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Do you like GFX/Designing? Aesthetic Designs is the Discord Server for you. Aesthetic Designs is a brand new fast-growing Discord Server with a lot to offer. We host a show called "best design of the week" where we chose the best design which is held every week. We have an amazing friendly community that is very welcoming, and tons more to offer, what are you waiting for join today at:

For more information about this server, feel free to contact Sabez#6860, Shrky#6639 or Ghosty#9527 on Discord.

Owner - Sabez
Co-Owner Shrky
Head Admin - Ghosty
ThunderDesign is een gezellige server waar je heel goedkoop en soms zelfs gratis designs kan bestellen. Denk hierbij aan logos, thumbnails, banners of andere grafische ontwerpen. Er staan aardige en goede ontwerpers klaar in ons team die niet kunnen wachten om u verder te helpen. Al 200+ mensen gingen u voor! Komt u ook?

Serveur pour les graphistes , designer , dessinateur et tout le monde enfaite ,
Y'a des assistants graphismes PC / Mobile pour t'aider !
et pleins de gens cool
Graphics Circle - ROBLOX is a friendly graphics community striving to provide good critique, amazing lessons and an overall loving community to all designers out there on! We accept artists of all kinds, host frequent giveaways and gamenights! Join today!
welcome to graphics designs! we are a roblox graphics community that helps everyone improve in their art.


critique channel
hangout area
talk with others
movie nights
We are a community of designers, editors, music producers, youtubers, and streamers. If you are a gamer or someone needing any of these services stop by.

Even if you don't need design work done, feel free to stop by and have a chat with some fellow gamers.
We are a GFX fortnite design server, we do professional designs and much more, if you are interested please join.
We are an designer server come here for different logos etc. We have kind staff members. We are always hiring! We are free! All we want from you is to say something good about us rate our work and tell a friend about us! We started this server because my gf wanted some pictures and my first thought was why not make an server for that?! So me and @miniboyinthehouse made this server!
Welcome to The Hub!
What to expect:
-Slightly Toxic Members
-Good Times
-Chill People
-Slightly Racists Conversations
-A Top Tier Hardworking Staff
Hope to see you in my server soon!!!
Hi! Wyrd is a new fresh new high standard Rocket League Competitive/Freestyling team looking for new active members. We strive to give our community and our members a great experience that they won’t forget, we also do lots of giveaways.
If you are interested in joining Wyrd, we are currently recruiting!
We're looking for…
Freestylers (needed)
Comp Players (needed)
Editors (needed)
We're trying to grow out our team to make a community that everyone can enjoy. :0
Please consider joining and have a wonderful day!
We are a wolf series, we need Character Designers, Sketch Designers, Script Writers, Animation Creators, and Voice Actors!
We are small right now! But we will be huge!
Banked's Lounge is a Server built to help new GFX Designers find clients and help to become better designers.

GFX Designers can get their own portfolio for FREE! and advertise their artwork!
Join if you want to be, are or need a GFX Designer!
We are a community who is developing an advanced Adventure Game for mobile. Were looking for some help. Scripters, Graphic Designers, CSS designers, Sprite designers, Game design, Game testers, donations, and website designers. We hope to innovate the world of mobile games. Come and help us on our journey.
W & J Solutions

W & J Solutions is a design company that was made by 2 people that wants to help people with YT, TTV, and your RP Group. We do got prices on our products but they can also get earned by a certain amount of invites.
We are trying to become a big design company but we can’t do that without your help, so come and join.

Our Products we offer :
- Cad’s
- Logo’s
- Banner’s
- Server’s
- Bot’s
- Website’s
And many more soon...

What we offer
Our Own Ticket Bot
Experience Ownership Team
Good Designers
Able to Partnership and Advertise

What you waiting for come join today !
Hi Guys!

I noticed alot of servers weren’t Organized, like We want it to be, Here at DD

We Design and Create Servers for you, and for the community.

For Free!

What we do

-Create the server
-Organize channels
-Make verification systems
-Add bots
-And more!

Once Finished we will transfer owner ship!

Make sure to give credit to the designer.

Come join and Get your server today!
[Matrix GFX]
*Welcome to matrix Gfx a server for designers and more we also accept editers or anyone who wants to buy a logo here*
**We will have
💎Chats to get feedback on your gfx
💎Other people to support you
💎You can sell your gfx here**
*So if this sounds like the right place for you come and give it a try*
Do you always want a Logo/Banner/Thunmail or a sick background?
Join then this discord server and reqeust a Designer√ if he can make 1 for you!

We are the first multi-provider to bring you anything you need. Education to Entertainment, we've got you covered.

We offer a variety of services in multi-disciplinary fields in both unique and inquisitive ways which we know you will definetly benefit from whether you need a logo re-design, learn more about the interrestial life, assistance from our seasoned developers, or get 1 on 1 help from our most knowledgable teachers we are ready to help. All our staff members are specially trained and we make sure we always bring the best high-quality service to our customers and clients!
Do you have an idea that you would like to bring it into reality?

Do you want to bring your expertize to a team project?

Do you want to meet like-minded people and team up for a project?
Do you want to see how you can start your startup in 16 hours?
Would you like to win some cash, prizes, and gai
So you want a High-Quality Profile Picture or Banner? This Discord tells you everything you need to know!
3D Intros
2D Intros
Youtube Banners
Steam Artwork And More
Prices Can Range From €1 to €10
Twitch Universe is a community that focuses on helping small graphic designers, editors, streamers, and developers grow their community or customers!

We are all about:
Spreading positivity
Quality Over Quantity
Show Love to receive love!
Are you a graphic designer? Are you an illustrator? If you're any type of designer this server is for you!