伺服器 community


Witam! Wybacz, że przeszkadzamy
zajmiemy tylko chwilkę ...
Lubisz oglądać anime, czytać mangi,
interesujesz się muzyką, a może
chcesz poznać nowych ludzi?
Nieważne co lubisz tutaj każdy
znajdzie miejsce dla siebie, jesteśmy
otwarci 24/7 więc możesz wpadać
kiedy chcesz
- Administrację bez tzw. kija w dupie
- przyjazną atmosferę
- niewiele zasad
- prosty regulamin
- nie oceniamy za poglądy, wygląd czy
orientację ...
- jesteśmy otwarci na partnerstwa
Nie wierzysz? Więc wejdź i przekonaj
się sam!
︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶꒷꒦ ₊˚·
200+ members
Just a chill place to hang around, meet new people, look at memes, and possibly find a love interest.
We offer:
LGBTQA+ Supportive
Lots of roles
Cool bots to play with
Lots of E-girls and E-boys
Just a great fucking place
Come and stay for awhile
We also have a support system in case you are struggling with any mental health issues

(active 24/7 - No @everyone or @here pings)
A welcoming place for anyone who wants to find new friends, chill, and join fun events or partners to play games with and people who enjoy anime are also welcome!

We offer:
↠ Active Chat
↠ Fun Events
↠ Karaoke/Movie Nights
↠ Voice Chats
↠ Games
↠ Friendly Staff
↠ Over 450+ cool emotes
↠ Promote your Social Media content
↠ Safe environment, no weirdos!
We hope to welcome you and make you part of our family!
♥︎♥︎ welcome to mafia ♥︎♥︎

we’re a slightly toxic, new server with sugar, spice & everything nice :p

what we offer:
-hot e girls and e boys
-low moderation
-working bots
-self assignable roles
-colour assignable roles
-selfie channel

u should stop by and say hi <3
Welcome to the Raiders Community!
We're a community of different videogames but we mainly focus on Pokemon and other videogames with friends. We also meme around all the time.
You can join with your friends and have fun here!
Everyone is allowed here. Just read the rules and have fun!

This is just a server I made to hang out with people and play games Lol.
We have...
-Gaming channels
-self advertising
-anime channels
....and more!
This server is currently small so please consider joining!
(15-18 only) (This is the first server I ever made)
I see you are interested in becoming a member of the lovely community Trains. As you can probably tell by the name the server is themed around Trains. You don't have to know a lot about them but this community is just to have some fun and enjoy yourselves. Feel free to stop on by and check us out.

Our staff would love to give you a tour.
A server run by two friends hoping to grow a community. if you'd like to join, come right in! if not, thats fine too. we will try to interact with our community as best as possible.
some example games that us owners play are:
Risk of Rain 2
Among Us

this list will most likely grow in the future.

Thank you for reading this, if you read all the way through. if you feel like it, come and chat a while
Tired of servers banning you for stupid reasons?
Just want to join a server that has fair punishment?
Tired of mod's abusing there roles?
We got you covered! Were a democracy server where you can say and pretty much do what you want.
Just don't spam or raid.
Not only that but we have a congress and constitution to keep the staff and head admin in check. There is political partys and a economy.
Hi! This is a community where people can make friends and talk about kpop (primarily TWICE). Don't be shy, drop by and say hello!

We have:
* Userphone text channels
* Variety of unique emotes relating to TWICE
* Organized text channels with reddit bots that collect images of a specific member
* Leveling system with no annoying dms or pings.
* Self-roles catering to your biases

Hope you enjoy your stay!
Join the ditchcord empire an active cool community
There are many cool roles, channels and activities to choose from.
admins who treat everyone fairly and equally.
There is little to no rules apart from leeching and threatening the server and being an all round dickhead.

Come join a friendly community where new players can learn and grow in anigame, karuta, pokecord, owo, not kohai, and tatsu. Music, trivia, giveaways and party games! We're always happy to help and have lots of fun. Come on by!
Hello, The Cloaks is a chill server where people can come chat and make friends. Our server is mostly free for you to do and say whatever(Nothing that will offend others based on race or religion). We spend a lot of time In VC talking about anime (Mostly one piece) and playing multiple different types of games. Stop by and say wassup. :)
💎 Crystal Community 💎

Hey wanna join a server where there are friendly people and a very nice and supportive staff ? Well i've got a server for you but it's even better!
We have:
♢Active chat rooms.
♢Active voice chats.
Well come on and visit us you are welcomed anytime!
We're a super brand new Community Server hoping to grow and bring people together!

We offer self-assignable roles to tailor your profile as you please and channels to introduce yourself to and meet new people! A great amount of work was put into this server for people like you to join!

Feeling left out of other servers? No worries! We'll try our hardest to make sure you're heard, treated fairly and included as much as possible! After all, that's our goal!

I hope you join our server, stay for a while and enjoy!
New Chill Server
No rules just don't be a douche
Do not join if sensitive
Just have fun and make friends
This is one of the family-friendly servers out there with a main focus on the bot "poketwo". Poketwo is a bot where interaction is needed to have fun and that is exactly what our server is aiming for. Our aim is to built up a community of peoples who can enjoy being with others. If you are looking up to the server then you should give it a try and visit us. We welcome you and we will look forward on talking with you. As we grow big, we will add stuffs which will increase the entertainment in the server so try to see our community, but not the numbers.

🎌 Freedom of speech is a big thing. Say whatever you want(as long as it ain't illegal) and you won't be punished. BECAUSE WE ARENT BIGOTS

⚔️ A bomb ass military that'll make those kamikaze plane attacks look like a joke.

🇯🇵 Some pretty cool staff people, and YOU can become one of them. as long as you aren't annoying or anything.

👌😂👌Best memes around. won't find memes as good as this anywhere else on the internet.

💰We got self promotion if you're a leech on society, which most of us are.

🤝We partner with anyone! Literally anyone, we're looking for partners, so hit us up!

🗿A giant cesspit that is the entire server. Nothing like us on discord.

SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN NOW AND BRING JAPAN TO VICTORY! seriously though you don't have a choice, both god and satan have agreed to use divine intervention if you don't join.
community !!

watch anime, talk about anime, eat anime, etc. with others :D
join you won't regret :)
⛓️Check out Chained!⛓️
We are a server full of people from the age range of 14-18. We play video games such as Minecraft, Rust, Among us, and many more. Our voice channels are usually full of the same people daily. We own a Minecraft realm that everyone plays on and has fun on. Feel free to join to meet new people around your age and have fun!