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Welcome to Karmas Zoo of Sex!
We are a small community at the moment who enjoy Pet Play and Sex slavery and All kinds of things!
Come join and be either a Master or a slave!
Earn in server cash to buy accessories, slaves, your own apartment and many more!
Meet people who share common interests!
Must be 18+!
Even the Owner RPs
There’s a rumour going around the city: if you find yourself saying the right things to the right people, you’ll be given a phone number that can make all of your dreams come true.
Do you need money? Are you trying to get rid of someone? Need to fake your death and disappear for a while? The Game Master is who you wish to come across.
But like all professionals, there’s a price to pay for his services. No favour is too big for the Game Master to handle, but he will accept only one form of payment - a new player for The Game.
Once a player enters The Game, the only way to walk free again is to win. However, you choose to do that is up to you. Lie, bribe, steal, even kill… but remember, you’re not the only one who’s trying to win their freedom. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
Hey! Are you looking for an active and interesting roleplay community? What about engaging quests and cool, diverse powers? Or maybe a welcoming community?
Well, even if you have or haven’t read Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, let me introduce you to Camp Half-Blood Legacies. Made up of a community of 80+ role players, CHBL boasts many features, including:
• Five characters per person, with 18 cabins to choose from and lots of ways to develop them
• Events, including server-wide plots, parties, and quests
• An amazingly friendly (and active) community and staff team
• And so much more!
This server is based off of Rick Riordan’s books, but it’s not a prerequisite to be familiar with the stories— in fact, our community is more than willing to pitch in to help anyone with anything! So, what’s stopping you from joining us? Join Camp Half-Blood Legacies today!

Welcome to Meridian Mississippi After Dark otherwise known as Meridian 2077. This is more like a tabletop RPG than most servers. The game is set in a Supernatural/ Urban Fantasy/ Cyberpunk Setting. LGBTQ+ Friendly! I'm Fam. This isn't gonna be some fancy server you join and find lots of bots. Lots of inactive players. I'm looking for active players and I'm ok if this is a small number. Hopefully we will gather more over time. I would prefer players aged 21+. I'm a mature adult looking for a creative outlet and am looking for more of the same. Also I know this server is tagged for NSFW and ERP is allowed but if that is all you are looking for and all you come to do then you will be removed from the game. I tagged it as such because I want mature characters. Who love, Who fight, Who sometimes die. I want Violence and Darkness. Though every Character needs the occasional spot of happiness. What I can offer

- Simple Dice System Based on The Apocalypse World Engine

- Simple Character Creation Rules-

-Sheet template. The rules allow for structure and Flexibility during creation.

-A game centered around the active players actions and your own creativity.

-Will likely need Google Drives Or Google Docs for tracking world information.

-No Fluff Server- Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos filled servers, endless tag channels with rules and tags and inactive users and just want somewhere to roleplay. No crazy role bots or joining bots just you and your character sheet. Look no Further! Just simple text channels. Easy to Navigate, Easier to Create your own story.

I need players who are used to a collaborative storytelling type of game. Tabletop RPG/ Text Based games know how is a huge plus. There are dice and rules just about 6 pages worth of google docs to read. I want you to come create a character you want to play. Tell your own story and have some randomness of dice and a stripped down apocalypse world influenced homebrew system to help you do it. Please be active and open to communication. If you hop in and immediately go silent and don't appear to be doing anything you will be removed. I don't need a bunch of ghosts just 5-10 active players would be nice.

Read more Here
Aetherverse RP needs YOU to continue growing as both a welcome community and awesome server! We have:

- Loyal and dedicated mod team with lots of experience
- Little regulations or rules on who you can RP (and not many character limits)
- Endless opportunities to make new friends and develop your characters and factions
- Much MUCH more!

