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It’s always sunny in Philadelphia! Or at least it had once been.. A single rogue scientist blinded by his ambitions and his dreams was the harbinger of destruction and death. Accidentally releasing a deadly virus that ravaged the lands, and those who inhabited them.. Within a laboratory, the virus took over and malformed all of those it came in contact with. Monsters among monsters. Veins that his beneath their flesh emitted a more purple like color, as the bulged from underneath the skin of these creatures. Dilated pupils, there bodies rumbled as the virus took hold. Muscles and bones reforming, ripping themselves apart before reattaching themselves. Stronger and better than beforehand. These zombies went on to infect those from coast to coast in mere months. Before long, countries fell before this thing that plagued the lands. It wasn't long before the world was it's knees due these creatures.. The virus, just as it had done to the first men who had turned- It ravaged the lands, making it dangerous and infinitely more deadly to traverse through its lands. The question is- Will you outlive the apocalypse? Or die trying to survive.. join and find out!

Welcome to Outbreak: Salicroa, a fast-growing zombie apocalypse server that is centered around the time 2019. An organized server with a collection of staff willing to help whenever necessary, and a community that welcomes newcomers with open arms!

• 25+ RP channels!
• Multiple factions that you can choose from!
• Friendly and active community!
• Involving OOC channels - Channels to get you involved in the community even if you don’t have a character!
• Interesting and unique events!
• A currency system and numerous other fun bots!
• Even radio voice channels that are apart of the roleplay itself!
• Bounties for those pesky survivers in order to get money and items!

Owner: @avalyn#0313
Permanent invite: https://discord.gg/qD7bv4F
-We are new...100% fresh!-

Welcome to Necrotica!
This is a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay server which uses a bot to let you manage your own inventory and survive a post-apocalyptic New York City!

-Hang out with a great community-
-Use Many Unique Bots-
-Be a part of Necrotica!-

We hope to see you soon! Many thanks,
We are a roleplay server that accepts everyone into rp, as we try and give you the best experience, we have

-personal roles
-easy to use never seen before character system
-nice staff
-coloured roles
-tons of Roleplay Channels
-rules to protect you
-an owner that wouldn't mind chatting with new members
-economy system
-and many many more!
The year is 2019 ,2 years ago the apocalypse started. The whole US was sent into a widespread panic. After this virus or later labeled Zed’s disease spread across the world like wildfire. It has been rumored to have started in a newly opened tomb in Egypt. But one thing is for certain there is no telling what you will find in this devastated corner of the world...
day 67 after Zed’s disease spread - there has been reports of people getting bitten and surviving...but with some weird side effects...some die and turn. but the ones that don't seam to control specific elements.... strange... i must find out more...
-doc. hays
day 77 after Zed’s disease spread - i have seen the results and have been bitten my self...it was a accident the zed surprised me when i was hunting for a new tire for my car... hope i'm one of the lucky ones and don't...turn...
-doc. hays
day 80 after Zed’s disease spread - seems i am not as lucky as i have hoped... i am turning.... but i have found a way to 'cure' Zed’s disease... well it will prevent any living from turning if infected. but once turned it will not help... lets hope i can make it again before i turn...
- doc. hays
day 82 after Zed’s disease spread - well i am done for... i have put the 'cure' in the back of this book... please if you find this do some good.... i have run out of time to make the cure. i should have just used it on my self. best not to regret my mistake... do note it takes five days to turn once bitten and two days to make the 'cure' not counting finding the ingredients... good luck to you...
- doc. hays

(umm sorry guys this rp is hanging on its last breath... but all it needs are guys and gals like YOU! to join and revive it...)
The Year Is 2033, And A Disease Has Collapsed most governments, Seattle has Recently fallen as the last major military conflict went into a serious break-through in the 20 metre concrete wall spanning the city, The Military has lost its once major presence and only a few hundred remain, several caches lie within the fallen city, The horde is around the numbers of 50-70k, And you must survive within this, let alone over 300k are in the state alone, how would you survive? With A Fully Functional Shopping System you can buy Businesses,Houses,Guns, and Role-play in tons of Channels! Each channel being a new setting! Join Today
The New Ember is a server about the zombie apocolaypse, but not only is there zombies to be aware off..and not only there's others and bandits to worry from but also the radiation from the missiles that hit the city..so how will you survive? that's your decision and your story to complete..join now to find out!
The year was 2012, and for months, the threat of human extinction loomed over our heads. Nobody believed it, though. Not until it was too late. It all happened at once, the government collapsed, the military, the infrastructure. How did it happen, nobody is sure, but the dead have been brought back to life as mindless, shambling killing machines. It killed billions of people... be it from the riots, starvation, exposure, dehydration, murder, or eaten alive, not many people remain today. It's a dog-eat-dog world now... especially after three years, many people have turned into blood thirsty savages... It's all over, and nobody is coming to save us...

