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4 months ago the universes between Dc and Marvel were merged into one vast and chaotic realm after a rift occurred in the time space continuum as the world as we know it was then reshaped and reformed into what it is today. A vast array of heroes, villains, vigilantes, civilians, and everyone else in between became intertwined as one, giving us the current world we live in today. Heroes from both sides are learning to get along with one another despite their different morals and ideas as the villains collide with one another, intertwining their malicious ideas to wreck havoc on the world.
Welcome to the Yarichin Bitch Club!
A safe and fun rp server based on the manga and anime of Yarichin Bitch Club!
Play as your favorite character or MC (OC's are aloud)
Remember that the people playing as the characters will make mistakes ^^ were not all perfect~
Thank you for your time!
**Must be 13 or older to participate

⚜ Fallen Knights ⚜
Here lies the legendary tale of an old group's redemption. Long ago there was a trio, a ferocious group whom would go on to build an empire- an empire of curiosity, mystery and uniqueness where not a single creature is alike. Sadly, war broke out and survivors were scarce leaving what they had built up to crumble before their very eyes. After years of silence, two members vow to rebuild the guild and to never repeat the previous mistakes which leads us to today. Join them as they rebuild their legacy and reclaim their title.

Things we offer:
• A long awaited reboot!
• LGBTQ+ friendly community!
• Open fantasy server with custom species and characters!
• 30+ locations to explore!
• Out of roleplay chats to help you get to know everyone!
• Friendly staff and members to help you feel welcomed!
• Laid back community with lots to explore!

And much more!!
Welcome to Noragakure, a city shielded from the outside world by two great walls, built to protect its citizens from the demonic creatures outside. You are a shinobi; a warrior, an explorer and peacekeeper, shouldering the eternal task of driving humanity forward.

🩸 A Naruto AU created to give fans of the series a new, exciting experience, without losing its accessibility and familiar themes.

🧬 A world made to be advanced forward through the actions (and inactions) of every player.
⚒️ Countless secrets to be discovered. The Horrors have been the apex predators of the world since the beginning of history, but what are they and where did they come from?
💣 Easy-to-use stat system to ensure everything runs smoothy, without bogging down the roleplay with countless numbers and graphs.
📀 The ability for every player to create not only custom techniques, but weapons and even entire cities.

🧭 Prior knowledge of the Naruto universe is not required. We are always here to help newcomers.

The shinobi academy of Noragakure eagerly awaits your application — Godspeed! 🏔️
Somos un servidor de rol de Naruto, con un sistema muy práctico de roleo. ¿Qué esperas para iniciar tu camino ninja?
- Active Warhammer 40k discord roleplay server.
- 150+ members and is growing fast.
- Many roles.
- Fun roleplay.
- And more.
Welcome to One Piece: New Horizon!

This is an RP server which takes place in an alternate reality of the One Piece world, we retain most of the locations but nearly all characters are custom made. Players can create and submit their own OC's using our template, and there are several different races to choose from, alongside custom fighting styles, you can be a marine, pirate, or a bounty hunter, or even a normal civilian if that's what you desire. We also allow for custom devil fruits to be submitted but they are giveaway only!

We are a freeform RP that uses stats to help power scale characters, we try to make an emphasis on character development rather than radical stat gains and combat, that said we are still a One Piece RP and combat is certainly present.

Giveaways happen every 2 weeks and can include devil; fruits, weapons, custom items, etc. We also have an activity-based reward system using Mee6 to help players progress, and there are special rewards available for those who are exceptionally active. We hold server-wide events as well as crew-based or events that are focused around individuals, as you can submit events to have your own story as you go along. There are also overarching story elements, such as the corruption of the Marines, and we hope to implement OC's into that story as things progress.

We are still a fresh server so the world within the server is still constantly changing, in a previous event players caused a revolution within the Goa Kingdom, many locations in the world will change as players encounter them, for better or for worse. Players will be starting out in the East Blue for the time being.
hey! Welcome to the My Hero Academia RP [OCs only] in this server we offer a immersive world where you can rp as your original character taking on the role of a student, pro hero, teacher or even villain. Join today!
Welcome to. . .


DBRP:FF is a text-roleplay server based on the Dragon Ball franchise!

You'll find our most enjoyable trait includes the immense creativity you are allowed to have here, which can be shown through original-characters, custom races, forms, planets and more!

Please note, in this AU, none of the canon characters within the offical Dragon Ball timeline are present, as they never existed in the first place.
The three characters that are exceptions to this are:


With that being said, I hope you enjoy your stay in DBRP: Fast Forward.
There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates.
He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said:
"My fortune is yours for the taking, but you have to find it first! I left everything I own in One Piece." Ever since, pirates from all over the world set sail for the Grand Line, searching for One Piece, the treasure that would make their dreams come true!

