服务器 pc


Server owned by the kill man man, used for the selling and buying of organs, organ sellers/buyers of all different variety welcome

:disclaimer: we do not actually sell organs
A small community of followers from Adriisy's channels. Here you can make friends and discover other people who play the same consoles or games that you do. Or if you're just bored you can come and hang out with us:)
We also have several bots such as
- UnbelievaBoat
- Mee6
- DankMemer
- Marriage Bot
- Yggdrasil
For players to mess around with.
We are always looking for more content creators to share their content, get their word out, and collaborate with. Hope you join us!
Fun discord group where people can be themselves without being censored all the while talking about weeb shit and playing party games! We primarily play on PC but if youd still like to join and talk about things you're always welcome!
`All in all were a chill server. If your looking to make friends or just wanna hang out, your welcome here. We have amazing community with staff that are always ready to help. Theres always 43 ppl online. Come and check us out! We would love to have you! Everyone is equal here.` u can swear up to a degree
💝 `Very nice, mature but not boring members`
😎 `Chill Staff + Looking for more!` 😎
🎮 `Any game topics!` 🎮
📰 `Any politics topics!` 📰
✈ `Growing community` ✈
💜 `Hangout with everyone` 💜
`Memes` 😉 👍
`NSFW` 🍆 😉
`gays are welcome’ 😄
😴 `Late-Night Gaming` 😴
🔊 `gaming chat channels and general chat` 🔊
👍 `And way more on the way!`
🔗 🔗

Esta a procura de um servidor de Discord ?
Um servidor que Seja focado no Publico gamer em geral , Que não seja nem tão grande com toda aquela poluição sonora e crianças gritando mas também não seja tão pequeno quanto aqueles que você entra e a ultima mensagem foi a meses atrás?
Então vale a pena dar uma oportunidade para nosso servidor.
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Welcome new frens ♥
Welcome to Wild World a place to meet to frens. poltically incorrect server with free speech advocated!
(Please note we have some nsfw channels but I don't consider it a NSFW server)
If your going to join to try and trade something don't do it.
16+ ONLY

Were a small semi-active community that accepts all types of people that also games together.
Majority of "active" people are 18+

➔Friendly staff
➔Organized and clean channels
➔Drama and toxic free. Toxic behaviors will be put to a stop
➔Have a LFG system for connecting with other gamers
➔Have events every week
➔SFW but our sense of humor can get dirty, but no nudity
➔Tons of roles and colors to pick from
➔ bots for games and music

~Were currently not doing partnerships~
Welcome to Be Neon
What do we got for you?
First off, we are better than the server to our right, left, top, and bottom.
Secondly, we've got memes, pokecord, and waifu bot. Don't say no to your waifu and get in here whackos.
This is an Overwatch Esports community where custom teams will fight and win, going up and up to win this competition, but there is one question that you'd have to join the server to find out, are you the next best person for this Overwatch Tournament?
Gaming Alliance - A game community
-Gaming teams
-Friendly fun community
-Build a community that will support smaller streamers.
Become an alliance member today.
Eris, get your rock off my map

Welcome to memeists unite, we are a small tight knit community of friends and we bassically sit and talk about video games, anime, and other stuff all day.


•self roles
•active VC
•friendly community
•staff that are friendly and know what they’re doing
•a lot of banter

I hope to see some people in the server!
This server was starter with the intention of bringing gamers together in the hopes of helping each other find players for games that aren't widely played such as Binary Domain or SAO games. But it's for all games and gamers.
Do you find yourself looking for someone to play with? Well this server will help you find others to play with and do missions with on any game and any platform!
A meme community and pc help server. If you need help with your computer we are more than happy to help you out
The Rainbow Six Siege PC discord server allows players to squad up with each other, discuss about different aspects of the game, receive the latest news for the game and more!
[PC][PS4][XBOX]UNITY LEGENDS https://discord.gg/A489Jxf
Сервер создан игроками для игроков, которые ищут комфортной игры в компании друзей!Свободный мульти игровой модульный безопасный сервер!На сервере присутствует поиск игроков по платформам, открытые чаты сообщества,голосовые чаты по играм, закрытые клановые комнаты, информационные категории!
A Discord server for .hack//Fragment. In Fragment Resurgence we're working on many different things for .hack//Fragment, such as helping new players, organizing parties, creating custom areas on servers, working on code and addresses, translating, and much more.
A growing community for various retro tech nerds, we focus on both old and new technology/gaming. If this happens to pique your interest, come join us!
Hey Leute! Dies ist hauptsächlich eine Community von und für deutsche Nintendo-Switch Spieler. Aber auch ausländische Spieler sind gern gesehen und eingeladen! Wir spielen übrigens auch ausgewählte PC-Titel! Auf unserem Server sind mehrere Bots vorhanden, u.a. kann über den Bot Musik abgespielt werden oder es kann ein Twitch-Live-Stream angeteasert werden. Außerdem informieren dich Bots auf bestimmten Kanälen über die aktuellsten News rund um Spiele und Hardware für alle Plattformen. Sei mit einem Klick integriert und informiert!
Custom PC based community
- Tech Discussion
- Tech Support (taggable role)
- A Special PC Showcase channel
- Cool Roles in our #get-roles channel
- meme channels and lots of bots
- Chill community

Gaming in General offers a wide range of people that play different games!

-The server where gamers meet up to play one game together or
talk about experiences of other games to help starters out, or just carrying
some people and helping them out this is the place for you!

We support every gaming system to every gamer, people collaborate with other people in games and helping eachother out, or if its just for fun!
(Still looking for partners DM ImpuratedDuck#4481)
➖Pc, Mac, console, mobile, and switch players
➖Giveaways, and special events
➖🎶Music and memes🎶
➖Youtubers and Streamers
A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. ❤️ Message ImpuratedDuck#4481 for server partners
Temos o intuito de reunir a galera para jogar, conversa, compartilhar tudo sobre universo gamer e etc.

Nossa comunidade conta com vários tipos de entretenimentos.
(chat's, musicas, jogatinas, sorteios, dicas, jogos grátis e muito +)

- LEMBRE-SE: Seja educado(a), respeito é bom e de graça, use e abuse dele.
We are a actvie fun server with added bots and nice staff we accept all people whatever race or background. hope u all join! don't be toxic and hope you join.
Welcome to ChristoCord!

We are a tech community whom is passionate about technology and helping you build/pick new parts for your new PC! We also have dedicated tech support to help with any tech problems and a dedicated, active staff recruit ready to help when you need it!

We also have community nights every Friday 9pm EST!