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The balance between two worlds teeters on the brink of destruction — but even with with the equilibrium in disarray the inhabitants will do anything but go quietly into the night.

Join the onmyojis, shamans in touch with the arcane arts...or join the yokais, creatures of yore with unique history. Power comes to those who desire it.

Which side is right? Which side is wrong?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple tale. Black and white quickly blur when one digs deeper into the intrigue that is this mythical world. With a complex culture and ever-developing lore, collecting pieces to the puzzle that is the war between worlds is tantamount to saving it.

Perhaps you are insane for thinking of embarking on this seemingly impossible quest. But madness is a tool. Quell your uncertainties and steel your resolve. From here on out, your story begins. Depending on you, it will either wither away...or blossom into something more.

Take destiny into your hands, and alter the fate of our world!
Takeaway: RolePlay PvP & Story Line. Individual ability improvement and Character Development.

「V Σ Я I T Λ S」or simply Veritas, founded in the summer of 2011, started as a group of combat oriented RolePlayers with the primary function of acting as a group of Assassin's for hire. A lot has changed since the early days of the clans creation and now Veritas is a RolePlay community that allows people of all backgrounds to improve their RolePlay experience, characters, or expand their own lore while having the chance to partake in Story Driven RolePlay OR PvP-based RolePlay, in a T1 Format based around fair play and mutual respect, against other people.

- Friendly, positive community.
- Supports RolePlayers of all skill and background and helps improve and grow.
- IC events such as PvP tournaments and etc that help develop characters in canon and lore.
- IC World supports and accommodates OC and Canon Characters of most any type or origin.
- Relaxed Voice Chat and many channels with memes or character creation resources and assistance.
- Optional: Character may join Veritas (A Guild within the RolePlays World) and obtain a Veritas Mark and the associated perks, or you may remain a resident of the world without direct affiliation to the clan. Multiple characters are allowed and even encouraged.
- Story Driven Roleplay channels in order to drive IC development and PvP based RolePlays to spar or fight for fun (or develop a characters lore further)

- Prefer ages 18+ or higher level of maturity for lower ages, immaturity and OOC fighting and arguments will not be tolerated, enter at your own discretion. Light sexual themes and excessive violence.

An explanation of the current state of the IC world, canon, or lore can be found on our weebly page, accessible in our server. Ping the @Sage role for general help.

Net-City is a gritty role-playing server set in a cyberpunk universe heavily inspired by Mike Pondsmith's Cyberpunk 2020. The server is also very adult, and many of the stories told have adult content, (NSFW Warning). The year is 2084 nearing the turn of the millennium. Humanity has thrived for the last couple of decades with technological advancements spiraling into the unbelievable. You are a citizen of Net-City, located on the South-East Coast of the former United States. All of the middle and lower class are now held under the oppressive power of the government controlling the city, known as The Corp. The Corp were formerly a super-corporation in 2035 that would take office through economic domination and thus control over the Eastern Commonwealth (The East Coast). All humans now have implants throughout their body which they pay for to enhance their life, or enhance their ability to take another's life. Every human at birth is fitted to a 'Chipper' that allows drives to be plugged into them directly which allows information to be transferred to them; it has it's uses.
You are a citizen, so be careful, crime runs rampant and the government is even worse than the crime.
Werewolves, mundanes, vampires all lived in harmony until a new vampire lord ascended.
Chaos and war broke out between the vampires and the allianced werewolves and humans.
The war caused many casualties and bred hatred for the other species. Now they live in a broken world where there is no more alliance, no more peace, no more friendship not even between the packs or clans themselves.

Five groups were formed:
- Black Blood Pack: Ruthless, evil, cold.
- Silver Blood Pack: Peacekeeper, calm.
- Ravnos Clan: Cold, angry, spoiling for fights.
- Tzimisce Clan: Reserved, quiet but deadly, sometimes calm.
- Shadow Hunters: Hate all species and want them eradicated.

Whose side are you on? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the Shadow Hunters?
More lore Over the next few decades mundanes slowly began to forget about the existence of werewolves and vampires. They became nothing but a myth and the war that had taken place, became a good campfire story to tell children.

Territory was divided and groups were formed, two vampire clans and two werewolf packs, the mundane got whatever land was left and lived in oblivion. Except for the few mundanes that still knew of the existence of the species by some will of way these being the Shadow Hunters.

The two surviving vampire clans were the Ravnos and Tzimisce.

> The Ravnos Clan: Deemed cold, ruthless, and deadly.

> The Tzimisce clan: More reserved and calculated but just as deadly.

The two surviving werewolf packs were the Silver Blood and the Black Blood Pack.

