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Welcome to the Next-Gen!

This server is a Superhero and Villian server. Onto a little about it. It's after the whole movie stuff. Let's say they still have all the Avengers. They have passed their roles on to their kids if they have them, If not chosen kids they handpicked. Now it's your turn to take over their spots as they see fit. It's all about teamwork, If you don't have teamwork it all falls apart Unless you think your capable, Which you are probably not, but don't mind that. The best part is you get to work with the Avengers then become apart of them. But the bad thing is you gotta prove you can take the spot as a Superhero because if not you'll end up as a Villian an enemy. You prove your stay you don't you're out.

Hope you have fun at the server!!
The roleplay takes place in the fictional American city known as Suncoast City, in a world plagued by villains and protected by heroes. In this roleplay you can be an aspiring superhero who has enrolled in the Global Peace Alliance’s prestigious hero academy, or a hero who’s already got out into the world and is doing their best to fight crime. Maybe you'd prefer to be a menacing villain who wishes to carry out their nefarious deeds or even something in between a hero and a villain?

What We Offer:
-Classes and events for all types of characters
-The shed
-Random canon
-Epic memes
-Laidback staff
Calesius City
An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community!!

Calesius City is a 16+ Discord-based roleplaying community. Set in the modern-futuristic Calesius City, the plot revolves around the constant struggle between good and evil, more specifically the Hero Organization and Villain League. Ongoing plots are player-driver, allowing you to not just explore Calesius City, but shape it as well.

General Keywords: Modern-Futuristic, Hero, Villain, Good vs Evil

We value multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, intrigue and character development.


What we offer:
- Freeform and home-brew combat
- Meaningful character development, progression, and involvement
- Plot events, small and large with a seasonal storyline
- Player created content and hosted events
- Dedicated staff team and community of wonderful role-players, artists, and writers!!

Come join us!!
The year is 2020. Evil runs rampant on the streets of Arcana, young and free, without a care in the world. Civilians live every day as if it were their last; they have no hope. Only a hero can save them, and put an end to this chaos.

Arcana once had heroes of its own, just like any city. These heroes were strong, and valiant. Villains from all over the world knew the existence of such a protected city, and they yearned to bring forth its downfall. Every villain from every land, world, dimension, and reality, joined forces to bring the heroes of Arcana down, and the people of Arcana to their knees. They were successful; the old heroes are forever gone. Now, it is up to the civilians to be brave and step up for their city.
Chesterville used to be a normal town. It wasn’t too big but it wasn’t too small (about 6,000 people). But within the past twenty years or so, people with powers have been popping up. The parents either let the world know about their kids’ power (which the government soon got rid of the evidence like that) or the parents kept their kids’ powers a secret.
The powers of their children developed from the ages of 10-13 (about puberty). The powers can be many different things - from basic, stereotypical powers such as Fire, Water, and Earth, to more uncommon ones such as Teleportation, Illusions, and Portal Creation. More than one person can have control of common powers, such as the ones listed above (for example, person A has fire, while person B also has fire). In extremely rare cases, a person can have more than one power.
When the people with these powers grew up, some of them decided to seek revenge on the ones who wronged them - most common victims were bullies from their past, which then could evolve into the person to take on a villain persona to attack the civilians, leading into the Heroes (Forever Rescuers) to be created, an organization of people who also had powers and used them for good to help the city and defend it from the villains.
Syndicate is a world full of powers, made up by bubble-like domes that have cities in them!

This is a Hero Villain rp server that is in the works. it has many active members and your suggestions to improve the server are always considered!

Metro city has active Admins and Moderators if you want to sign up to be one DM owner.
Heyo!! We're Boku No Hero Fan Server!!

We use OC's and heroes from the anime.

Barely any moderation

We roplay, watch anime, and have late night karaoke!! If you want, join our community!!
Near Reality: Superhero R.P

They came down as a gift from God. Heroes born with special abilities that allowed them to do stuff that many considered “Unnatural” and aberrations of evolution. They lived in the shadows hidden away repressing their abilities until some might have even forgot that they even had abilities in the first place. Then it happened, those that had abilities started popping up all over the world, they came in singular numbers to do their best to help out and save. But with the rise of the “Superheroes” came the emergence of the “Supervillains.” The despicable that devoted their powers to criminal activities where the Heros rose up to fight them. But do heroes really improve the world, some say they are the catalyst for villains rising up and property damage is through the roof. You decide if you will be a hero trying to do what they believe is good, will you be a villain who tries to use their powers for evil or will you be an advocate for the people who are against all supers, the story is for you to develop and create…

Welcome to a superhero server like no other, this is a brand new server and we have so much to offer. A new world for you and your character to shape, you want to be a superhero then go for it, want to be a villain then go for it, the world and story is crafted by you.

