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Allwood Prep is a highschool for the supernatural. There's a connecting city that the students spend time in and it's always expanding! Everyone is friendly and we hope you come join!
Your typical sci-fi RP server. It revolves around warfare, politics, and mechs, lots and lots of mechs. You know the story, galactic empire embroiled in civil war. One side fighting for dominance, the other for freedom. You know, simple. Or is it? Funny thing about war is that it is never black and white. So, come and join and find out which side you belong to and which shade of gray you believe in.
« Le net est infesté de traîtres commis mutants séditieux. Ne rencontrez pas n'importe qui, n'importe comment et surtout n'importe où... Ne faites confiance à personne ! » - Ce message, tiré de base sur le site de Paranoïaque (parano.be), résume grandement l'état d'esprit du serveur.

Nous sommes un serveur semi-communautaire, semi-roleplay, accueillant des citoyens adultes qui sont prêt à tout pour satisfaire aux nombreuses requêtes de notre cher Ordinateur. Notre but est de faire participer nos citoyens dans un environnement sûr, sans aucun esprit négatif (car le Bonheur est obligatoire), et le tout, en proposant des lieux de discussions adaptés pour tous.

Ce que le serveur peut vous proposer :
- Des accréditations (rôles spéciaux) qui vous permettent de vous situer au niveau de votre activité. Plus haute est votre accréditation, plus vous serez respecté parmi les citoyens de grades inférieurs, et en plus avec de beaux outils rien que pour vous. Du moins, si vous n'avez pas agi en tant que traître.
- Des secteurs qui sont les lieux de discussions avec des thématiques précises, que vous pouvez rejoindre/quitter à votre aise. Un secteur semble vous manquer ? Vous pouvez toujours le suggérer, et en prendre les rênes si vous le souhaitez !
- Une mission spécialement pour vous, afin de vous aider dans votre progression dans le Complexe Alpha. Chaque mission est adaptée à votre accréditation, pour que vous ne vous sentiez pas faire la même chose tous les jours.
- Un recueil d'informations, afin de vous aider à préparer votre premier personnage roleplay, si vous souhaitez en faire. Il n'est jamais ni trop tôt, ni trop tard, pour vous décider de vous y mettre, et nous serons ravi de vous aider !
- Un système d'article en ligne, que vous pourrez écrire et faire lire à tous les citoyens !
- Bien plus encore ! (lire l'encadré ci-dessous pour plus d'informations)

Rejoignez-nous, citoyens, et combattez les traîtres à nos côtés ! Et n'oubliez pas, gardez toujours votre pistolet laser à portée de main !

[ Étant un serveur récent, nous sommes bien entendu en pleine avancement des travaux. Vous pouvez contribuer à l'avancement du projet en venant participer avec nos membres, et suggérer des idées pour faire évoluer le serveur. Aucune idée n'est stupide (du moins, quand ce n'est pas du troll), et il y a donc un moyen que le serveur évolue dans le bon sens ! ]
Welcome to Edgy Land home to edgymcedge peeps! This server offers a AWESOME community , gaming convos , roleplay , chatting , and some good pun-ny jokes. Don't mind UnFresh he doesn't bite ( much lol ).So come on and join our RAD Edgy party.
~Reasons you should join ~
~ Interested in Undertale,Deltarune, Anime, Games, or Pokemon?
~Are you curious about a community-based server, animated/non-animated emotes, and sweet roles?
~Are you an Artist/Musician/Developer/Writer, or looking for a server with channels dedicated to your hobbies?
~Are you a fun roleplayer or looking into roleplaying Undertale/Delltarune/AU's
~Do you like VC ?
~Want a more Friendly Staff ?!
~ Nsfw we got it !
~ Do you like bots ?
This rp server is centered around the idea of colliding worlds.Every Character, AU, & OC can meet & interact here.Whether they be good or bad, it doesn't matter.
See Ya there Bro ~

Fresh & Unfresh
Hi Hi! this is a pokemon (furry or normal ur choice) rp server where you chose your rp direction! we make and update the sandbox and you play in it! we host events and take suggestions! come and check us out!

A Pokemon rp! There is magic, spells, and weapons that are balanced and ready plus excellently set up bots! Cmon in and join the fun!

