Mobile Legends
• HAGO. dll

We have :
• Room Private
• Kamar VVIP
• Room mabar DOTA 2, Onmyoji, ML, PUBG/PUBGM/Creative Destruction
and another game
• Room Mojok
• Music Room
• Game Bot
• Afk room
• Dan room lainnya

And,Come Yo Join Us..
chill server with self roles. join for whatever you want. there is little rules so you can do whatever. help build this community
This is Solar Amino, your first choice for Discord dating! (But don't worry, you don't gotta be searching to be a part of this awesome community)

We're currently searching for members to make this place more active than ever before. We welcome all who step foot into this friendly environment, despite sexuality or gender!

"What's in it for me?" You might be asking yourself, scratching your head in wonder. Well, we offer...:
🛡 Friendly staff
🏳 50+ self-assignable roles
😄 Caring community
🎪 Channels for games, interests, selfies, and much more
❗ Role-specific channels
🤖 Plenty of fun bots
😍 Ideal partner channel (so we know what you're looking for)
💞 Instant dating feature
🌈 Many gays™
And so much more, so come on in and explore this wonderful server! Hope to see you there~ ❤
Community of Discord is all about gaming and chatting in the discord server! Down below are just SOME of the features we have in this discord!
•Self Roles
•Staff Applications
•Voice Chat
•Live Now streaming feature
Come Roleplay as a Pokemon,Pokemon or a vast variety of grunts or even youre own Fakemon!!!!
come on down to Burger's Land 2.0!! where you can find burgers, chill community, burgers, fun bots, selfroles, leveled roles AND BURGERS! drop by and say hi
Hello! I am the owner of Lofi Music and Chatting! Really all this server is is having small talk with people but most of it is for listening to music and expressing your interest in music. There are self roles to show off your true music style! Can’t wait to see you there (:
Wilkommen bei ChilliGaming!

Dieser Server bietet:
-Kopetente und Freundliche Teammitglieder
-Coole Bots
-Ränge im Mittelalterlichen Stil
-Regelmäßige Server Updades
-Eigene Rollen Zuweisung
-und vieles mehr!Komm rein und lass dich Beeindrucken!
We're a small community looking for open-minded members to have as a general community.
A server about Axolotls!

A NSFW Channel

A meme channel

Fun games and events!

LGBT Acceptance

Come and join and say hi!
It's a pleasure
This is for Anime-Manga Discord Server
VIP Server
Level Roles
Music/Voice Channels
Fan Art/Anime Art
All kinds of Bots Commands
NSFW channel for the specific purpose
A lot of fun
Need staff and Members
Staff Members
VIP Server
Everyone Please! Join
Thank you!
🎮 Gaming Hub 🎮
This is a place for all things game related. Here you can chat about your favorite video game or just chat about life in general. Here are some of our many amenities:
👉 We have trustworthy friendly staff who will hear what you have to say in tough situations
👉 Cosmetic roles, gender roles, and much more!
👉 An art channel, a spam channel, and to those who wish... an nsfw channel.
👉 Members from many timezones so you will always have someone to chat with!
If you have an questions, comments, and concerns talk to any server mod, Head mod, or admin or myself, Aesthetic#2002 (Omega). We are always open to suggestions!
- Come Join The Prologue Community -


Private Voice Channels for any user! All done by a Bot! 🔐

Self Assignable Roles! 👈

Leveling System! 📈

Partnerships WANTED 🤝

More Coming Soon!

** JOIN NOW!** and become apart of **The Prologue Family**

Hello, welcome to Indigo Nights!
This server is brand new (yep, brand new.) and managed by me, myself, and I!
There aren't many channels, but there is a suggestions channel, so feel free to suggest anything there!
This server includes:
-An NSFW channel (role only)
-Color roles! Pick from red to purple on the spectrum!
-Music bots and meme bots.
-A totally chill zone!
-Future chance to become an Admin or Mod! Anyone has this chance, all you have to do is earn my trust.
✨ It's a new server. A small community where you can make friends and date if you wish. ✨
Welcome! If you are looking for an art server, here we are! We share any type of art according to your selfroles! We haven't got only art section, but even a gaming and NSFW section too!

Here you can relax and chat with other people when ever you want. Meeting new people won't be a waste of time! We have a promotions channel to promote your social media links to anywhere.
Help this server grow so we start doing events too! We are a new server and we hope we get big enough!

A server all about community, events, hanging out, having a discussion, and generally a nice place to be!
Hello, welcome to Epsilon! We have a bunch of stuff in this server which will guarantee to make your stay worthwhile, such as color and self roles, daily updates, giveaways and more! It is a small community, but we ensure you you'll make a lot of friends along the way.