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Arkham Asylum is a community to discuss all things DC & pop culture related. Our staff will do their best to make you feel at home as we'd love to have you. Now, get in line, inmate!
Hi So in the lads We are a friendly community That does Often Giveaways And you will always have a chance to become a Moderator or become higher in the server. I look forward to seeing you in our server :)
⊱ ────── {.⋅ Welcome to Pride Cafe ⋅.} ────── ⊰
This server was created July 12th,2020 | Released July 21st, 2020!

»»————-Who we are————-««
Pride Cafe is a Family Friendly 100% SFW Server That is for ages 13+ that is meant to be a Safe Space as well as a LGBT server for all people. As well as a Mental Health server Its meant to be one of a kind.

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ What We Offer! ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
✩Several Vent/Support Channels✩
✩DID Supportive (We also have Tupperbox/Pluralkit)✩
✩150+ Roles!✩
✩50+ Channels✩
✩30+ Bots✩
✩No spam in the chats and bots that are only able to be used in the proper channels usually bot spam✩
✩A Semi-Aesthetic server that is welcoming✩
✩Guaranteed 100% SFW and Family Friendly Experience✩
✩Long list of rules to ensure the server is SFW!✩
✩Something for almost everyone!✩
✩We also currently are looking for Staff & Partnership Managers!✩
»»————-————-————- ♡ ————-————-————-««
So why not give our server a try! We hope to see you join! And will greet you with a warm welcome guaranteed! :)
We also recently updated our logo!
Now have an Among Us game night event :)

** Permanent Invite Link: https://discord.gg/RsVgH53**
Kia ora, Welcome to NZ Clan! <3

This is a friendly community for the people of Aotearoa. A great place for some nice kiwi banter (for making friends not dating).
Our server is to be kept SFW and is suitable for ages 13+
Individuals of other nationalities are welcome. However, the main theme of this server is New Zealand 🇳🇿

We have...
🥝Lots of bots
🥝Friendly and helpful staff
🥝Variety of channels
🥝Friendly and welcoming community
🥝NZ related roles
🥝Outdoors server theme
and more!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay at The Land of The Long White Cloud ☁️🇳🇿
Greetings! We are a literate RP server based on avatar.

Set in an alternate version of the avatar world where the avatar cycle begins and ends with Wan, leaving a world full of people who did not understand just how spiritual their world truly is.

In this sever, you will discover a custom world, quests, events, encounters and enemies. We offer personalized character arcs where one GM and one OC will plan out and RP through an individualized and unique journey, though more open ended quests are also available to all. And if any of that sounds enticing, just know that we have much more planned for the future!

- OC based RP, 99% of all canon characters don't even exist in our AU
- Fully custom systems for everything from stats to pets
- Custom map and Lore including a very unique take on the four nations and indeed the world itself!
- Active and friendly staff here to help!
-Warm welcomes to new members!

We welcome you to join us, and hope that you have a most wonderful stay and enjoy yourself! :)
Hai hai this is your favourite and cutest trap of all the time I'm here to tell you about this very cute server I would like to say I'm proud of this very cute server the community is very nice and family friendly and we support lgbtq people furies and everyone you can imagine all tough we dislike politics and religion we respect everyone and we take care of everyone so let's have fun and laugh, it also gets crazy sometimes. We enjoy playying games such as amoung us and terraria, we are looking for some new mods/ staff since we want to update the server a bit and always do like a good partnership. Right now we are being focused on getting members and trying to host more games.
🌿THE houseplant community on Discord. Socialize with other plant-crazy people, or ask for advice on your dying plants! 🌿

🪴Doesn't matter if you're new to the hobby or a total pro. We welcome everyone to come chat with us!

We're offering the following channels:
If you are looking for loads of fun and lots off awesome people to hang out with then our server is the perfect place for you. Spooky Bongo's House is Indian community server that welcomes people from all across the globe. We have helpful and friendly admins and moderators to help you at every step and welcoming members to hang out with. You are more than welcome to be free and enjoy yourselves while keeping in mind to not hurt anyone in anyway. We also organise many events and giveaways that everyone is free to join so what are you all waiting for ? Join in and be a part of this fam quickly !
Wolf Creek University!
Come join the fun and partake in the detailed realistic roleplay server set around a college campus. Students of all types, backgrounds, and varieties are happily welcomed at Wolf Creek. Fill out the template and see which dorm you'll be placed in based off your personality type. Hang around campus to study, socialize, party, and more. Join your friends in a friendly competitions, travel to the city and explore the great outdoors. The possibilities are endless. What path will you follow?

