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Please come join me on my island!
We have~
:•50 adorable emotes
•Lots of roles to express yourself!
✧・゚: ✧・゚:(❦ω❦):・゚✧:・゚✧
Thicc Cutie
:•A fair leveling system
*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚  ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*
Kinky Pervert
Lil Thottie
•Friendly staff and cute members
•NSFW channels for 2D lewdness and3D Extreme, even some fucked up channels for you kinky lewdies ;)
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
BDSM Incest
Public Oppai
Tentacles Neko
Vanilla Furry
•SFW Hobbie channels -
*✿❀ ❀✿****✿❀ ❀✿*
And more!
:•Detailed rp lore and many races,Make your OC and join the battle!
DnD battle system coming soon!
•A bunch of rp channels!
✼  ҉  ✼ (ꃋิꎴꃋิ) ✼  ҉  ✼
Milky Mew Bar
Love hotel
Fluffy tail strip club

•Lewd Bots with lots of commands

Once you enter my island theres no escape....The peversion will follow you everywhere you go~
Hi! This is a Mystic Messenger, O.C inclusive rp based on the Percy Jackson series (sort of), but mostly is just about mythology! Come one, come all, everyone's welcome! We have many things to offer. The R.P (obviously), discussion, memes, art, friends, and more! With friendly people, amazing roleplay, and fun galore, there's not a doubt in my mind that you should drop on in. Have fun ♡♡♡
Come one, come all! No matter what you are, we welcome you with open arms! Be it alien or human, you're welcome here at Yokko Academy! Diverse students, fun areas, and fun classes!
We also offer:
✴Bot fun!
✴An economy!
✴Welcoming staff!
✴Not hard to follow rules, we dont ask too much!
✴Very open to suggestions!
✴And much much more!

Why not give us a try, what's there to lose?! We'll love to have you here and we can't wait to meet you!
Killing-games seem to be the new fad in television networking! You just seem to be an unlucky contestant in this server! Sixteen of the most prestigious and influential students have been reported missing and residing in a strange amusement park. It is up to you to discover the mysterious leading up to the sudden appearance at the park, but who knows how much time you'll have from worrying about suspicions of classmates and being murdered..or getting away with it.
This is an alternate Danganronpa, welcome to OCs and fairly new! Come check us out!
Welcome to UNITY RP our interview server.

Here at UNITY RP we are a Xbox one roleplay community we are a serous roleplay comunity but we still have fun, we have friendly staff and wonderful director.Once you are in the server please go ahead and fill in a application and a staff will get back to you as soon as possible we hope to see you soon.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Fire/EMS
Civilian Operations

So please don't you want to come and join us.
We Are Many We Are One

The War has begun between the Sith Empire, Jedi Order, and Galactic Republic. The war ignited into the Second Great Galactic War when a Jedi Master went missing, along with several other covert Sith attacks. The Jedi had enough and thus pronounced war against the Sith Empire. Now joined with the aid of the Republic, the Jedi fight against the Sith once more...

Whose side are you on? The Sith Empire? Imperial Navy or perhaps even the Military? Perhaps you wish to join the Republic or even the Jedi Order? You could even join some of the lesser known factions in Star Wars, such as the Revanites. With help from staff and through time spent roleplaying in the chat you could even make your own faction.
So then, what path calls to you?
The choice is yours. Your destiny awaits.

We offer Serious Roleplay and admire Creative Thinking.
Please consider spending some of your time in this server.
We welcome you with open arms.
Welcome to an adventure 65 million years in the making!

Welcome to Jurassic World is THE server for anyone who is a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. On this server, players have the opportunity to experience a giant theme park with dinosaurs. The options for characters include:

-Humans (Park staff including Trainers and Paleoveterinarians, Asset Containment Unit members, Scientists, Investors, Annoying protestors)

-Dinosaurs (Apex Predators, Massive Herbivores, etc.)

-NEW: Ice Age exhibits now on Isla Nublar!


We also give members the option of playing a feral dinosaur unrestricted by containment or walls on Isla Sorna, complete with packs, nests, and diverse character plots. Both Isla Nublar - where the park is -
and Isla Sorna have their own thriving populations ready for you to join.

Not only does the server have an amazing RP experience and weekly roleplaying events, it also has an amazing community! Here we have artists, plane enthusiasts, NBA fans, paleontology discussions, and much more! We welcome anyone and everyone!

So what'dya say? Come on down for a $10,000 vacation package or take the job as an employee on Isla Nublar (expect a layover in Costa Rica), or start your very own experience as an asset!
After we read the first few chapters of Harry Potter we all starting dreaming about us going to Hogwarts and fighting off Dark Wizards. Well, you can stop dreaming 'cuz now you can RP it! I know, it isn't as good as going to Hogwarts but better than nothing, eh? We have friendly staff a few bots and loads of places to explore. So join the server now!
Hi There! Parting Orbs is a Warrior Cats roleplay based around the time before Erin H's books. Join multiple Rpers as we all face challenges as our own OCs. We're new but hope we can get as much people to support us! ❤️
Howdy there pardner! Have you ever wanted to experience the wild west in a more... wild way?
Do you want somethin' different than a usual draw at noon?
Hoo boy, do I have some news for you!
Welcome to...

The Wild, Wild West is a roleplay server put in the scenario of a land like the any Hollywood cowboy movie, except there's magic!

We have a friendly community, difference factions within the Wild, Wild West, and much more!

So if you're interested, pardner, hop on for a ride! Yeehaw!
Hidden amongst the diverse sands of humanity are the various seashells of supernatural beings. Of course--in this unexplored ocean of life, there are bound to be a few things humans don’t understand.

