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Outbreak: Revelations
in 2018 a virus frozen in the arctic was dug up and weaponized by the O.O.H.S (Organization Of Health and Safety) The virus was said to cure all diseases and illnesses but the O.O.H.S had other plans, by end 2018 the virus started to kill and reanimate the hosts into walking corpses. The outside government outside of Union City juristiction put the city into lockdown shutting of the city from the rest of the outside world, no-one in or out beyond the fence and wall borders of the city.

Now in 2027 infected walk among the ruins of Union City along with survivors and those who survived the virus now walk the wastes of this city fighting to survive against the infected hordes with limited resources...

You a survivor of this chaos rise out of the ruins of what was once your home into the unknown to fend for yourself in the wastes of Union City
``The  Zombie Apocalypse has started¡!``

Survivors are scattered around Nelspruit, there are safehavens, survivor groups, scavangers, lonewolves, even zombies!!!

-Can you survive it?
-Can you live in war between factions?
-Can you keep a relationship?
-Can you drive a Truck?
-Can you manage a farm?
-If you can do all of those, surely you can click on the invite link😉

🤢We have Major zombies!🙇
👯Helpful and nice staff team!👮
🏘Allot of space for roleplaying!🏚
🤹Great and easy character system!🎭

🇿🇦This server takes place in South Africa, Nelspruit🇿🇦

👂 "I heard from a little birdy you can survive the apocalypse"👂
👀We'll se about that shall we?🤔

It's a chill zombie roleplay server with chill people. Come and hang around!
In the Year 2550 The science division of a Colony ship the size of a country, deep into space, Accidentally created a parasitic virus that takes control of it's host's brain making them into zombie like creatures. The outbreak released into the Science Division causing all of their experiments to roam free killing anyone in their path. The creatures took over the ship leaving some of the survivors held up in the Observation deck.

This is a Sci-FI Survival Horror Roleplay. There has been inspiration from many Games and medias Such as; Dead Space, the upcoming Atomic Heart,RESISTANCE; Fall of Man, Resident Evil and Mass effect.
The year is 2019 ,2 years ago the apocalypse started. The whole US was sent into a widespread panic. After this virus or later labeled Zed’s disease spread across the world like wildfire. It has been rumored to have started in a newly opened tomb in Egypt. But one thing is for certain there is no telling what you will find in this devastated corner of the world...
day 67 after Zed’s disease spread - there has been reports of people getting bitten and surviving...but with some weird side effects...some die and turn. but the ones that don't seam to control specific elements.... strange... i must find out more...
-doc. hays
day 77 after Zed’s disease spread - i have seen the results and have been bitten my self...it was a accident the zed surprised me when i was hunting for a new tire for my car... hope i'm one of the lucky ones and don't...turn...
-doc. hays
day 80 after Zed’s disease spread - seems i am not as lucky as i have hoped... i am turning.... but i have found a way to 'cure' Zed’s disease... well it will prevent any living from turning if infected. but once turned it will not help... lets hope i can make it again before i turn...
- doc. hays
day 82 after Zed’s disease spread - well i am done for... i have put the 'cure' in the back of this book... please if you find this do some good.... i have run out of time to make the cure. i should have just used it on my self. best not to regret my mistake... do note it takes five days to turn once bitten and two days to make the 'cure' not counting finding the ingredients... good luck to you...
- doc. hays

(umm sorry guys this rp is hanging on its last breath... but all it needs are guys and gals like YOU! to join and revive it...)
The world as we know it- is gone. Sunday Night Football, An Ice-Cold Beer, Subway Sandwiches.

Family-Owned pharmaceutical company- BioClover; is charged with the creation of a Rage-Like virus, turning people into Zombie Like Creatures.

The world is decayed. It's been over a year and a half since the initial outbreak, and the world has definitely felt the affect. The whole world is infected, and the beautiful state of Colorado is no different. The entire outbreak went global in just under 4 and a half months.

