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Trans Realm

This is a server for transgender people between the ages of 14 and 28. We're an open community to everyone who identifies with the trans identity.
We also accept questioning people into our server! Be sure to join and chat, we got bots and friendly staff! And even channels to discuss hobbies and such!

Side note: We're system friendly!

We cannot wait to see you in the server!
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PensAreCool1 PensAreCool1
OK server
This server is alright. The verification system is a bit long, there's a bit too many channels, and its semi-active. The mods like to spread misinformation and aren't very interested in having discussions. Being "inclusive" doesn't mean that you are right. If you disagree with someone, they will assume that you believe things that you do not. Join if you want, but its not that great of a place.
bean bean bean bean
Antwort eines Administrators
Hi James, just saw your review. And I just wanted to say that we do not condone invaldation of people, no matter if you agree with it or not. It's against our rules even, you would've known if you read them.

But we at TR are inclusive of Non-Binary people their identity and however they identify. Just an FYI, this was your most recent warn
"You have been warned in advance and despite being warned and given the chance to educate yourself, you have invalidated a people. You have been warned regarding rule 13. For future references, do not exclude genders or identities."

The warning was given because you said that "'If you do not identify as a woman, or only partially a woman, or sometimes as a woman, then you are not a woman.", and the latter part of that is 100% exclusionary towards genderfluid people.

Thanks for the review and useless feedback though!
Vor 17 Tagen
Ame Ame
v epic, v wholesome, v fun
the chat is the perfect speed for one to not get overwhelmed.
everyone there is nice and welcoming ^~^
and its an overall nice server to hang out in and make some amazing friends along the way!
Vor 95 Tagen