服务器 social


This server was made With Love.
♡ Strictly 18+ server
♡ Focus on community and supporting each other
♡ Find friends
♡ Find love
♡ Find anime boobs
Medieval themed server with friendly members and good moderation. In this discord server, we offer a variety of great things. We welcome gamers, artists, readers, programers, athletes, music makers and even instrument players! (And more!)

We are mostly a 13 - 19 environment. We're also an active and loving community

Here's what we offer!

[-] Amazing members.
[-] Active and nice staff.
[-] Amazing emotes.
[-] Events and Giveaways.
[-] Fun bots, such as Dank Memer and OwO. (and more)
[-] Level roles.
[-] Learn new things.
[-] Raid and Spam protection.
[-] Self assign roles for people to know more about you!

And many more!
Come join us today!

███▓▒░░ Ecziliumland ░░▒▓███

La comunidad que siempre buscabas, tenemos gente muy amigable que siempre esta dispuesta para jugar unas partidas en grupo y ayudarte en lo que necesites. Contamos con un Staff altamente capacitado y cordial dispuesto ayudar en lo que necesites, contamos con un servidor de Minecraft pvp.

Actualmente seguimos trabajando en el Discord y en Minecraft diariamente para poder brindarles un buen y gran servicio a la altura de lo que ustedes nuestros usuarios se merecen. Aceptamos peticiones e ideas nuevas para mejorar esta, nuestra y vuestra comunidad que va creciendo poco a poco hasta ser los mejores
A community of anime-lovers and game players. We enjoy the gacha grind and love to chat. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, and are a lvl 2 boosted server! We also have NSFW channels for all your lewd posts. uwu
Do you play music? Write Music? Or just love music in general? Well this server is for you! 💙

Our Server Includes:

👋 A Chill & Friendly Community
🎵 24/7 Music and Moderation Bots
🎸 Tons Of Fellow Musicians To Talk With
🎶 Channels To Share Your Songs
🎤 Singing Tiers & Auditions
🤝 Partnerships
🥇 Fun Events & Contests
👤 Tons Of Fun Roles

Hope you give us a chance! 💜
Psst, les geeks... Vous vous sentez une âme de tubercule ?
Vous cherchez la bonne ambiance ? Des teammates pour vos games ?
Du débat passionné sur des sujets d'actualité ?
Ce serveur est pour vous !

• 🎳 Events réguliers
• 🎮 MultiGaming
• 🎲 Coin Geekeries en tout genre
• 🗣️ Salon Débats
• 💸 News feed et offres de Jeux Gratuits Steam, GOG, Epic, etc
• 🐦 Salon Réseaux sociaux: images transférées directement sur Facebook et Twitter
• 🔞 Serveur mature, réservé aux plus de 18 ans
If you join this server you can chat whit other people about anime and i add animes in this server so you can watch them
This is a new server meant for everyone, please join and make friend's. We may be a small server but we can make it work and have fun anyway, please come on in.
We'll be waiting for your arrival.
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱 ♥
🎔 - If you don't like dark jokes or swearing, don't join
🎔 - e girls are very welcome
🎔 - we have channels, gangs, voice chats, e girls (need more pls join)
🎔 - some slaves here and there
🎔 - the 𝐀𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐬 were chosen by me and the e girls
🎔 - we like animals and stuff
🎔 - please join if u play terraria i have no frens and i wanna play modded w someone
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ frens ♥
So, you looking for a Meme server again, Looking to make a server who is really needing (active) members, you may-as well join Zimbabwe. We are a meme based server. Join today!
semi anime and edgy
active community
lots to talk about
need more females please...join and ill give u special services... mwah
Somos una comunidad que habla español y otros idiomas que adoptamos conforme el paso del tiempo, únete y se parte de este server en crecimiento :D
If you love to voice connect, receive actual rewards upon leveling, and meet new people, you should visit our server. During your verification you'll have to decide which faction to join and that'll start off your adventure inside of the Sago Kingdom! We wish you good luck! - Ace
A small, slow-paced social community server away from all the silly children on Discord. We are parent-friendly.

Tired and fed up with searching through Disboard for decent safe-for-work adult-only social servers in the sea of stagnant, unorganized joints ran by kids and lazy owners? Hate having to show strangers parts of your ID and forced to do introductions? Look no more! This is a social community server made by adults, for adults that just want to chill, chat, make friends, and share interests and hobbies WITHOUT the hassle of having to go through an extraneous verification process...
Hello, Welcome to Darla’s Server!

This is a fun and chill place to hangout in, as well as making new friends!!! As a growing server with a community of laidback people, there aren’t many strict rules. We accept everyone!

We offer many things, such as the following:
» Giveaways!
» Weekly events that include things like Skribbl.io, Kahoot, Simon Says, Mafia and more!
» Birthday Shoutouts!
» Custom roles!
» Userphone!
» QOTDs!
» Emotes!
» Partnerships!
» Games like Never Have I Ever, Cards Against Humanity, and many more!

Please note: This isn’t an anime server- just a part of our server's theme, and a common interest of a few members.

Hope to see you there! :)
Welcome to the gaming realm!
We provide :

. Nice Staff
. Channels to post your art
. Alot of voicechannels
. Daily giveaways
. Self roles
. Different types of games
. Applications


Join now and lets be friends!

• Brand New Server that is founded on 19th of February 2020.
• Calm & Non Toxic Community.
• 15 + server with degrees of lewd and Hidden NSFW Channels for 18 +
• Loads more!
Hi and welcome to W O A!!!
W O A is...

⎯⎯↬「Short for World Of Ange」↫⎯⎯

It is a freshly super friendly and non-toxic server. We listen to our members and we try our best for the server to be super great. Apart from trying to make our members happy, we also have:

。Gaming with friends is fun.
。We share funny memes, any type of meme.
。Fun games to pass the time such as "one word story".
。We love to see new art and improvement in it!
。Share your cute pets, it makes people happy you know.
。You can share your selfies if you're photogenic.
。We also have a chat for people who speak Spanish.
。We can partnership (must agree to partnership rules to do so).
。We lisent to our members, we are all ears!

Hope you will join us to make this server super great! :D
ღ a 16+, anime server
ღ the purpose of this server is to act as an anime & general chat server
▼ever join an anime server to talk about anime but get shut down because nobody wants to actually talk about anime? this servers purpose is to change that▼
After a while, I finally decided not to make any more new servers. I couldn't keep that promise to myself, so I made this instead, it took quite a while. But finally, I made a ''good'' server. It might not be really good idk, but I made it because I wanted to advertise a server for my Tik Tok, I hope you all have fun in this new server since i spent a lot of my time making this.
♡─── 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕜 ───♡

We are a small community who looks forward to meeting anyone and everyone! Especially you :D

𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕜 is a new fast growing community server, our members and staff are very welcoming and make you feel right at home <3

↞ what does star struck offer? ↠

* ⋆ friendly staff and members!
* ⋆ self assignable roles!
* ⋆ many different channels and bots to play with!
* ⋆ non-toxic community!
* ⋆ Active members and staff!
* ⋆ Range of cute emojis
* ⋆ VCs regularly!

you would make a great addition to the server so come join now <3
Welcome To La Cosa Nostra!
(A Mafia Themed Server)
Where everyone gets treated the right way!
You start as one of our Associates and you work your way up to Soldier.
If you're lucky enough you'll be a made man.
Active Admins
-Music Bot
-Game Bots
-NSFW Channel
- Vent
-Make new connections