This is a One Piece server that is active and has a friendly community and many more things to offer you such as

*Active & Friendly staff
*A semi-literate server
*A unique df rolling system
*A stat tier system with proper limitations
*Chill and relaxed community
We are a brand new server, looking for new members!

Please note, however, we are an 18+ server only, as erotic-roleplay is a common theme.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, based loosely on the themes of the Mad Max franchise, join one of the three factions and make a life for yourself in the harsh deserts, or the dead coasts, or the sprawling ruined city. Whether you choose to do that honestly, or through darker means, that is entirely up to you.

Run by a friendly and dedicated, long-time roleplayer, we aim to create a social space where people come not only to enjoy the pleasures of good ERP, but also a friendly community where one can feel comfortable. There are plans on working closely with active community members in creating a truly unique roleplay experience, whether that is through future events, unique roleplaying systems or more, join us and help build something great!
Good evening travelers of all kinds, I am Emperor Salazar from a quite empire named Slerit. I need your Help saving our empire from constant evil that threatens this land! Meet new people along the way and grow everlasting friendships and maybe a relationship as well?

What we offer:

- Great Existing members.

- Friendly Admins and working positions

- Many different Kingdoms that are themed differently i.e. Steampunk, Fire/Lava, Snowy, Island kingdom and more!

- Self roles and color roles


- Always open for suggestions and additions!

- Constant Villains and quests to defeat and participate in!!!

- 18+ NSFW channels for ERP (verification required)

- Great server partnerships!

A half roleplay, half meme/joke server. Roleplay at your average gas station. Be a cashier, supplier, janitor, or customer (More roles are coming soon). Want to pocket snacks and try to get away with it? Go ahead! Or be that cashier that is pissed at everyone for no reason? Go ahead! If you don't want to RP, come chill in one of our chill channels, take a look at memes in our meme channel, Or talk about videogames in our gamer channel. We do not have an NSFW channel. To get a job, you must fill out a short application and be accepted. We accept anyone and everyone to join our RP. We have an active chat and friendly community so come on down and have fun with us!

NOTE: This server is NOT a semi-lit RP, it's more of a meme rp.
We are a fun community of fans who love roleplay! Whether you prefer being an Original Character or a canon one all are welcome! We also include a super fun community for you to join and admins are always active!

⛺Camp Hump⛺


Interested in Erotic NSFW Roleplaying? Join our Camp Buddy-inspired server! In this server, you can portray your preferred Asian celebrity/idol/actor, given that we mainly use K-Pop idols as face claims.

✎ IMPORTANT NOTE: As seen in the tags and the prior statement, this is an NSFW Role-Playing server. There are explicit graphics (such as fake edits of real-life people) and media within it that are not suitable for under-aged audiences. Thus, this is strictly 18+ only.

✎ For now, the majority of the writers are gay, but there are also bisexuals. Needless to say, any gender and sexual orientation are welcome here. Just one golden rule and you’ll be free to stay: Respect one another.

✎ We have a concept here in RP that your character must not be traveling around different places simultaneously—meaning they are only limited to one specific place unless their business there is finished. As much as possible, we avoid intruding in one another’s RP scenes, asking for admission first before letting our character enter the setting. Everyone’s RP affects one another’s—it all happens in the same universe.

┏━━━━━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━━━━━┓

✎ In Camp Hump, We Offer:

① A Friendly, Non-toxic Environment;
② Active Voice Channel (Every Monday & Friday);
③ Gambling Bots;
④ E̶x̶p̶l̶i̶c̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶a̶p̶ ̶m̶a̶t̶e̶r̶i̶a̶l̶;
⑤ LGBTQ+ Friendly;
⑥ Approachable Staff;
And More!

┗━━━━━━━━━ ⸙ ━━━━━━━━━┛
Pokemon: The Roleplay is a small pokemon roleplay server. There are not too much rules or members, but we hope to become bigger. Here we offer:

-Lots of roleplay channels, more are being added

-Suggestions channel

-Friendly admins and an active owner.

Those are some of the stuff we offer here.
You already committed a sin so you are now in the playground of lust where rape murder and sex is allowed. WARNING this server is not for everyone.WIP
A growing literate, paragraph style, original concept roleplay server. You must be at least 18 to join. Writing sample will be required to enter the server. Come join the fun and play with us!

We are a modern fantasy city setting with a focus on story rather than combat. A little slice of life and a little darker heavier plots with plenty of room for creative plots from members.

Setting: At the dawn of time the world was full of pure untouched energy. As the land formed from the ocean and the atmosphere manifested so too did the five elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit.

