服务器 Pokecord


Casual pokemon server, everyone is welcome! You can discuss anything from pokemon, from the anime to the manga! We also have pokecord, just for a bit of fun! This is a small server that was created recently, so suggestions would be helpful! We are looking for more members to help this server grow! Have a wonderful time! Don't be shy, say hi!
Hey you! Yes, you! Are you a fan of the Pokemon series? A hardcore fan? A newcomer to the games? Well, that is what we are here for! We are a server dedicated to not only bringing you a wholesome friendly experience, but we are also dedicated to teaching, leading and learning the pokemon games!

We have everything, from normal channels like media chatrooms, general chatrooms and events; and also everything you need to learn and show your poke-skills, like guide channels, shiny hunting, nuzlockes, tournaments and so forth!

So stop on by! :heart:

[Owner]: @mooni! ♡‧₊˚
[Opened]: 27th March
Our newly launched Pokécord focussed server provides constant pokémon spawns, multiple Gyms, Events, Daycare services, Tournaments, Huge Giveaways, Auctions, Well Managed Gyms, and so much more! With only 500+ member, our server provides a much more relaxed environment to catch Pokémon. Join our fun, and friendly community, and enjoy using the most popular bots up to date!
Friendly fate and anime community server just here for chill
📣 Giveaways and server streams/events
📣 Fun bots like pokecord, rythm and mudae and arena, waifu bot ECT.
📣 Dedicated and friendly staff!
A very small server consisting of friends and some fun bots like Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Pokecord and Truth or Dare. If you wanna join, feel free to do so!
Note: the truth or dare game can get NSFW, but you're not obliged to play it.
Hey there! Are you a pervert AND useless to society? Join us! (18+)
We offer:

📸) 75+ Hentai Categories to Choose From!
💦) 100+ Character Specific Hentai Channels to Choose From!
😋) Self nudes!
🌸) 3D Porn channels!
💓) Roleplay!
🌎) Active Community!
☀️) Daily hentai posting!
✅) Bot Role Assign!
💥) Fun Server Games!
🎨) Art Channels!
😎) Personal Roles!
💎) Custom Emotes!
🦈) Opt-In Categories!
😂) Memes!
🎧) Music!
🔔) Optional Pings!
😁) And so much more!

Smug Pub is a relatively new server that has grown exponentially in the past week, and I would love anyone to join! We feature bots like Mudae, Tatsumaki, and Pokecord to more fully engage our members, even if they are most active to one specific channel!
Welcome to Latios' Kingdom!
Here we have lots to offer. I'll list you a few things:

Self roles, role playing, Pokecord gyms, active staff, Giveaways, and much more!

Stop in and check us out!
Welcome to Weebville! | Anime Community Based | NSFW | Gaming | Weebs | Rabbit Events | Giveaways | Pokécord | Casino | Pokéverse | Waifu bot | Join Weebville Today!
Hello there! We are a growing server with people who want to make friends and socialise and I think you would make an awesome addition!

Hi, welcome to Megumin Hangout! The server has been opened recently after being shut for a time. Our server contains:
- anime channels
- waifu posting
- osu! channels
- meme channels
- NSFW channels
- and more
The Lewd Market

Are you a collector of lewds, nudes, and foods? Not that last part? Well we still have all this, plus more just for you! Where you ask? The Lewd Market of course! Come and give us a call, we’ll meet all your needs!

Features start off: We’ll provide all of the following below, and more!:wink:

☞To start off, we have a very friendly, and helpful staff team always resolving any issue, or question you have!☚

:For the main, and best part, we have lewds, newds, and fewds! We don't judge any kinks you might have, in fact, we embrace them! We have many categories for lewds, and hentai we constantly post in. You can even contribute your own hentai, and if you show us you're 18, even nudes!

♬We didn't just stop there though, we also have Pokemon(not lewded) to be caught with the pokecord bot! On top of that, we have a place for artist to show their work, memes for moments you need a laugh, cursed images to weird your friends out with, voice chat, and more!

Before we forget to mention, if you don't want to ask, we aren't online, or you want something specific, we have boob-bot and qtchan! Which let you use commands to get your own easily!

With all that said, we hope to see you join us, and embrace your inner lewdness!

˜”°•.˜”°• Welcome to Blueberries and Mangos! •°”˜.•°”˜

Want a place to just hang out, talk to some chill people and catch some pokemon? Come join our server!

