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Hello! We're a very welcoming and friendly server focused mainly on Pink Floyd, but we like to talk about other bands and genres too! If you like hard rock, prog rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, or any kind of music, this is the server for you! We offer:

- Diverse self-assignable roles
- Fun and recurrent activities
- Musicbot
- Fun emotes
- Levels and rewards system
- Musicians and show-off channels
- Pink Floyd news, memes, videos, music, pictures and history!
- Helpful staff
- Constant updates
- And much, much more!

We're all here because we love music. Join us and have a good time!
its my new server, iam streaming protests on Dlive
Autism, 4Chan, Say what you want. Just dont get us banned, you know the drill.
Here, we focus on treating everyone with equal respect. I doesn't matter what our own beliefs are, because it is important to make sure others are happy and treated with respect. We are a server with two groups, a spy team, and an attack team. These teams are sectioned into a few different things that each have a job. We make bots, raid shitty servers, spy on other serves, and design other raiding tools. We also care for our members. Though, this place will be a bit secretive, and I will not have it up for long. So join while you have the chance, and come talk to us.