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Hi There! you are asking what is this server? well, This is about a Human Mixed Animals called Hybrid That Live in the Forests or in The city, They are getting bullied and abused. But YOU could change all of that with the other Hybrids. Come! we will be so glad if you join. and Have a nice day.
Affiliated Roleplay is a GTA V Roleplay community built for real-life roleplay. Basically the best community you will ever find! With a range of different departments like Law enforcement, fire & rescue or even just a normal civilian, to a fully working CAD/MDT. Affiliated roleplay is the best place for you.
Dragon's Pokétown is a server where you can play with pokémon bots! You can show-off your awesome pokémon to everyone and catch new pokémon too! You can also invite your friends if you enjoy the server!
Hi! Are you a Fire Emblem fan that wants to make more friends? Then look no further. We are a chill server for all things Fire Emblem. We cover every game, including Heroes, so whether you've done the main series or you're completely new, there's something here for you. We are active daily and hope to continue growing in the future. Everyone is super friendly, kind, and gives newcomers a warm welcome!

~Our Features~

✿ FRIENDLY server for all types of people with non-toxic community
✿ A channel to talk about the mainline FE games along with a Heroes category where you can show your builds, share opinions on new content that comes out, ask for advice, anything. We have a lot of experienced players that can help you
✿ Off-topic channels to make friends, talk about anything and discuss other games that you enjoy

If any of this sounds cool to you, definitely come join us if you want to make new friends and connect with others who love Fire Emblem~

P.S. Don't be thrown off by the server icon and name. Admin just loves the Tellius games lol ♡
This is **The Wild Earth**

**Year:** 3097
**Human Occupations:** 0
The humans had been wiped out by a large waves of tsunamis. The smartest of animals climbed to the highest mountains or hid very deep underground. Those animals felt once it was safe, they would return out in the wild. Now that the humans were gone, the animals ruled the world. After years, eventually wildlife and plant life grew over civilizations. Large cities to the country houses were now apart of mega biomes with vines and other plant life all around and in the buildings that once stood there.

My server offers:
➰Self Assignable Roles
➰ All animal roleplay
➰ Very active RP Channels
➰ Exciting characters and people to mingle with
➰.... And much more



— This server is a work in progress and is accepting feed back❤️ Here, it’s never boring and I assure you of that! Please consider joining, have a nice day! 🥰

Have a nice day!!❤️
Bonjour à vous chers lecteurs ! je vous présente ce serveur, nous sommes un serveur rp Public avec très peu de restrictions, nous acceptons tout niveau de rp, vous vous aiderons et notre rp est un rp school magique, nous autorisons certaines races hors de l'humain comme les ghouls ou les Saiyajins.
🌸 Welcome to good Civ 🌸 a casual gaming and fate series based community.
We have some bots to play with, regularly active vc's, boosted server, and group let's plays.
Don't be afraid to join if you're new to the fandom or just wanna chill anyone is welcome 💗
Join us for a positive and fun environment to grind your hours away! We welcome players of all tiers, have an active discord and CC, and have events with prizes each week!
Serveur RP Français dans l'univers de Unordinary par Uru-Chan !
Choisissez votre super pouvoir et arpentez les couloirs du lycée . Défiez vos amis , combattez vos rivaux et rencontrez les autres .
L'amusement est primordial , Le respect aussi !
Thanos'un yarattığı zaman girdabının ardından başka evrenlere yollanan kahramanlar ve kötülerin, tekrardan bir düzen kurma arayışına girmesi çok da uzun sürmemişti. Yok olmasa dahi güçlerini kaybeden kahramanlar ve kötüler yeni nesil kahramanları yetiştirmek ve Dünya'yı gelecek tehlikelere karşı koruyabilmek adına bir okul kurdular. Bu okulda amaç geleceğim kahramanlarını ve kötülerini yetiştirip, gruplar halinde Dünya'nın korunmasına yardımcı olmak.

Kurulacak yeni arkadaşlıklara, yeni maceralara açılacak olan yelkenlere, kahraman ya da kötü olmanın verdiği hissiyata erişmek istiyorsan işte buradayız. Kollarımız açık bir şekilde seni bekliyoruz. E hadi ne duruyorsun? Aramıza katıl ve bulunduğun Dünya'nın korunmasına yardımcı ol.
Welcome to the Interactive Story server! Here you can choose your own path as a player, or become an author and make your own interactive stories! This is a server safe to all ages, and we'll try to keep our content as kid friendly as possible. I hope you have fun!
Charmed: New Beginnings is a roleplay community based around Charmed. We are set in an alternate universe where the Charmed ones have not yet risen to power and might never.

Our goal here at CNB is to give everyone equal opportunity to grow their magical powers, or demonic abilities as far as your mind will allow you. Our naturally progressive roleplay is entirely built on the bricks of our dice rolling system. We use dice rolling for combat, which gives everyone an equal chance to win or lose a fight. Alongside our dice rolling combat we have a leveling system, that gives anyone the abilities to become an Elder, or even The Source of All Evil if that is what you'd like.

Whatever you want your story to be, you have the power to make it happen here at Charmed: New Beginnings.
Il y'a très longtemps, très longtemps, les humains, les monstres et les magiciens vivaient en harmonie, puis leurs relations se dégradèrent, surtout pour les monstres qui étaient considérés comme des êtres malveillant et durent se cacher puis c'était au tour des magiciens qui étaient brûlés vifs.
Les monstres et les magiciens fondèrent alors des endroits, des cités où ils pourraient vivre tranquillement, depuis le gouvernement humain et les conseils de chaques cité travail main dans la main pour éviter la menace d'être découvert, à eux tous ils forment la Mystery.
Chaque Saison on découvrera une nouvelle citée avec une culture, une histoire se trouvant dans un pays différents.