We've got;
✦ Pokecord
✦ Mantaro bot!
✦ Colourful roles
✦ LGBTQ+ friendly people

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ What're you waiting for? Join now!
Pokéconomy is a new Discord community built on the Pokécord bot! We have giveaways rolling every 2 days. Come hang out and catch some pokémon.
We're a friendly Pokecord based server open to anyone!
Our server has:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord,Varubot, Fredboat and anything else you want just tell us and we invite the bot to our server
- Roles (To be earned by wins and activity)
- Friendly admins and members
- Giveaways
- Family Friendly (NO NSFW)
- Tournaments (With prizes for the winners)
Feel Free to drop by anytime and invite a friend!!
We need more members and we're willing to partner up with any other pokecord servers!
🌸Welcome to Mew's Redemption!🌸
**Now with better and more fun things**
This server is still new. If you want bots or other features added come talk to us. We would love your opinion to help us grow.❤️
We've got:
-Pokemon bots
-Gyms(Corrent 9/18 so if you have what it needs join and ask for gym's)
-Champion (when we get full Gyms)
-Introduse the MEGA GYM!!!
-Active channels
And a very good staff team that will help you what every you need.

Large and active community for gaming bots, laid back moderation so everybody can have a fun time. Come chat, chill, and trade!
We're a growing community server, we have a heavy focus towards Pokecord bot, but we've got other features to keep you company as well!
If you join you can ask the Channel Creators for a Personal channel! A personal channel is a channel that you'll get all to yourself and you'll be able to do anything you want in said channel, your Personal channel will allow you to spam and catch Pokémon without worrying that someone else will take them.
We also have weekly giveaways hosted by the owner Siegotex, prizes range from Legendary and Mythicals to really high or low IV pokemon, and depending on the occasion high IV Legendaries or even shinies
We also offer:
- Public spam channels and bot command channels for those who enjoy company
- A channel for collectors to post adverts on what they collect
- A variety of bot such as owo bot (with a support zone to help you get started if you've never heard of it), Nadeko bot (a bunch of minigames and trivias), Discord Miner, BoxBot, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and Rythm (with music channels to play and listen to songs), and more
- A custom gym system we call the Cerise League, with 18 gym to beat and no banned types, and a unique set of rules to shake things up
- A daycare system to help level your Pokecord mons faster and/or cheaper
- Custom identity and Colour Roles you can set up yourself for fun, and more roles to be earned by frequent chat activity
- Events that include Scribbl.io and Rabb.it
- Currently Level 1 boosted as well!
We have a friendly owner, helpful staff, and a kind and caring community that strives to be inclusive, and we try our best to make sure it stays that way
Loomian Legacy Fan Discord is a server dedicated to giveaways of both Roblox giftcards / Loomians, socialization, trading Loomians, discussion about breeding, PvP teams info, finding secret items and discussion about Loomian value and helping out each other!

Loomian Legacy is essentially the successor of the popular ROBLOX game Pokemon Brick Bronze made by the same team. Our goal is to bring together all fans of Loomian Legacy together and create an enjoyable environment for everyone.

We're a small community but building daily, Everyone is welcome. We would really appreciate if any YouTubers or Loomian devs would like to join us.
We offer other services such as Pokecord, meme sharing and off-topic discussions also.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and please do spread the word!
Hi , join this server and have awesome fun with pokecord.
💙 - daily giveaways
💚 - invite rewards
💛 - gym battles
💜 - tournaments
🖤 - special giveaways
Join now.💖
The kingdom of Slavery is a fun, safe and great gaming community. It may be small but we hope to grow into an forever growing community that is kind towards everyone who joins. Our primary focuses are Pokecord and Dank memer but if anyone can suggest a good bot we will add it. We listen to our community unlike a lot of servers and enjoy bettering our server. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Load Screen! Are you a Nintendo fan or have an interest in games in general? Then this is the right place for you! Here you will find plenty of discussions relating to Nintendo, along with some other channels dedicated to discussing topics such as Pokémon, Splatoon, Anime or TV shows, Webcomics, Games and also Pokecord. We're also discussing the Gen 8 Games quite a bit now! Everything is topped off by a welcoming atmosphere. Join us and start making new friends!
Peep Show is exactly what the name describes, but we don't just have gorgeous girls showing off their bodies, we also have a large supply of porn, discord bot games, memes and community events. Come take a peek at this 18+ Peep Show and enjoy the many fun things that are entailed.
Female run and owned for a safe and friendly environment for women and men.
Heya! This server is currently going through a revamp! After the revamp is done our server will be about...
• Pokecord and other pokemon bots
• mudae and other anime bots
• identityv, robux and other games
• role play of the topics above!
Our team are really trying our best to make the server fun and more enjoyable for everyone! Hope you consider joining!