Join an open world experience like never before, and begin your journey in the grand Aether today!
Welcome to the Percy Jackson RP Server. This takes place after all the Percy Jackson relates series, such as PJO, HoO, ToA, etc. It shall have events that the admin and the owner have planned in the future. Here we have a friendly and fun community, mild swearing is allowed unless it targets someone. Join, make a character, RP, and have fun! Just follow the rules!
This is a very new community ran by a active staff. You're more than welcome to join at any time. No need to roleplay if you'd like to just chat that's fine too! Whether you join or not, I hope you have a wonderful day!
Come in, come in! Why don't you take a look around? The only thing this server requires to join, is imagination. Come hangout and meet new people as you roleplay your way through adventure! Dragons, modern, magic, cities, anything you can conjure up! However, please do be respectful of others and their communities. We accept everyone here :D
Hello! This is a My Hero Academia server taking place in the year 2025. The year is 2025, around half of the population has some kind of unnatural power, these powers are called Quirks. Recently the children of first generation quirk users have been growing up, a new school called UA High has opened to train these kids into the next generation of heroes! The public have mixed feelings about this, some calling the hero industry a dangerous profession to get into, hero agencies can only afford the minimal living standards for heroes, but the media fame they get is worth it to some people. Organized crime has also begun to circle around quirks, leading for the need for heroes to almost double. However in the shadows, a hero and a villain have begun to fight, will this historic battle against good and evil lead to something greater? That's for you to decide.

We hope you join and stay in the server, I'm new to owning a server so please leave any suggestions you might have, we are a semi-literate server so please try and get 3 sentences minimum, we do welcome new roleplayers as long as you put effort into your writing. We hope you come and join our little group!
The year is 2099, the world has been reduced to a wasteland from the Great War. Society has been destroyed and new ones has risen. Some have completely ditched the old way. Some try to hold onto the morals of the past. But at the end of the day they all have the same goal, to survive.
Ilvermorny is the Americain School of Whitchcraft and Wizardry and you just got you acceptance letter! Congrats!

Discover the many places free to rp in and live an exciting adventure to greatness. But be warned, some people might stand in your way, its your job to get pass them and win!

We have...
Many, many, rp locations
Functioning classrooms
OC creations (No cannon characters allowed)
Fun Staff!!!
And much, much more!

We hope you will have a good time here in Ilvermorny!
Hello! Grandview Highschool is a growing community, and is looking for new members! We're pretty small at the moment, but that won't stop us from having fun! So join us!

(Seriously we're pretty small so please join)
♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ ͏l͏o͏r͏e ¸¸♫·¯·♪¸¸♩·¯·♬¸
For centures, all of society was in balance. Angels, demons, witches/wizards, and dragons. It wasn’t until recently conflict began to spark once more. A new group traveled to the mainland. Hybrids. Mixed breeds. Monstrosities. They had no leader. Who will step up and take the spot as leader? Second in command?

Meanwhile, the angels and demons are locked in a heated argument over the death of a guardian angel. Both sides are accusing each other and nobody knows who’s hands the blood lays on.

The witches and wizards are desperately trying to step in and prevent an all out war, while dealing with their own conflict. Their leader has gone missing and second in command cannot be trusted.

There is a traitor among the others. Will the hybrids be welcomed? Will blood be spilled? Will an all out war be started? What will become of society?

¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ ͏w͏h͏a͏t ͏d͏o ͏w͏e ͏o͏f͏f͏e͏r? ¸¸♫·¯·♪¸¸♩·¯·♬¸¸
•100+ Channels to roleplay in!
•Friendly community
•Acceptable rules
•Self-assignable roles which gives you the role you want
•Friendly and helpful staff memebers
•Opened high roles
•Most of characters are still opened
•Suggestion Channel and such to input your wonderful ideas!
•LGBTQ+ Friendly! Bullying is not tolerated!
•Music and game bots for when you're ready to take a break from the roleplay
•Channels where you can send your arts, edits and photos
│° ⁕ 𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 Azreal!
⇰ A new server centered a round a school of enhanced children. A small and new community, that we hope that grows bigger throughout the time, but for this, we'll need you to read the rules carefully — we're not too strict with them, since they're pretty much common sense.
When you hit 16 years old, you may start feeling a little...strange. Like, for example, suddenly getting fangs and being a little more sensitive to sunshine, or darker thoughts and flickering eyes. This is normal for some. This means you are gifted. When you realize you are gifted, you'll eventually form into a supernatural-related race. You'll immediately feel drawn to Azrael Academy, whether you're close to the academy itself or your parent(s)/guardian(s) push you to join us. Only the gifted can get through the barrier that is invisible to the naked eye. Once you're here, you'll sign up for classes and get used to the rhythm of the place. You can find love, find friends, find enemies and much more here at Azrael Academy, School for the Gifted.
A Steven Universe-themed RP group based around a group of Gems trying to find a place to live outside the Diamonds' rule.
"We are House of Glass, one of the few Houses to have survived the Whirlwind. We have kept our distance from the other houses, watched them toil, watched them forget, but we have never forgotten and because of that, we are strong. We still hold Honour, we still show Valour, we are the Eliksni.
Ne Frer Go Der Ki."
-The First Archon Priest of the House of Glass

