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Welcome to Crystallite Minecraft Xbox Server, which is apart of Felon Network, where we host various different Minecraft Xbox server's that we run such as Theme Park coming soon, hopefully October 30th 2020, We also have many other server's!!
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
Share and get feedback on your Minecraft creations!
Find players to play Minecraft with!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner!
Owned by YouTuber with 40,000+ subs!
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
☆☆☆☆__**Infinite Empire PvP | Network**__☆☆☆☆
**We are a server which offers
☞👋A place to hang out and meet new gamers
☞🎮Have access to a cool realm (not yet) with Kit PvP, Factions, and Roleplaying!
☞🎲A place to play some awesome discord games!

❔Why choose us
→We are a good place for everyone to join, socialize, play games, and most of all have fun!

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Some discord games we offer are,
•Dank memer
•Idle miner
•Discord RPG
And more to come!

✔We also do Partnership with those interested! +Special exclusive role for only partners!
~Many emojis to mess around with!

❗We are still relatively a small server, but we are growing! Help us in our efforts by joining the server now❗**
***Join now,***
What is CyborgPE? CyborgPE is a new factions Minecraft Bedrock Edition looking for members.

What the discord server has to offer:
•Loads of bots
•Friendly Members
•Friendly Staff
•Loads of Voice Channels
•Loads of Text Channels

What the Minecraft Server Has:
•Mining Rewards
•KOTH (King Of The Hill)
•Custom Economy
•Custom Shop
•Fun Server Events
•Active Staff/Members
•Top Factions
•Mob Spawners
•So much more!
Server IP:
Server Port: 19132
Add me @SnubBasilisk753 on xbox live. Builds ideas: City, Theme park and your dream world 8 people in a Minecraft server at one time voice chat will be allowed no bullying or any other harassment just for fun.
Disney Parks Minecraft (DPM) is a multi platform Disney Parks server, that is built from scratch, with DisneyLand Resort being the main park.

We are creating an accurate park from experience and what it feels like to actually be there and on top of that, we are trying to hire staff who can be very active, however the server is at a cap of 30 players, so we will only have about 5 - 10 staff max.

Lastly, we want to focus on community, by this we mean engaging and having fun, as well as making sure everyone feels comfortable with those in the community, therefore we will not tolerate any offensive actions toward our community members.

With all that being said, please hop on and join us on this journey through imagination!