Welcome to "passion-of-music!" We are a new channel so all members are accepted. If you join now, you have a high chance of becoming an admin or a mod. Everything is accepted.
Nerdy Roleplay, in association with Nerdy Unity, is a fun filled roleplay server. We offer:
-Friendly and Helpful Staff
-Friendly People
-OC and Cannon Characters Welcome
-Mash-Up Rolplay
-Fantasy Channels, Fandom Channels, Realistic Channels and more.
-ERP Roleplay 18+ Only
-Chat Channels
-Fun Bots
-VC Channels
-Advertisement Channels when you LVL (Just talk and you'll level up.)
-Open to suggestions in improving the server
Please come join our community and have fun. <3
Welcome to Moirvale! A pokemon roleplay and erotic roleplay server. We have plenty of locations, interesting characters, and a well developed story. You can join to RP, ERP, or why not both? Join today to help our server grow!
2022, my father told me...

in 2022, the whole world changed. He told me that, his great-great-great-grandmother had once seen the seas as a royal shade of blue, and the sky was not a hazy yellow most of the time. Yes, things have regrown, significantly even, in comparison to the first blast. He told me that this was the great Third war... there were two before it in absolutely massive proportions, but he told me that there were none like the third... as it tore down the entire earth with nuclear force.

Papa told me that everything still isn't safe. In fact, people have thrown themselves into some sort of bronze age, where they could only use scraps from times they no longer knew. This was their life now, in this cold wasteland.

I was born with no legs because of the radiation- well... I had legs, they were just... broken and tattered. I always climbed up to the stone wall with nothing but my arms as a kid... just to watch the grey and yellow sunrise. I would watch the countless stars disappear from the sky. How beautiful the night was! but oh... how terrifying.

That was one thing too, my papa said. There were cities so big that the stars disappeared from above them. But... That was almost three hundred years ago now. I am a farmer, I work with my father and walk on fake legs that are not my own. The year is 2293, and the 24th century is just around the corner.

I still wonder what a real forest looks like.
In the roleplaying World of Valentia, you start as a simple villager of a kingdom of your choosing. Roleplay and fight with your friends and rise through the ranks, just like those before you. Be a king or a loyal soldier fighting for the kingdom you love. Your story in Valentia is waiting, so make it.
Welcome to Secrets of the Fallen Stars!
This server's rp takes place in the lake territories with the book clans.
You can create any cat you want, living or dead, clan cat or not!
We have simple server rules and friendly staff.
So come on down and give us a chance!
The Leaky Cauldron is a server for all fans of Harry Potter and it's spin-offs (Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts).

Sort yourself into your house, chat privately with other house members in your own special common rooms, share fan work, memes, pictures, and more!

Now with a dedicated roleplay section!
✯ Welcome to the world of BNHA Redemption ✯

✭ We are a new server with a very active staff team. We are all excited to be creating a BNHA server, and would love to have ya stick around for everything we have in store ✭

✿ Interactive Events: Staff team will try to put on a bunch of events, such as classroom and training rps for students. Villain events for both villains and pros, and so much more. There will be an overarching plot, but that’ll be a bit of a secret to experience ;)

✿ Great Roleplaying: In our server, we are hoping to have a server filled with great roleplayers, with quality responses. Absolutely no one liners are allowed in the server, and we do expect quality.

✿ Kind Staff: The staff in this server are actually here to help you, wether it be making sure troublesome people are punished, or helping you with quirks and characters, or make the best events possible for people to enjoy. All we ask in return is a bit of respect and not to jump on us when we make a bit of a slip up. Everyone improves with practice after all

✭Wether it be a student, learning how to be the best hero you can be, a hero who upholds the name of what it means to be a symbol of protection, or a villain who is hell bent on causing chaos and destruction to society, we would love to have you here in BNHA: Redemption✭
In a futuristic world where Abnormals are people with special gifts, and normal people despise them. The fight for abnormals and normals have gone for a long time. But as they do that, a demon sealed long ago has returned to make the world his kingdom! Only you, the hero, could put a stop to him...
| ———【 deprivation. 】——— |

literate to semi-literate roleplay.
active staff.
human based rp.
18+ (language, gore, and explicit themes)

—【 G R E E D 】.
Human greed is the ultimate destruction, a power that is not easily quelled. It is the true downfall of humankind and the very earth of which we once resided. After the governments who ran ramped with destroying the environment had come to realization that money would not sustain us, and thus a call to action began.

The Earth was ravaged, and what it provided for free had been sucked dry of its worth. In turn it became a torrent of devastation. Weather patterns were fatal and temperamental, the land no longer rich and fertile, the air no longer clean and breathable.

Humankind had band together to depart from it, in hopes of never returning. But this time realizing the devastation we caused we were far the wiser. But with our great populous came with a price.

After docking and beginning to cultivate a "New Earth" centuries later, another planet was needed to help spread out our population evenly amongst one another. This is where your story begins. Hand chosen and soon shuffled out onto a colossal spaceship set for one way travel. It possessed everything you would've needed. Food, water, tools, materials, and secondary shuttles used for transportation if in dire need.