However- Some Zombies begin to look Decayed. And Grey, and make much different sounds than the high pitched wheezing of that from the Infected. Strange messages left in blood he's been swept across the United States- "Don't . Trust. Octavious Labs." Which was a Government Operated medicine company. There's definitely something else at play here.

The world is yours. YOU Are a Survivor. Explore. Hunt. Kill. Survive.

What is your story?


As of currently, the general consensus is that the runners are freshly turned, and the stragglers are the older ones. DESPITE there not being an in-between.

It's also widely agreed, that all though some people were reanimated. And others turned quickly without dying, they died the moment they began to turn.
Welcome to the Zones. The year is 2023, where Kanye West made it into the presidential office. The zones are areas that have been infected with the Green Plague. This is a zombie virus that is transmitted through through bites and major wounds. Evacuation centers are still up, as most of the countries still have a military and a functioning government that is attempting to evacuate what's left of the population. Over 90% of the population of both North and South America has been infected and over 97% of the land is zombie territory. Many people have tried to escape, but none have succeeded.
This roleplay includes:
Dice System
An unstable plot
And is pretty fun i guess.
the world is hell. the infection killed 85% of the worlds population is turned. play as the military and try to save the world, or play as the demon gang and take advantage of the world. your possibility's are endless.
A literate, science fiction, post apocalyptic, zombie apocalypse rp.

*Silence. That was the word that perfectly described what the world had become. No longer were the roars of jetliners ripping through the atmosphere. No longer did the ‘vroom!’ of cars sound, nor did their incessant honking break through the already loud hussle and bussle of many feet over city streets, or the incisint roar of cars speeding down the highway. No, as far as ordinary human-injected sounds of the earth were concerned, the world had gone more quiet than it ever had since the industrial revolution.

However, the world could never be truly silent. Instead of the human-injected noise pollution, a new source mounted the global stage, shuffled up to the conductor’s stand, took up the baton and started their own orchestra- the seemingly never-ending groans of millions of undead.

The hubris of man had grown too vast, the desire for conquest to cruel, and in the selfishness of man came their own downfall. And yet, it seems sometimes that it is- now- only the selfish ones best suited to survive.*
Upon entering the server you will be placed in a welcome room where you can view the general server rules, as well as the rule and lore for the rp itself. Upon completion of reading the rules you can DM an Admin or the Founder of the server and request the small entry quiz. Upon passing the quiz you will be permitted in the the rest of the server, where you can create your character sheet and then begin your rping experience. We see the importance of complex storytelling, literate posts, post length and creativity.
Most of the major cities were destroyed during the initial panic and severity of the disease. Many died within a day of contracting it, some less. The major powers of the world banded together in efforts to find a cure for this airborne pathogen wreaking havoc to the public, but unfortunately didn’t work fast enough. The United States was the first to fall victim to the hordes of the undead, then followed the U.K. and Russia. China fell a few months later, and after that it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to fall. It’s been two years since the initial outbreak and nothing has seemed to of gotten better. Food and water are scarce, and ammunition even more so during these times. Most people travel in small groups doing their best to survive in the shell of humanity, and others have started small communities in hopes to one day rebuild civilization. Rumors are often spread around about large factions standing strong through out the end. Sometimes these come from friendly travelers, raiders, or people who died trying to find these “safe havens”. It could be a good idea to take refuge in one, or maybe continue fending for yourself in the seemingly lost world.
An awesome Zombie RP server with a friendly community! We are a fast-growing server constantly looking for active Roleplayers. We provide quality roleplay, memes, venting, art sharing, more memes and overall good fun!
Modern Day, Zombie Apoc, Set in Washington Sate, USA.
This is a turn-based rp, so each person has a turn to write their post after each other.

After an archaeologist broadcasts their findings live on worldwide television, the whole world is witness to an ancient underground city being discovered under Egypt. The sarcophagus of an unknown person of importance is extracted from the heart of the buried city and brough to New York for a big, live reveal of what’s inside. When the sarcophagus turns out to be empty, the world is dismayed. However, Pandora’s box had been opened, as almost everyone in the vicinity is infected with a zombie-like virus. Fast forward a year, and the world suffers a 95% decrease in population. Follow the story of one town in Washingtone State as they try their best to survive and preserve the Human race day by day.

