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There is this great tree named Yggdrasil, which was created years ago as apart of a project; The Yggdrasil Project, in an attempt to rid of all the miasma in the world; pollution which had been created by our ancestors. The tree was successful in doing so, and it was praised for many years as the Tree Of Life. Seven other trees like it were planted all over the continent to keep the balance.

However, mankind didn't hold back on the pollution. They've built up more, not thinking of the consequences it may bring, until the trees became corrupted. The miasma it absorbed had become a monster. It was trapped inside of the Yggdrasil Trees, it doesn't pose an immediate threat, but a potential one.

So Historians looked into the situation quickly finding a way to stop the crisis. They discovered something deep inside the tree, that they dubbed a Yggdrasil Core. It was the monster that Yggdrasil had made and defeating it will allow Yggdrasil to continue its original function.

There was an Academy created in the beginning stages of The Yggdrasil Project. It was made by Lord York, who is the head researcher of the project. He created the Academy as a parade, to show his enemies just how rich and powerful he'd become over the years. Although it was created as a joke, he handled the Academy with great care, shifting his focus to educating the youngsters of the continents.

One faithful day, he'd gone to check on his project and realized that it failed. He had been attacked by the monster inside of the tree, The Yggdrasil Core. He had suffered major damage and his lab had been closed off ever since, and he had been holding classes inside the Academy's garden. He spread rumours about something called a Snatcher near the halls leading to the lab, to keep the students away, and to cover the mystery of his injury.

The different kingdoms in this RP are:
A humble place which lies near the ruins of Gladsheim, a place where many mysteries lie. The ruins are supposedly the cause of the earthquakes going on there.

Caledonia, the kingdom of which produces the Princesses who must complete a ritual every 100 years, accompanied by a special someone with the title of Fafnir Knight, a person able to transform into a powerful, otherworldly being. The two would travel to a ruin called Ginnungagap to restore the fertility of the land, though, ever since the failing of Yggdrasil, historians doubt that this ritual will still work.

High Lagaard, a small, elevated town with its Yggdrasil Tree right in the centre of town. Occasionally, they cut and trim the branches, as the tall tree is starting to block out sunlight from reaching. Recently, though, people have been afraid to go near the tree.

Midgaard, where most historians come from, and home to the Midgaard Library. The library sends special individuals out to gather information, and then they process this information, sending it out to the other continents.

Tharsis, a land with vast plains, it's Yggdrasil Tree lies much farther than the rest of the town. The people there always had an itch for adventure, but could never go investigate, the tree was much too far. Then a Skyship crashed in the town one day, and the people there started studying them, soon being able to build Skyships and travel towards the Yggdrasil tree.
Hello! Welcome to our Disboard page! This server is a medieval academy roleplay server based off off both Fire Emblem, and Etrian Odyssey! But the best part is, you do not have to know about either to join the server! All of the lore pieces we used are simplified and right there for you!!!

What our server has to offer:
Colour Roles!
A monthly calendar for in RP purposes!
A bunch of roles open for players to take!
Open staff positions!

So please join our server! It's very new and we want it to grow and get more members!!
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Etrian Odyssey: World Serpent is a Dungeon Crawler based RP. In this server, you can create any character of your liking and customize their skill set, class, and weaponry as long as it fits the requirements of that class. We hope you enjoy your time on this DND inspired adventure!

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Travel to the continent of Etria, home to the Great Yggdrasil that keeps at bay the deadly Miasma and discover the secrets beneath a thin surface. Ester: The Kingdom of Humanity, Arcadia: The Kingdom of Magic, and Lemuria: The Kingdom of Ruins have began calling you forward to investigate the Yggdrasil. However, you must become apart of the Baldur Guild, the only way to access the Yggdrasil, which is located in Ambrosia, Etria. As you take to either the skies or land to find the answers you seek, meet and develop relationships with comrades, defeat monsters, and find the hidden evil lurking within the tree. A story to be completed and your legacy to be made now begins here!

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Currently looking for staff members to help with the server.
The Rise and Fall of Syrensia is a brand new Discord Roleplay server created by Neimi, with the moderation help of Hecctorsky, BlackEaglesRule, Lavik-Kun, RapBekah, Netzach, and Ryuuko-Chan, and Allalia. It takes place in a world named Syrensia. Where Gods reign supreme. When the Gods start to loose it, they begin to bring the entirety of Syrensia down to ruin with them.

The world of Syrensia...An ever changing nation, with 13 Gods that have the power to create life...But also the madness and audacity to destroy it. At the beginning of time, Gods roamed the land. They called themselves the Divine Dragons. Apart of this tribe were dragon-gods, Naga, Formortis, Nagi, Mila, Duma, Velezark, Anankos, Loptous, Tiki, Grima, Ghregiam, Yose, and Nerzla. They were known to bring prosperity to the continents. Until humans were created. Many continents formed, and the first people began to take form. The Divine Dragons each held a continent and ruled it. Naga ruled Archanea, Formortis ruled Magvel, Mila and Duma ruled Valentia, Mila ruling the North, and Duma, the south, Anankos ruled a young continent known as the continent of Fates, Loptous ruled a continent named Judgral, Grima ruled a young continent known as the continent of Awakening, and Ghregiam, ruled Dinyiniyiss. Yose, Tiki, and Nerzla watched over all the continents. They were the youngest of the tribe, not yet old enough to rule. Tiki and Nerzla took this duty seriously, and assumed the bodies of humans, watching over the humans by assimilating to their societies and using their holy powers to aid them in their time of need. Yose would have none of it. Yose dispised Naga for making him watch over humans. He thought to be greedy, pitiful, beings, and he used his sacred dragon form to bring ruin upon human society. The other Divine Dragons took notice of what Yose was doing and decided to put an end to it. Yose used his holy powers to capture the souls of Formortis, Anankos, Grima, Velezark, Duma, Ghregiam, and Loptous. With their holy powers at his disposal, he tourtured mankind. Naga, Tiki, Nerzla, Mila, and Nagi fought hard to regain control of their brothers, to Yose once and for all, but it was in vain. Yose soon was able to capture all but Tiki and Nerzla, as they had escaped. The year is now 706 on the Syrensian calendar, and the humans who once came to worship their gods, came to mourn the ones they'd lost, protect the two they had left, and dispise the one that had gone mad with power.

After years, Yose finally attacked again. Royalty tried to prepare their armies and citizens to fight against this enemy of Syrensia. Little did they know, this threat was bigger than them, and they would need to find bearers of the brand. They searched every noble house in Syrensia, but they weren't able to find anything. The nation goes into a despair, knowing that the bearers of the brand couldn't save them, and that they've dug themselves a hole by trusting these gods, and are unable to escape.

Ordinary twins Airimeadow and Medaire one day, when they both realized a strange mark on their palms. Airimeadow had this strange mark on her right hand, while Medaire had one on his left. Meadaire dismissed it as a family birthmark but Airimeadow saw it as something special they had together, a way of communication, even if they're far apart. Once Airimeadow and Meadaires' parents learned of this "birthmark", they informed their King; Marth of Altea. After seeing the childrens' brands for himself, Marth granted upon the family food, riches, and a new status of living; Nobility. Airimeadow and Meadaire enjoyed this opportuned and privileged life, but they both knew that blessings this large didn't come this easily. On the twins' fifth birthday, something terrible happened. Rouges came in the night, killed their parents and took the two away from their home. It has been 12 years since that horrid occurrence. They both are called upon to enlist in the army.
Calling all Nintendo fans! From the Mushroom Kingdom to the World of Light, come and discuss your favorite games with others in this 100 percent worth your time server please we need more members.