As slumber crept into your mind an error had slithered into the routing course. Rather than their secondary new earth, humankind's original home had been selected. You'd awake forcefully with alarms blaring as the very hull of the ship shattered and broke, metal warping to the heat as you plummeted towards solid ground. Lucky to survive you emerge from the wreck, the ship broken into various pieces taking humans with it. Within your sights you eye a weather-worn city, crumbling from the many centuries left untouched.

You've heard of this during your younger years. Read about it in history classes.

It is Old Earth and not just anywhere. New York City Manhattan.

—【 A B O U T 】.

I'm glad you made it this far, and I hope you're plenty more interest!

We are a brand new server that is seeking to mash together written storytelling (RP) with a flare of RPG table top theme. What does this mean?

Weather patterns will be sprung upon you!
Animals, mutated or not, are on the prowl and you are their prey!
And many more situations that'll leave you on the edge of your seat!

Taking this ample opportunity by using our bots and dedicated staff, we will use a dice-rolling system in order to see if you get out unscathed or perhaps die trying! Come join, and see where deprivation. can take you!
“Hey, viajante estás à procura de terras longínquas e ouro? Não? Quem sabe glória e fama, sim, sim vejo que isto lhe atrai, então que tal você ir até a taverna meia-noite, lá existem portas que podem lhe levar a lugares nunca antes vistos, com isto você poderá conquistar os louros da glória que sempre almejou, mas fique atento este estabelecimento tem regras então as leias para não perder a oportunidade de conquistar os reinos esquecidos e os que ainda surgirão. “

A taverna meia-noite é um servidor para os amantes de RPG, caso você esteja procurando algum lugar para mestrar ou algum lugar para jogar aqui estamos nós, não é necessário ter experiência para jogar e entrar em cavernas escuras saquear tesouros e matar o dragão. Então para explica-los melhor mencionarei alguns sistemas que são utilizados até o momento e narrados por nossos mestres, ou como eu gosto de chamar as vozes do destino ou simplesmente o cara que me mata ao tentar enganar o dragão vermelho, bom os sistemas são:

D&D 5e;
Rastros de Cthulhu.

Mas lembrem-se você como mestre pode aumentar o número de sistemas que utilizamos, aliás, outros sistemas podem ser narrados estes são apenas os vigentes. Espero que tenha cativado sua imaginação então venha nos conhecer e quem sabe a glória o aguarda.
New Percy Jackson and looking for active members!

🏹 Hunters of Artemis!
🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly!
✨ Make a demigod of ANY Greek god/goddess!
👼 And more! Come and see for yourself!
We are a family community, Toxic-free and bully-free home, a very active server, and provide smiles and cheers for all of you! We have cutesy emotes, partnerships, events, giveaways, and plenty of bots to mess with! We also have lots of gamers and a bunch of other fun things like a stable discord economy where you get rewarded for chatting and can use those rewards to buy flair to look cooler. So please join the community and meet some new faces! ^-^
Gladiatorial Avatar is a Cyberpunk Roleplay based on Netflix Original: Love Death Robots: “Sonnie’s Edge”. The story follows the underground gladiatorial battles of individuals who control Bio-Organic Monsters that duke it out for the top prize, fame and fortune. However, there are those who fight for their own reasons. What’s yours?
We are a very small community of roleplayers trying to grow! Come on and join our server where you can Roleplay, Call, play with bots and all sorts of different things!
๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑

▷Action RolePlay!
▷Active Staff!

**▼ Current Theme: ▼**

🎮 Final Fantasy VIII: SeeD Academy!

*-Balamb Garden is a major location in Final Fantasy VIII, situated east of the town of Balamb. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden is one of the three Gardens in the world.*
*-Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy and Selphie Tilmitt live and train at Balamb Garden, and Quistis Trepe works as an instructor.*
*-The Garden works both as a location, and as a method of transportation around the world map. Using the Garden is made redundant by the game's end as the player obtains an airship that can be used to move around the map more efficiently.*


**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <https://discord.me/balambgarden> 》
《 <https://discord.io/balambgarden> 》
《 <https://invite.gg/seed> 》

**Banners** 🖼 《 https://imgur.com/a/hM8hTG5 》

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑
Anime Chill Lounge
Feel free to join the server and we offer everyone a place to stay in!
This server contains dozens of channels that guarantee fun and enjoyment!!

◆》 Anime channels!
◆》 Gaming channels!
◆》 Self-promoting channels!
◆》 Aesthetic photo sharing channel!
◆》 Artwork channel!
◆》A role play dedicated category with many anime themed channels

We are still growing so any suggestion for the server would be appreciated, so join in while you can because we are hiring active members as staff members permanently!!