What we have to offer:

- A great staff team that is full of hardworking people who wish only to improve your roleplay experience overall and make a safe place for you.
- A ever changing and adapting story that fits all characters into it so nobody is left out.
- A friendly and safe role-play community that wants to role-play with you and help you on your journey on this server.

So what are you waiting for? Meet like minded people and join our amazing server, you won't regret it.
Welcome to Protector Initiative. We are a server made up of three main groups: Protectors, Armagedon, and New Gen. The Protectors are our heroes. They watch over the city, Valoria, and protect it. Their tower is located within the city, giving them quick access to rescues. The Armagedon are our villains. Their base is located in a cave in the wilderness, shielding them from anything remotely suspicious. Their main goal is to destroy the universe and the heroes. The New Gen are our youngest heroes. The age group is 13 and down. They have a hideout in space, keeping them out of unnecessary danger.


Ladies and gentlemen, edgelords and tentacle abominations, come on and come all to the Multiversal Association of Loathsome Individuals and Corporate Evil!

Where extracurriculars like murder, bribes, threatening, and kicking puppies are both permitted and encouraged, and nobody is left behind.

We have four distinct categories of members, consisting of...!

Minds, the puppeteers with brains the size of their egos.

Mercs, everyone’s favorite bullies-for-hire.

Mages, the sparkly little friends that are everywhere, like glitter, ugh.

And Monsters, adorable world-eaters that take skills to wrangle and have a large branch of the largest part of the compound so they don’t eat everyone.

Race before my eyes to rise to the top of your class, fend off hordes of righteous protagonists, and find out what matters to you, the piles of gold you’ve acquired or the friends you made along the way.

P.S. It’s the gold.

MS, your boss.


Malice is intended to be a lighthearted and fun server about being having a bunch of ragtag villains of wildly different abilities get stuck in the same building and have to get along.

Events and plot decisions (if they happen at all,) will be decided by poll. Although we’re just starting out, we’d be happy to have you along for the ride.
This is Dipper Dapper-- a Super Villain Academy!
Aka-- Big Crackhead Energy
It's been 1 week since our last murder, but they were revived by a cat God, so does that even count? Our principal is kooky, with heavy interest in school ships and an insane Ramen Noodle addiction. He's also...Colonel Sanders???
We also have:
-Fun bots and spam channels
-Ever completed the alphabet using vine refs?
-TONS of roleplay areas
-Events! Like fieldtrips and Capture the Flag
-A super immersive plot-- you will be dragged into it
And so many other things that I can't fit here xD
So-- will you embrace the dark side?
☟ JOBIN: CvC ☝︎

Jobin: Chaos vs Control.

A world of heroes vs villains, which will you be?
Will you be the one who brings chaos whenever you feel, or will you be the one who tries to stop it?

A welcoming server for those of all ages! This is a roleplay server that focuses around super heroes and super villains.
We're just starting out, but we hope you'll join us.

+ A welcoming server!
+ The ability to choose just how you'll show your character. We accept many forms, such as Gacha, Picrew, drawings, all of it!
+ Plenty of RP channels to choose from!
+ Places to show off your talents!

- People insulting others
YOOOO! Do you like superheroes like the likes of Batman or Spider-Man! Love DC and Marvel, well this server is for you! We have:
Create your own superhero, choose between Hero, Villian, or AntiHero
If you don’t wanna be a Superhero other roles that might fit for yougrinning
Moderators that will be at your service guard
You can buy Admin or Moderator if your active..
Lots if fun bots for you can enjoy!robot
Superhero Story’s, be a real superhero or Villian!
Please join us because the city needs you!
Elyden is a new continent that had appeared out of seemingly nowhere in 2000, and sense then powers have started popping up on Earth, mostly those around Elyden, while mutations that grant powers have been world wide, in these past twenty years, super powers have become a sort of normal, but here is a new era, as technology advances and magic is being studied, heroes and villains arise
Set in a AU where the canon characters don’t exist, all the miraculous are open(Except for 2)! You can be a hero, a villain, or a civilian!