> Silver Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as the watchers who strive to keep peace and and ensure status quo. However their dislike towards Black Blood Pack can sometimes cause them to become unreasonable.

> Black Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as pure evil. Ruthless, dangerous, unpredictable, and callous. They will kill any wolf who steps on their territory without a single word.

Each wolf pack had grown to hate the other and the same went with the vampire clans.
The mundane Shadow Hunters who knew of their existence, continued on a mission to annihilate each species, their hatred the strongest of them all. Trained from birth to know how to hunt, track, and kill both species wolves and vampires).
We've got:
Quite a lot of rp channels
Friendly staff
We are looking for partners we currently have no requirements
And more
The year is 3500 BBY. It has been a few hundred years since the Great Sith Wars and the Mandalorian Wars. Even the Eternal Empire is now seen as a legend. Those battles have been forgotten...or so that was thought. The Sith are seeking revenge. For what seemed like a period of peace and stability, the Sith have been stockpiling weapons and building their armies under the noses of the wider galaxy.

And, they have friends too. An alliance has been made with the Mandalorians and the New Sith Empire. And the Old Republic is about to get plunged into war.
Galactic peace is about to be destroyed. Only time will tell who will win...
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

We are a relatively new role-playing server with other attributes!

Come check us out!
Hi! I would like to introduce my new Discord RP server where event will occur and you get to know new people to roleplay with!

I am looking forward to see your character ideas and rp styles
Welcome to Evalach Academy!
A high school, where you can roleplay as:
students or staff

We don't make problems about race's
You can claim your own dorm
ERP is allowed.

We are a small community but we are active and we hope to grow bigger!
We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Aciralith Palace

We're a rp/erp server with alot of different subject channels.
We have nice staff and members.
Wince we have a lot of traps and trans we always support that.

▪ Writing
▪ Roleplay
▪ Commands
▪ Quotes
▪ Selfies
▪ Artworks & Images
▪ Fun Bots (Mudae, Pokécord, Akinator)

__NSFW Channels__
▪ Hentai
▪ Porn
▪ Nudes
▪ NSFW Bots

__Premium Benefits__
▪ Color Roles
▪ Private Channels

We're always open for suggestions.
In here all species are welcome to rp and erp but for now it’s in wip You can join if you want but it won’t be the best. FOR NOW
This is a budding Undertale roleplay server. We are going off some many headcanons, less canon but no ocs for now
This is Hyakunen High School. We welcome you.

Come join the server, Hyakunen High School! We can nearly guarantee a decent experience for you, as long as you don't annoy anyone!
Come join and have some RP with us! (We also allow ERP, but don't overdo it!)
Nightmare Mist event beginning!

- Multifandom roleplay server, canons and OCs welcome
- Original open world
- Loose overarching plot and lore/worldbuilding events
- Cards Against Humanity games and movie nights if you just wanna hang out!
- 18+ only (no eRP)

Edgewater is a multi-fandom rp in a historical fantasy open world setting where canon characters and OCs from all sources are equally welcome. We have frequent events, a small but friendly group, and relaxed activity requirements. You MUST be 18+ to join us.

Plot summary:
Edgewater is a continent that is thought by many to have once existed in our world. Some theorise that it holds the same fate as the lost city of Atlantis, sleeping at the bottom of the sea; some that over hundreds of thousands of years, it eroded away; others, still, that Edgewater's people had angered the Gods, and the earth opened up to drag them all into hell below.

What our world doesn't know is that Edgewater lives and breathes well above the ocean floor. In a parallel world linked to others only by threads, the Goddess Aselia rules the continent for her amusement, plucking beings from all walks of life around the universe to live in the centre of an endless ocean, where the forests are lush, the mountains are vast, and the people born and raised in one of its many settlements haven't a clue of the worlds that lie beyond the occasional rift in space and time. At the edge of the western forest lies a grand and silent castle, empty for hundreds of years. Locals refer to it as the House of Moirai, after the tangled web of fates that stumble through those doors, stolen from their original destinies.

You begin in the House of Moirai, where, after opening a seemingly innocuous door in your world, you were pulled into Edgewater by the collar of your shirt. That door shuts behind you, and when you open it again, hoping to go back, to go home, you find only one of the hundreds of rooms in the vacant castle, all trace of the rift that had taken you gone. Aselia chose you. Now where will you go?
Mostly for TF2 artist ! But if ya ain't an artist, feel free to join too !
Do not post NSFW or fetish arts in here, it's a SFW server u.u

█▓▒░▴░▒▓█ T҉F҉2҉ A҉r҉t҉i҉s҉t҉ B҉u҉d҉d҉i҉e҉s҉ █▓▒░▴░▒▓█

»»————- ☽▴☾ ————-««

This is a Team Fortress 2 discord server dedicated to Tf2 artists from Deviantart, Tumblr and much more. Owner is Lily who is the creator of the tumblr blog ask-spy ( https://ask-spy.tumblr.com/ ).