That’s where Sathlem City fits into this reef; a city seemingly rich with both human and supernatural life, though the supernatural part may be concealed willingly for the time being. After what we can only call a Purge happened, somewhere during the 1600's, it was believed that ‘monsters’ were wiped clean off the face of the planet. Or perhaps, the specials chose willingly to hide as to not cause more of a ruckus than the humans did already.

That’s where we are right now. Who knows what may happen in the future? A civil war? Haha. join to find out.


No, this place isn’t ocean themed--I just needed something to spice up the description. Anyways--Hi! This is minimod Shady of Sathlem! This RP server is a pretty small open-world kinda deal with a few plotlines planned for the future. Things might not get going right away, but we’re hoping you, passerby, are interested enough to hang out!

If not for RP, then just for a laff x
| The sinister army of the primordial Subspace dimension has invaded without warning, with one goal in mind: to snuff the light of all worlds out into shadow. With the walls between universes shattered by this interdimensional assault, once-distinct worlds have begun to physically merge, splintering and colliding with another to form a single, chaotic realm for the Subspace Army to conquer. Heroes, rivals, and villains across universes and histories now find themselves brought together against an unlikely foe, with a world-changing decision in their hands: will they restore the Combined Worlds to their original states? Will they conquer them in allegiance with Subspace, or perhaps in its place? Or will they unite the worlds in peace and harmony?

And even if Subspace is defeated, will anything truly be safe again...? |

A new literate roleplay based on the Super Smash Bros. series, drawing elements from both the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and World of Light of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Beast Hunter's Journey is set in a world ruled by ferocious beasts. It isn't until now that man has summoned the courage to drive them from their lands. At great peril, beast hunters use the very energy the monsters have captured to fight them off. Few will triumph and become leaders of the people, while many will die in unmarked graves. Only the bravest of souls dare to become beast masters.
A new Mother world. All your favorite enemies and locations from Mother 1, Earthbound, and Mother 3! Come and make your own PSI user and make groups with other people to take down the new Giygas!
Welcome to mad world. On this server you take control of a nation in the 1800s and lead it to either victory or total defeat.
18+ roleplay server with public rp channels and partner search.

Fandoms Include: Azur Lane, League of Legends, Fate Grand Order (Fate GO) / Typemoon, Kan Colle, Granblue, and anything you'd like!
Are you interested in My Hero Academia? Do you like Roleplay? Well this server has both, and needs you! Join today to be able to use your own oc's in My Hero Academia: Third Gen!
Welcome to mystic university! In this school, you’ll be learning how to do an abundance of things with your power, from learning combat to studying the origins of your power. Every month you’ll learn more and more things about your power and eventually you’ll be a master, but think, Will it be a calm university for gifted people or a place full of mystery, drama and action. You decide...
An ongoing roleplay, in a gritty fantasy world. Create characters, write stories, run quests.
- Open Character Creation
- PvP Battles
- Ongoing Quests
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more. Join up to check out the unique features, lore, etc.
Hey. Unruhestifter oder leiser Poet? Lautstark oder schüchtern und leise, dick oder dünn, Homo oder Hetero... Genau dich suchen wir. Sei, wie du bist, fühl dich frei. Sei aktiv.

Ob Gaming, Cosplay, Roleplay, Politik, Kunst, Probleme oder Sex - hier wird über alles gesprochen. Neue Freundschaften, Flirts, Spaß und Gespräche - suchst du das, bist du herzlich willkommen bei uns.
Hello, This server is made by the creator of the Dimensional Force (Me!). Come and enjoy the fun! we have roleplay channels, bots and so on. If you respect me and the admins, we would respect you back!

vvvv The rules is down here!! vvvv

1) No Bullying - We don’t want anyone to be a bully to someone. Everyone should treated fairly. If bullying happens, contact an admin if one isn't already present.

2) Harassment is not allowed - same as bullying. Harassment is WAY too far..

3) Do NOT ping, UNLESS its important or for updates. Seriously, this bothers just about everyone. They can be mentioned IF you have an important message, or if I send an update message on what I add.

4) Death threats aren't allowed. - “Oh, I’ll find you and hun--” no you won't. You're acting like a child if you're serious. If you're going to threaten people, you'll be lucky to get off with a warning.

5) Swearing is allowed - Yup, swearing is okay but don’t take it to the next level. The only exceptions are covered in rule 7.

6) No racial slurs - Just don't. If you're trying to be 'kewl XD' or 'edgy xp' you're just going to end up looking like a brainlet who has no filter.

7) Yes, Partnership is FINALLY here!!

8) Love is love! - Doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, bi, or lesbian, you're at home here.

9) Gore is okay, but cover the blood please - That shit is my worst nightmare to see a bloodied person or animal.

10) If you have something to say, say it right away! - Don’t wait for us to say what's up.

11) PLEASE give this server a huge shout out! - I would be very happy if you give this place a huge shout out!
Fumiyo High is a roleplay server based on the My Hero Academia community. We are a separated story that has nothing to do with any canon details and take pride in the system we take care of. Come join today to become a part of the peaceful roleplaying community of Fumiyo.
Welcome to the Multiverse!
We are an Undertale and Deltarune roleplay server! If you're not into roleplay, we also have some OOC/OOR chats for you to hang out in.

We have friendly staff~
We're LGBTQ friendly~
Meme channels
And more!~ <3

Enjoy! <3
Welcome to Earth Land

This is an RP based around the world of the Fairy Tail anime

For now we are small but we hope to be many. You can help with that by giving that join button a quick click, creating your own character and having some fun!

We have magic, weapons, magic weapons, and great admins and comunity!

So come on down to Earth Land, grab some rum and fight some dragons!!!