-We have many kind members and roleplayers and more joining everyday!
-We have a small, but kind staff team
-Server-wide events
-And even more!
A literate, science fiction, post apocalyptic, zombie apocalypse rp. 16+ Age Limit

*Silence. That was the word that perfectly described what the world had become. No longer were the roars of jetliners ripping through the atmosphere. No longer did the ‘vroom!’ of cars sound, nor did their incessant honking break through the already loud hussle and bussle of many feet over city streets, or the incisint roar of cars speeding down the highway. No, as far as ordinary human-injected sounds of the earth were concerned, the world had gone more quiet than it ever had since the industrial revolution.

However, the world could never be truly silent. Instead of the human-injected noise pollution, a new source mounted the global stage, shuffled up to the conductor’s stand, took up the baton and started their own orchestra- the seemingly never-ending groans of millions of undead.

The hubris of man had grown too vast, the desire for conquest to cruel, and in the selfishness of man came their own downfall. And yet, it seems sometimes that it is- now- only the selfish ones best suited to survive.*
Upon entering the server you will be placed in a welcome room where you can view the general server rules, as well as the rule and lore for the rp itself. Upon completion of reading the rules you can DM an Admin or the Founder of the server and request the small entry quiz. Upon passing the quiz you will be permitted in the the rest of the server, where you can create your character sheet and then begin your rping experience. We see the importance of complex storytelling, literate posts, post length and creativity.
This server is inspired by "The Walking Dead", where the whole country got infected by zombie and turning them into the living dead.
Its 2019 and the world has fallen on the day of January 2nd zombies rose up taking over as people quickly scattered creating a panic. Students ran from school, teachers too. some adults left their kids on their own. as many people got bit, when you get bit it starts with headaches, random fainting, and eventually you turn to a zombie. the only way to stop it is to shoot yourself in the head or get shot. many people crazed from the surrealism killed themself as some would give up to the zombies.
Can you survive, come and find out.
Be advised this server is new it was created today so it wont have as much but i am working on it
-active members
-new server
-Boss owner
this is a new rp server trying to start up.
please if you dont mind join
Welcome to 2022. America, to say the least, has gone to shit. In the summer of 2019 Korea sent a flying nuke towards the Whitehouse. Maryland, DC, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York were practically wiped out on impact. With the impact of the nuke, a new virus was created. This virus became quickly known as Virus Z. This virus began to infect the dead, and those bitten by the dead. Very quickly, most of the world population was wiped out. However, lately, rumors have been spreading about a person who is immune to the virus. Perhaps they are the key to ending the zombie apocalypse... and I heard the small fraction of the government that's left would pay heavy money for that blood once the apocalypse had ended.
Now, I bring you to your setting. August 2022. The middle of summer, in Oregon. Some have traveled here and others were born here. I look forward to your story
Hello everyone. My name is theARtistman99, I am a cofounder of this walking dead roleplay based server. I have restarted the server and we are now starting fromn DAY 1. We will be progressing from the very first season onwards. We are currently in need of a Rick and other canon characters. Join us in building this potential epic :)
1. Absolutely NO MEN - this is a girls-only server so any boys or boys posing as girls will be banned immediately. That is why we have a Verification channel.
2. Be respectful - disrespect towards others is prohibited. A venting channel is available so refrain from doing anything harsh in the hubs. Save the drama for the venting channel.
3. Problems - should an issue arise, DM @Anna Fairmont or @RavenShadow and the situation will be assessed. You will be updated constantly on the problem and what course of action is being taken to resolve it.
4. Don't harass others - if you want to harass people, do it in a server that allows it. Complaints regarding harassment will be reviewed and the harasser will receive a single warning. If that warning is not heeded, that person will be banned.
5. Minors - anyone under the age of 18 will be unable to participate in the main rp hub, but they will still have access to the rest of the server minus the NSFW channels. This does include a separate rp hub that is available to everyone if SFW content is desired.
6. Other stuff - do not hesitate to message @Anna Fairmont and/or @RavenShadow. Whether it's to express concerns or simply chat and rp, they are more than welcome to accept DMs from members of the server.
In the year 2310 a group of renowned scientists working with the TC Company to make the ultimate weapon. A virus only known as The Z. This virus was going to be deadly, so deadly in fact that it nearly wiped the entire world of life when it was released. One by one women all over the island started to fear for their lives. The virus even raised the dead. Its nearly 200 years later and the survivors live watching each others backs. Keeping their group safe.
the world is hell. the infection killed 85% of the worlds population is turned. play as the military and try to save the world, or play as the demon gang and take advantage of the world. your possibility's are endless.
A disease the Zeta virus has been rapidly spreading all throughout the world. Countries like China, Russia and Africa have already reported that dead people are coming back to life, multiple attacks and sightings of these so called 'zombies' have been reported, the CDC have said that if you have a family member or friend which show symptoms, take them to a quarantine Zone.
Serveur post-apocalyptique zombie avec système d'armes de tir de combats se déroulant en français , discord 100% français il a même étais reset il n'y a pas si longtemps
A viral infection was spreading through America's cities in the Southern parts of Florida. This virus was known as Infarmi virus which stands for weak in latin, Once infected with the virus you will experience the symptoms of sneezing and coughing and also vomiting, like the flu or a severe cold, this was the only the first strain of the virus. Within weeks the virus mutated itself and got stronger and stronger releasing the second strain,the second strain was much more lethal, it would take over the victim's body and brain transforming them into a range machine capable of tearinng their prey apart. For a short time this strain was airborne, the infected would be pumped up with testosterone and they would quickly build up body mass, They would only come out at night to avoid the painful light of the sun. Florida was launched into a State of Emergency as the infection got larger and larger, they called upon the national guard and the United states forces. This is the beginning of YOUR story.
Sustenance is a zombie roleplay of survivors 4 years after an international project goes wrong
Most of the major cities were destroyed during the initial panic and severity of the disease. Many died within a day of contracting it, some less. The major powers of the world banded together in efforts to find a cure for this airborne pathogen wreaking havoc to the public, but unfortunately didn’t work fast enough. The United States was the first to fall victim to the hordes of the undead, then followed the U.K. and Russia. China fell a few months later, and after that it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to fall. It’s been two years since the initial outbreak and nothing has seemed to of gotten better. Food and water are scarce, and ammunition even more so during these times. Most people travel in small groups doing their best to survive in the shell of humanity, and others have started small communities in hopes to one day rebuild civilization. Rumors are often spread around about large factions standing strong through out the end. Sometimes these come from friendly travelers, raiders, or people who died trying to find these “safe havens”. It could be a good idea to take refuge in one, or maybe continue fending for yourself in the seemingly lost world.