- This is a detailed realistic roleplay set in a university for all students! Take part in all of our various activities including meeting friends, forming bonds, attending classes, adventuring into the great outdoors, visiting the city, causing drama, attending student parties, and so much more!

- Wolf Creek is a school for students between the ages of 17-23, so get ready to party! The university is set in New Hampshire USA, but is open for students of all backgrounds.

- We ask that you write your responses in full sentences. 3 sentences is the preferred minimum. Some people even go as far as writing up to 5 or more paragraphs. The sky is the limit!

- When first joining, you will be limited to 1 character. But the longer you stay here at Wolf Creek, and the more active you are, the more characters you will get to add!
- We use the Mee6 system. A new character slot unlocks ever 5 levels you gain! 5 levels will unlock your second, 10 your third, 15 your 4th and so on!

- What the community thinks, and feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to give any input or suggestions for what you would like to see!

- Questions about anything will be happily answered! We are here for you!

- Now get to it and join the fun!
The Year is 1949

After the success of the Nazi invasion of Great Britain code-named 'Operation Sea Lion', the British government gave in to their German invaders. Within months an official puppet government was established (though heavily guided by their Nazi oppressors). With this victory for the Axis, it seems as though all hope was lost.

Now, in the streets of London, word of revolution spreads like a disease. Rumours that the English Liberation Front is planning a rebellion has got the nation stirred and on the brink of civil war. Will you overthrow the Nazi overlords occupying your homeland? Or will you cement the control of the Third Reich and hunt down these traitors?

What We Offer

Active Staff! 「✔︎」

Active Community! 「✔︎」

Interesting Lore! 「✔︎」

Acceptance of all types of RP'ers! 「✔︎」

A Story That You Can Help Forge!「✔︎」

Partnerships! 「✔︎」
(Disclaimer: None of the staff support or nazism, this roleplay is simply for entertainment purposes)
Um server simples de comunidade RP com membros de vários tipos, especializado em divulgação principalmente e também temos um mini-rp de tema livre para a diversão.
🌌¡Bienvenido a Meteora City!🌌

🔧 🔨¡¡Diviertete ganado meteoritosⓂ️ y desbloqueando canales en nuestro sistema economico de rol!!🔧 🔨

💜¡Le garantizamos el encontrar nuevos amigos con los que jugar y compartir sobre sus animes favoritos o le devolvemos su dinero!💜

Estos son algunos de los bots que tenemos:

#Waifu Heaven (Mudae)💕
#Casino Rocket🎰
#Epic RPG ⚔️
#Mar Abierto 🎣 (Bot de pesca)

🎮Y si quieres que incluyamos algún bot de rpg en especial solo tienes que pedirlo 🎮

🌠¡Te estaremos esperando!🌠
This is a community art server for those who have a deep appreciation for art ranging from, digital art, music, food appreciation, sketches, photography, memes, paintings, video-edits(AMV), writing, and poetry! In this server, you can select a role that corresponds with your art specialty (you will be asked to do so before attaining full access to the server). Our server provides daily and monthly challenges as well as constructive criticism for those who want to improve! Just be mindful bullying is not acceptable and will result in a ban. This foremost is a community where those of similar interests come together to show off the things they love doing while improving in the process. (Age requirement on this server is 17 or older)
Konan Lounge is a fun place where you can chill and make games. We have a lot of features on the server! General to truth or dare! You can have really a lot of fun!
Home of casual gamers, hardcore gamers, streamers and all around chill people! The Astral Realm offers a cozy and vibrant social experience with the option to find some new players for a group, watch chill streamers and just vibe with everyone. Come join us and bring your friends!

>Nitro giveaways

>Fallout 76 faction (Xbox)

>Day Z (PC)

>Upstart Streamers

>And many more to come! Join us and help us expand :)

Upvote us here: https://discordservers.me/servers/756991336200274000
This is a place for all friends to talk, and also make some new ones. We have NSFW (in nsfw channels), we have many fun bots to play with, along with many emojis for nitro and even non-nitro subscribers and self-assignable roles. We also have a leveling system, with role rewards as you level up and fun channels to mess around with. Accepting partnerships. We play Among Us! Events when hit member mark! If you ever need anything, we're here. We'd would love to have you, so come join us!
Frog!!! Hello!!!! This is frog cult, we are a non discriminatory server focused on sharing the love of frogs and all this amazing!! We don't do politics or any serious debates here, we just like frog! We are LGBT friendly as well as accepting of all valid fandoms and sexualities, feel free to stop by and say hello!!