In their wildest forms these forces aided in the creation of all living things. The plants, the animals, and most of all people. However, not all people were the same in this grand creation.

Some were favored by certain elements; giving them gifts and forms different from normal humans. The humans saw these element touched beings as gods and spirits. Things to be revered and possibly feared. The elementals were given names and myths. Stories that granted them even more grandeur and power over the magic-less humans.

Over time things began to change. The forces of nature and all of their bounties became too tempting a fruit for the humans. Growing greedy in their hunger for progress they began to mar the land. Cutting down the trees, digging up the earth, polluting the air, damming the rivers, and killing the animals.

Little by little the elementals began to grow angry. No longer did they feel love for the humans that refused to listen or stop their progression. They turned on the humans in their rage and pain and a great battle ensued.

Unfortunately the human’s forces were too great and the damage to the world around them had pulled power from the elementals. By sheer numbers alone the humans beat back the weakened elementals; forcing them to gather together and flee.

Using the last of their waning strength, the strongest of the elemental beings opened a portal. A portal to a parallel dimension that perfectly mirrored our own.

Joining with the elementals of this mirrored world, the ancestors of present times drove humankind almost to the brink of extinction. Claiming the land in the name of the elements again they forged out a new start. Healing the land and creating their own cities and towns without destroying the source of their power.

Now several thousand years later the city of Avalon, one of the first cities ever created after the great war, still stands tall and proud with some of the same trees from so long ago.
Welcome to Terrillam! We are an open and active RP, fanfiction, and art server!

The premise itself is simple: You can take on the role of a godly being know as a deity and rule over the vast world amongst other equally powerful Deities, or you can play as a mortal, a magical being set to try and survive in this world created by the deities. No matter what you choose we hope to see and hear anything you have to show!

The deities have the responsibility of helping the world through whatever domain they were born with. They create otherworldly (Angels and demons) to help them with this duty, and through hard work, cement themselves as beings to be worshiped by the mortals.

Or on the mortal's side, have you ever wanted to play a character from a victorian fantasy that has magic abilities? No? Well, you can now! Vampires? Werewolves? Furries? Fuck it it's all allowed!

We've got:
+ Nifty lore docs
+ Active admin team
+ Multiple fun roles
+ Beginner artist/writer/RPer friendly!
+ All forms of RP accepted!
+ mostly SFW server
+ custom emojis for any ocs you make for the server
+ Shipping is allowed!
+ No oc limits
+ Tupperbox
+ An excited community excited to her about yourself and your ocs!
Bonjour fan de catch !
Nous avons crée un serveur rp FWF inspiré du serveur FWF lui même dont vous êtes peut être déjà membres. Vous pouvez incarnez les catcheurs que vous voulez parmi WWE AEW NJPW Impact et pouvez même crée vos propres catcheurs si vous le souhaitez !

Il y a tout les samedi 20h FWF TV (show hebdomadaire) et le samedi 1er août le premier PPV de la FWF Royal Chase !
Ce serveur a été crée il y a quelques jours alors n’hésitez pas à rejoindre !
Starset is an Animal Crossing Roleplay server! We've got a decent amount of people here, and we think you'd like it!
We are a furry server with a focus on role play. Our world takes place in a medieval fantasy era and we look forward to everyone who corresponds to our level of experience.

We are all very literary long-term role players and expect our members to have detailed and meaningful emotes.
We don't necessarily want to set a minimum of written text, but the people joining should be aware that everyone in the group will write at least 1000 characters per emote(most of them muuuuch more) and expect something similar.

We are an 18+ server and there are no exceptions.

The server is extremely new and there will certainly be many things that are not yet perfect and that need to be worked on.
However, we offer:

+ So far a detailed continent with its own history, selfmade maps, biomes and everything you need to have a good rp experience.

+ each channel has its own lore or environment-related description within the details or the pin.

+ we are open to any orientation and make no distinctions in their person.

That all said, i am happy youve read this far and hope you will decide to give it a try!
Welcome to Fractured Kingdoms Rp

This server takes place in a fantasy land built with several kingdoms fighting to unite the land in their own vision, whether with incredible hero’s or terrible monsters, these kings and queens play the dangerous games of war and politics. Will you fight for your people? Rule in wisdom? Go to war for simple enjoyment? The choice is yours

In our server youll find a perfect blend of conflict treachury and general badassery

as well as a helpfull and friendly communitty
in the fractured kingdoms you can create your own unique kingdom and conquer the globe
or you can start small and build your way to the top the oppurtunitys are endless here
we will be adding in new lands for people to conquer and explore as our server grows
so their will always be new content for you to play through.