→ RP sans Roll ni stats 📊
→ Un RP ouvert au débutant ! 🔮
→ Une nouvelle cité à découvrir chaque saison ✨

What is our server?
-Our server is mainly Shinobi Life 2 Roblox game related on which you can have fun with our friendly members!

What can our Server provide you.
- Free Scrolls and Jins and Private Server!
- You can have your own PS codes asking our PS Creator to make you a 3 private server on EACH VILLAGE! once you've reached Level 30 on our Server!
- Weekly Giveaways
- You can request scrolls that are 1/40 below!
- You can request scrolls based on your number of invites!
- Our server is Friendly and Not toxic!
You like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, The Witcher and medieval history in general? Come join us!

This is a discord based west marches (dynamic, evolving open world/sandbox with player driven missions) played on the real world map.

Areas are inspired by real world history, magic items are rather hard to get and expensive. Going for a Witcher/GOT like feeling mixed with more fantasy elements from D&D. We also have Crusader Kings II/Europa Universalis IV inspired elements like establishing settlements/kingdoms/empires on the map, spreading religions, conquering territory and potential PvP if war breaks out between two player nations, players agree to duel or get hunted via the bounty board.
A Pokemon server especially for Battling, Breeding, and competitive advice, with tournaments of standard formats and unique themes for both Pokemon and Smash Bros, a Draft League, free breeding dittos, and Breeders who do requests

We have bot staff for bringing up any needed info on Pokemon such as full stats and move descriptions, music and interactions
Yo! I am a YouTuber, and I allow people to promote in my discord. We also run several ARK Survival evolved servers, WoW guilds, and recently, GENSHIN IMPACT! Come join! We don't bite :)
Zodiac is one of the biggest and best World // Zero guilds around!
- All World // zero players welcome!
- An amazing community!
- Fun events!
- Trading and mission help channels, Perfect for traders and new players!
- Fun Bots Including Dank memer and epic RPG!
- 🎉Giveaways!🎉
+ Much more!!
❁ Camp Halfblood RPG ❁
Vielleicht wurdest du als Problemkind bezeichnet, bist immer wieder sonderbar aufgefallen. ADHS, Legasthenie und diese sonderbaren Ereignisse welche dir in deiner Kindheit immer wieder wieder widerfahren sind.
Und dann ist da noch dieses Camp. Hier wirst du all die Antworten auf die Fragen finden welche du dir immerzu gestellt hast - oder vielleicht hast du sie schon längst gefunden?
Camp Halfblood: der einzig sichere Ort für Leute wie dich, Kinder mit einem sowohl sterblichen als auch göttlichen Elternteil - Halbgötter.
Wir laden dich ein herzlich ein unserem Server beizutreten.
Zwar richten wir uns in diesem Server größtenteils nach der "Percy Jackson Reihe" doch wir haben genug Informationen zur Geschichte, den einzelnen Gottheiten, Monstern und weiteren wichtigen Wesen eingefügt damit jeder die Story und unser Prinzip verstehen kann es ist also keine Voraussetzung sich auskennen zu müssen.
Was wir die sonst noch bieten können?

❈ einen liebevoll Gestalteten server mit vielen Orten zum rpn.
❈ eine Ausführliche aber kurze Erklärung der wichtigsten Ereignisse, Wesen und Götter der griechischen Mythologie.
❈ feste Regeln und ein freundliches Serverteam .
❈ die Möglichkeit eine Mission auferlegt zu bekommen.
❈ eigene Charalterentwicklungen welche sich während des rps ergeben können.
❈ eine Welt, welche auf deine Handlungen reagiert.

↳ schau doch einfach mal selbst vorbei

Este es un servidor donde podrás hablar con nuestra pequeña comunidad, disfrutar de diversos proyectos, divertiros con los bots y lo mas importante, rolear. Espero que os unáis a esta pequeña comunidad y que os lo paséis muy bien.
We play various bot games (EpicRpg, Pokemeow) and have cooldown bots/custom commands set up for easy grinding.
We are fans of dungeons and dragons and have a bot if people want to play, we like to learn/teach coding (currently YAGPDB), hang out, chat, have fun!
══════ ∘◦♛◦∘ ══════


For the last one hundred and eighty-one years, our people had called this place home. We all used to be united, twelve stations under one name: the Ark. But time has passed since that peace. The riots were neverending. In order to find a sort of peace, the twelve stations split. They provide for each other, but they were ultimately on their own.

But the Exodus Station had a theory. That Earth was survivable again. When the Chancellor's met up, they began to discuss sending criminals to the ground, like the Ark did 84 years ago.

So they began to form plan.

══════ ∘◦♛◦∘ ══════

➫ Unique stations including:
Capital Station
Exodus Station
Cadet Station

➫ A unique perception of the Ark and Grounder civilization after 181 years

➫ 3rd person, semi-literate to literate standards (5+ lines)

➫ Grounder, delinquent, and arker roles

➫ Staff roles are available

➫ Reader roles— don't want to roleplay but want to read? there are reader roles who can't send messages but can read everything.

➫ LGBTQ+ friendly

➫ No religious, racial, or any other kind of shunning

➫ Leveling System

➫ Bots

➫ Limited amount of fonts for those who can't see them

➫ We haven't started the roleplay yet, so you have plenty of time to join

➫ Reaction roles

➫ Customizable nicknames

➫ No canon characters

➫ A variety of out of character and image sharing channels

➫ You must follow the Discord rules and guidelines, like always. Only people over the age of thirteen may join in order to enforce the rules.