A mysterious figure, who the survivors have dubbed “Mystery Man” has somehow broadcasted a message across the world through the old radio waves. He claims to know how to end the virus once and for all!
"Hello survivors, who I am is of no importance. Your world in grave danger, there's not much time, there's forces at work here that plan on destroying any chance of turning your world back to the way it was before. I beg for your aid, there are three pylons that must be activated to begin the process of reverting the affects of the outbreak. The first pylon is at a prison island not too far off shore, there is a barge at the board walk that you can take to the prison at dusk tonight. I shall contact you again when you arrive at the prison. My friends... I beg of you to help, only together can we prevent the total destruction of your world." Who is this Mystery Man? Can he be trusted?
Welcome to The Collapse! We are a newly formed post-apocalyptic roleplay based in Michigan. It has been 17 years since the initial outbreak day, known as “The Collapse,” and nature has reclaimed towns and cities. Strange mutated humans now rule the earth, and life gets harder with each passing day. Will you survive the apocalypse? Or will you succumb to the infection?
Zombie Apocalypse roleplay .
- OCS Only .
- Lit RPS.
- Friendly community.
- Contains gore and possibly NSFW themes.

・゚┊ The beginning of the madness sprung up more rapidly than anyone could have ever predicted. An illness. It was an illness that soon led to exactly the event that the general public had always feared to arise, coming true in the blink of an eye. The dead had risen due to the unknown, airborne disease that seemed to only spur reactions within the previously deceased. With a simple bite, would cause you to join them. Even an unrelated death, one that hadn’t separated the spinal column, would result in the same outcome. Will you survive?