Hello everyone, we would like to invite you to our Destiny Fallen Rp server "House of Glass". In this server you can play as a member of our original Fallen house and join in the fight against the Cabal and hive that threaten our new home Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter.
Not familiar with Destiny or the Lore? That's fine! We are more than happy to help you get your bearings and slip into wonderful world of Destiny.

Welcome to Secrets of the Fallen Stars!
This server's rp takes place in the lake territories with the book clans.
You can create any cat you want, living or dead, clan cat or not!
We have simple server rules and friendly staff.
So come on down and give us a chance!
the moon.
no, literally.
the whole ass moon, man.

multi-fandom rp (roleplay) server.
extremely active, beware.
A fun Roleplay server for people! No lore, it's open world with basic rules. Explore a cave, walk around a city, and much more! Regular chats, places to share art and media, and such are open as well. And staff are on at any time if assistance is required!! Hope to see you there~
Welcome to Game of Thrones: From the Ashes!

We are a new roleplay server focusing on Literate-style RP. We have plenty of roles and we would love to have you join!

This is a roleplay sequel to game of thrones, mainly focusing on the television show with a bit of Book lore as well. It is OC based, and takes place 30 years after the events of the show.

DISCLAIMER- This will not be a spoiler free zone!
Welcome to The Disgraces of Brandy!
Brandy is a small town in America with a population barely hitting the three hundreds and resides along the seaside. The town may have a low population, but it’s a popular in tourists because of its beach and boardwalk. Many tourists make sure to check out the rumors told by the old timers about how mobs/gangs use to control Brandy and the abilities very few people had throughout the years. The most well-known rumor is that these mobs/gangs still exist and are always around. However, the rumor of these strange people never fully rosed, but some pay attention to it and refer to them as ‘freaks’ and ‘disgraces.’ No one dares to investigate nor get involved with any rumors of gangs, those who know of the other rumor continue to live their life normally however.

None do these ‘freaks’ dare to show themselves as people will want to use them as an advantage. Will you be able to hide well enough or will you be using these ‘freaks’ to climb the tower of power.
We’re brand new and open to all!
• It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran at role playing or just starting, come join!
• LGBT friendly 🏳️‍🌈
• Bots for fun and music!
• Voice/Text chats for gaming, music, or just chilling!
• Suggestions to help the server is always welcomed!
Invite your friends: 👋
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ *.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Welcome! Come join us on the planet of lux'Terre during a time period where magic is strong and flourishing. There are four seasons, lush forests, and many magical beings ready to fight; Prime time for a party who is looking for some adventure.
The guardians of the sterling blade is a new RP server that has a bit of a twist, your character art must be original! Either drawn by you or for you. A sketch is enough, but it must be original too you.
While the lore is still new, it is an active original world with weekly events, and every month there is a update to the setting section so you can see how the live world continues to grow and change.

There are Staff positions and Member positions to apply for. Many races available : Human, witches, werewolves, elves, dragon-kin, etc - But if what you want isn't shown, there is a place for suggestions; maybe your new race will be introduced!

> Weekly and monthly events
> No over powered characters (Magic is strong, but you aren't a god)
> LGBT+ Friendly
> Places to share your art (even if not for the server)
> Commission space
> Simple roles - Though, Special large event ones can be earned.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ *.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
In a world full of people who are scared of you, there is always a place for those of monster heritage to come relax and have fun. This camp is offered to the kids of the monster world to join and experience a fun filled summer with out the worry of humans, or even your parents, to ruin it.

Welcome to Hollow Dawn! A fun filled camp that is offered to monsters of all species to come and relax.
Welcome to Vore States! A Vore server for all your Vorey needs! This server has changed to a SFW/NSFW server, This is still mainly a SFW server though! and we allow Role playing. Hope you become apart of the community! :3