»»————- ☽▴☾ ————-««

We offer :

➺ friendly staff and members 👤
➺ non-toxic and caring server ! 💕
➺ art showcase (with different sections) 🎨
➺ weekly art challenges ! 🖌️
➺ RP channels 📃
➺ really cool bot ! 🤖
➺ partnership ! 👥
➺ self-assignable roles ! 💮
➺ voice chat ! 🎙

»»————- ☽▴☾ ————-««

Please join us ! <3
Read the rules and guidelines ! <3

»»————- ☽▴☾ ————-««

-•.¸♡ 𝕆𝕨𝕟𝕖𝕣 ♡¸.•-
╰☆☆ `Lily#3091` ☆☆╮
Welcome to Creepypasta RP. This is a discord RP server based on realism of an environment which allows you to be Animals, Humans, or in some cases supernatural beings (The Creepypastas themselves)

Our goal is to fill a terrain including a town, forest and a motel just outside of town and keep things rolling in a somewhat realistic, but more in a horror sci-fi way.

You can have up to three characters per account...

If you choose to be human, You are more then likely scared of the supernatural.

If you are supernatural you have to live with the fact of not that many like to work with you, you are seen as an alien and generally blamed for all the humans problems...

And if you chose to have an animal character, you can choose to accompany a human, supernatural, or just run as wild/stray animal... not sided with either human or any supernatural...
Hello I'm Lahfy, I'm the Lust Queen of this place.
Lands of Sins is a completely cursed place, occupied by humans and sinful demons, which go on according to my command.
It is a place where you can vent your most probing desires.
It's a new server, I hope you will help us increase!
Welcome explorers, to the Galactic Force Cluster! Roleplay to your hearts content, being yourself!! In this server there are many things to participate in, such as: Clans, Battles, Community Events, Bot Usage , and much more! Our server has plenty of activities to do other than rp. These are

🤖 Fun Side Activities

🚶 Many Locations to roleplay in

✅ A Friendly and Growing Community

📚 Many Futurist Weapons and Items

💰 An Economy System

🥇 Roleplay and Server Events

Come on, join us! Roleplay as a hero, or a villain! Be yourself and enjoy your time here!
🤠 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 🤠

Want a visit to the good ol' West? Maybe play as a cowboy, a outlaw, the sheriff or just a citizen of the town? Then, this is the place right for you!

Some of the things we offer are -
~ Lots of RP/ERP Rooms!
~ An Economy System!
~ A Nice Community!
~ Some Machines (Bots) of those times too!

What are you waiting for now? Come visit us today! The town is waiting for you! 👍

And no kids allowed in here, so 18+ only 😉

- Lix (Marshal) and KB (Mayor)
💖 Come one! Come all! 💖
Welcome to the Palace of the King and the Queen!
Come and see their splendid and majestic Palace and maybe stick there for sometime?

We offer a lot of things if you come by like -
~ RP/ERP Rooms!
~ Art Room!
~ A Fun Community!
~ Some fun bots!

And many more surprises that surround the kingdom 😉
What are you waiting for? The Castle Gates are open! Come in and stay amazed by the beauty of the kingdom.

Oh and almost forgot, only 18+ are allowed inside. 😉

- Lix (Queen) and KB (King)
Bienvenue à La Cité de la Nuit humble voyageur. Dans cet étrange lieu s'affrontent depuis des millénaires Vampires et Lycans. Choisissez votre camp ! Ou peut-être préfereriez-vous rester Humain et rejoindre les chasseurs...

Chaque espèce a sa propre progression.

Nouveau serveur RP ! Venez agrandir les rangs de la Cité de la Nuit !
Ever wanted to have something more story-oriented when it comes to Warframe? Ever wanted to try out that idea you had for something with a character of yours? Well, look no further than this roleplay server! Pop right in if you think it'd be the place for you!

We feature:
- OCs
- Memes
And many more things!
Honesty if your offended easily then don't join the server. but if you can laugh at some of the messed up shit in here then you're glad to join. Anyone can join including furries.
And now we have a bot!!
• We are an open and friendly community dedicated to Marvel. We invite all of the fans to join and hangout with us. We are working towards having weekly events: movie nights, karaoke, contests and more to come. See you in a bit! 😃

• If you’re looking for an active Marvel RP with active members, full teams, events, and contests, look no further. Join today and rp as your favorite heroes and villains.