- Able to write 50+ words in 15 minutes.
- An understanding of English grammar and punctuation.
- Weekly activity.
Zombies had gotten very popular in television, as a result, fans got addicted to experiencing the zombie apocalypse. What happens when that fan is a scientist?

"IT WAS NO ACCIDENT!" Yes you heard me, welcome to "ZOMBIE SURVIVAL ROLEPLAY" a friendly active server with a great staff. You may be wondering "what was no accident?" but isn't it obvious of course, it was the zombie apocalypse! It was created on purpose, someone had the goal for this, someone wanted to bring the zombies to life...and they finally succeeded.
Looking for a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay server? This server its specially for you, beacuse this small developming server got these wonderful things!

- Make your own Character
- Roleplay as a Zombie
- Many skills to Master
- Many Locations
- Factions
- Friendly and Helping staff
Angelwood Asylum, Nothing seemed out if ordinary here til people started going missing. Turns out there was a zombie like virus going around and zombie have gotten into the asylum. Will you be a staff trying to keep the patients safe? A wild patient trying to get out? A zombie ready for some brains? Or an innocent townfolk that just wants to survive? Within here, its life or death.
Extinction takes place over a hundred years after a Hostile Virus that turned people to monsters. In this server there is working shops,Virus Types,events and giveaways plus more! Come on down today and Join the Extinction Era!
Welcome to We Who Live, a roleplay server set in a zombie apocalypse. There's not much else you need to know. When you join the server, you can check out our lore and ask our staff anything if you have questions.
Darkmede High was a normal school with cliques like the delinquents, popular girls, student council, misfits, nerds, clubs, teachers, etc. Recently Darkmede started seeing appearances of zombies that had the ability to eat and transform other students into zombies. Elenara was the first person to see a zombie. Everyone thought she was crazy except for the delinquents that she belonged with. Elanara and others fight against the zombies while other students pretend everythings normal, hiding their fears and twisted thoughts behind closed doors. Elenara has to do what she has to do to get rid of these zombies, even if she has to let go of close ones and lose them. She forms a club of warriors guarenteed to give their all to protect the school.
Around when the times hit the 3000's, there was a lab breakout in which a virus spread across the world. It soon became extremely deadly, turning anyone who was infected with it into flesh eating monsters. Everyone had there own reactions to it, some boarding up there houses and staying put with there, others always on the run, finding it safer than staying in one place.

As time passed about 75% of the entire worlds population died out, leaving very few people who still have morals left. The others have either been taken by the infection or went insane. Who knows what could happen..
The premiere spot in the multiverse for all species! Whether you're a ghost that's been dead for a million years, an alien predator on the run, or just one dumb zombie, you're welcome here. Remember, Stay Spooky! https://discord.gg/vfpJ52b
Welcome to Desolation Year. This rp was created after the old rp known as "Anarchy", which was about a post-war apocalyptic world in 2458 that was destroyed by atomic war. Now, to replace that roleplay, I introduce to you the new world of terror, Desolation Year.
Desolation Year started on a Saturday at 2:00 PM in Berlin, Germany, where a scientist by the name of Kray Von Schmidt tried to perfect a cure that failed, spreading the infection to his patients. This led to terror in the streets across the world.
What will you do in this torn world full of chaos and the undead? The future that lies ahead may be your demise...
Hello everyone. My name is theARtistman99, I am a cofounder of this walking dead roleplay based server. I have restarted the server and we are now starting fromn DAY 1. We will be progressing from the very first season onwards. We are currently in need of a Rick and other canon characters. Join us in building this potential epic :)
Fairly new so its not dead just new
Last survivior is earth after being plagued for about a couple years by this time your one of the handful of survivors truing to..well survive start your journey and join today