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☽ Witches Brew School
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☽ Witches Brew School

welcome to Witches brew school !
we’re witchcraft / religions / culture server with pretty much all you could want to start or perfect your craft.

there is classes both on google and discord , lots of informations , about 600 people and it’s a great community💗
we have a dedicated team of mods and experienced witches who will answer any questions you have about witchcraft quickly!
everyone is welcome here, whether you have no idea about what is witchcraft, or your entire family are witches, anyone is invited!
we have dedicated channels for different religions and types of witchcraft, and suggestions are always open.
there’s a bunch of resources to help get you started on whatever topic you like!

we hope you join our community !!!
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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
fell_sans_luvs_mustard fell_sans_luvs_mustard
Very Friendly and Helpful
I've been in this server for a few months now and everyone is really friendly and helpful. They offer so many different chats about different subjects as well as Google Classroom classes. I would recommend this server to anyone starting or learning about witchraft.
42 days ago
Lexi? Lexi?
Negative and discriminatory
My opinions were constantly silenced. Age discrimination, religion discrimination was a big issue. Poor communications. Made my self and others feel worthless and ignorant.
46 days ago
kittie kittie
such a nice and helpful community, one of the only servers i feel comfortable in. there is a lot of good information and nice people! i also love the movie nights we do :) the classes are great for beginners!!
51 days ago