A small and new server ❤️
The Discord where people discuss about some pure evil or irredeemably villains. Join for some random tacos :3
Imagine a world where you could be a a supernatural. Save the world, or destroy it. Well, in 2300, the population started manifesting powers. Tokyo, where you were sent away by your parents or carers, (or you just came here) to be studied upon. You are a part of the lucky 30% of the population that have these abilities. Crime in Tokyo is a 40% higher. Why, you ask? Because Tokyo has the first legal power-boosting drugs. You come in here. This school is only for that lucky 30%. You live in a dorm, labeled by type of power with the other kids. You attend a school, but that is regular school (this isn't a school rp) while they study you. After school hours, you may leave but you have to come back. Whatever you get up to at night is your choice.
Safe place and relatively SFW
Can get a little violent but not too much
*Swearing is allowed*

Welcome to the BNHA Villain AU RP! Here you can audition for any character. UA students are now villains. When you audition for a character, you describe their backstory. How'd they become a villain? Make it fit to your narrative as well as the characters.

Come join the server and we'll see you in the roleplay!
Welcome to the dazzling Cosmos city, a city built on the crater of a meteorite. A constant battle between justice and evil wrecks havoc on the daily lives of the citizens and the city with the two sworn enemies The League Of Justice and The League Of Evil fighting it out to see who controls the city. Will you be the one to turn the tides?
Be it for great justice and glory or terrible evil. It's up to you. You're the cities last hope.

{ WARNING- This is an 18+ server because it includes horror elements such as gore, and violence as well as ERP. Please don't join if you're underaged. Thank you. Also this is purely OC please don't enter this server with an intention of being a well known super hero or villain like Batman or Joker. }

{ Disclaimer: This is a no furry zone I we don't mind classic werewolves or half furry's but no anthropomorphic fully animalistic characters please. Thank you }
Welcome to The Comos Bar

Hello there reader, the main idea for the bar is that it is a space for Villains and Heroes drink in the same place.

The cosmos bar is a bar that is a Superhero and a Super Villain neutral space, that means that it allows both Superheroes and Villains to be able to work there without worry and also drink there without any amount of stress. Founded in Cosmos City which had been created after a giant meteorite hit the earth causing a giant hole and giving off limitless power. The Cosmos Bar would be at least a symbol that Villains and Heroes could at the very least be able to drink in the company of each other even after they had fought each other. It was a space that all can come and drink their wryness away, where Villains are free to relax without the threat of being arrested and where Heroes can drink without worry. whether you're on the side of evil or whether you're on the side of good, you're very welcome to come to the Cosmos Bar, I invite you to come to the bar have a drink and relax, even find some good company to drink with along the way.

[ Warning: This is an adult server, so you have to be over eighteen to join, anyone underage will be kicked as this server includes violence, erp ect. ]
In the year 2024, nobody's a hero anymore. I guess you're wondering why, well, it all started with incident 11. Incident 11, the day the Avengers died, after Ultron had gained control of pretty much all of Iron Man's failsafe protocols for the team he went hay wild destroying and dismantling every member of the Avengers until there was nothing left, the government had to go so far as enlisting Doctor Doom into the fray. Eventually, they had rid the world of the technological menace, but at the cost of pretty much every superhuman hero known to man. Spider-Man, Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Venom, Agent Anti Venom, Hybrid, Captain America, Red Skull, most hydra operatives, M.O.D.O.K, A.I.M, Loki, The Guardians of the Galaxy (except for Rocket and Groot), Thane, and almost every other hero died that year, that was 2008, and that was a hell of a year for crime. Daredevil still patrolled the streets but he was killed during an intense fight with crossbones, after which many tried to take his mantle but everyone failed. The Cops didn't have the technology to control us at this time so it was really just a free for all, new powered villains coming out, everyone fighting for control over the cities of the world, hell, we even killed the entire S.W.O.R.D staff on live TV. Shit couldn't have been better I'm telling you, that was until S.H.I.E.L.D hit the ground running. New tech, based on old stark designs, jet packs, more defense for law enforcement hell everything was going right for them, until 2020. The first election in which one of our own was elected, Taskmaster. Now I know what you're thinking, "TASKMASTER!!???!?!?!!?" yeah, he helped in the fight against Ultron and was acquitted of all his crimes, and he used mind control of ballot keepers to bullshit his way into office. S.H.I.E.L.D was instructed not to do anything, until the current day. Villains run wild and kids in costumes keep trying to save the day, but as of 2024, nobody's a hero anymore."
Welcome to MHA: Ultimate! The kids on the block.. (Midoryia and co.) Are now Pro Heroes! Even after facing threats getting up to this point, they must face their biggest threat yet.. teaching a younger generation. Join us as we dive deeper in the world of My Hero Academia and we take Heroes vs Villains to a whole new level.