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Un petit serveur qui ne demande que de grandir, et beaucoup d'histoires ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

Pleins de salons, textuels pour parler, raconter vos anecdotes , parler paranormal et pleins d'autres.

Des salons vocaux pour se raco ter des histoires et pour participer peut-être un jour à des events ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

Viens et regarde si ça te plaît, on va pas te manger à moins que... 😌
Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Paranormal Discord Server. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, psi-psyche, entities, mysteries, folklore, fringe, unexplained phenomena, horror, sci-fi, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]

Le Cercle de Toh est un serveur discord sur la magie rituelle. Dernière version d’un projet dont les prémisses remontent à 2013, Le Cercle de Toh est un nouveau genre d’ordre occulte, puisqu’il n’existe aucune forme d’adhésion réelle, étant plus un projet ouvert qu’un groupe à proprement parlé. Le Discord est public, ainsi que les leçons et rituels, qui sont destinés à être partagés sur internet. La participation aux discussions du serveur est ouverte pour tout un chacun, tout comme la possibilité de simplement télécharger les leçons et de travailler seul.
17 rituels/leçons sont disponibles actuellement.
🎃 𝗖𝗔𝗟𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗘𝗣𝗦 🎃───────────────
We are a community-based server primarily for the discussion of horror movies, games, and other forms of horror-related media

👻 Automatic horror news updates
👻 Hundreds of horror movie emotes
👻 Year-round Halloween channel!
👻 Movie and art events
👻 Channels for all types of horror-media, including real-life topics such as true crime, cryptozoology, and the paranormal
👻 Active staff and friendly community

Vee Psychic Services
Make use of our professional psychics.

Our services:
- Ask a Question
- 15min. Personalized Guidance
- Photo Reading
- Spiritual Inspection
- 30min. Reading Session
- Spiritual Cleansing
- 1h. Mediumship Session

Our products:
- PDF Tutorial: "How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself"
- PDF Tutorial: "How to achieve Astral Projection"

+ We have self assigning roles and other beneficial roles!
+ FREE content: Premonitions.

Join the server for more details!
The Violet Lotus Society is a server where you can find free resources on the occult, magick and religions. We post disclosed CIA documents on the paranormal, and maintain a positive and helpful environment with lax rules.
welcome to our hidden community, Filled with hidden secrets and stories that are yet to be discovered! we welcome all and we are LGBTQ+ friendly🌈. we are a community that are open to all ideas and opinions about the outer world. introducing you to a journey through the spiritual plane, heaven to the earth, underworld, Astral, Eather and many other worlds. We also include your favourite hobbies of: anime, roleplay, and card game. There are different types of magic and spells, unique abilities, sigils, etc. welcome to the mysterious hidden community "discord user", make sure to be active and respectful with the community. the royal-librarian will make this a safe community. lgbtq+ 💙❤️💚
A server where you can discuss the paranormal and theorise about conspiracies. Also has lots of channels for general discussion, including music and memes. It is a new server, so we could really use some members :)
Astralia est une jeune communauté qui parle de nombreux sujets différents, tous concernant la spiritualité.
De l'astrologie au voyage astral, de vastes sujets y sont abordés.
Venez voir par vous-même, nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous accueillir ;)
Do not join this server for the sake of satisfying your curiosity. This is not a place for everyone. We only accept people 15 and older. What we deal with is real, and NOT to be mistaken for any sort of roleplay/ARG/Creepypasta.
We are always welcoming members and we are always seeking assistance. In order to find out more, you may join and ask a moderator.
Occult Sanctum is a friendly community that desires to provide a nice environment for people to discuss the Occult and their different followings as well as learn from new perspectives in order to further enhance what they know.

Why Join Us?

-Friendly, Mature Staff that are knowledgeable in the Occult as well.
-Accepting Enviroment, we welcome any spirituality as long as it is not illegal and does not harm others.
-Fair Discussions, We allow anyone's opinions here in order to learn and communicate thoughts so long as their opinion does not insult, degrade or attack others nonsensically. We try our best to maintain a mature and as little biased as possible discussion server.
-No tolerance for bullshit. This server does not tolerate dramatics or people being unnecessarily rude or heinous to each other in order to keep a higher quality of discussion.
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You have been invited to..

In the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan, where anime and running big girls are the trend for humans, one school stands out from all the rest, it's not about pretty girls nor big boys

...because of magic..?


There is a place called Numiran High where all beastly monsters and lonely spirits alike hide its true form in co-existing within humans, it is a sanctuary for the supernatural to hide from humans in plain sight, it may seem look like it is just another school, but trust me..

It's a whole new monstrosity we are bubbling, and we would like you to come with us!

We would really want to have you with us in our misadventures, you can become human who starts its day normally or a beast that pretends to be human within the school! Be the folklore your grandma tells you! Or not.

🌸✨ We host SPECIAL RP Episodes/Events and entertaining plots and a working RP atmosphere for you to leisure, plus a whole community for you to meet! ( And hot ass monster babes and big beefy onis to meet )

Let's see if you can make it out..

Alive. :)

We'll see you there, rawr~ ;)

The Numiran High Community. 🌸✨

Message Delivered. 💌
🔞 +18 Server 🔞
Let’s reunite, discuss, experience and have fun!

👽 Aliens
🛸 Theories
👻 Ghosts and spirits
🚬 Beliefs
🕳 Paranormal
🕯 Occults and religions
👀 Personal experiences
🧠 Etc


🎲 On voice channels
💻 In text channels
To obtain objects and organisms with anomalies that we can use to our advantage to understand them and embrace and accept these anomalies to guide them towards the next step in human evolution to make us stronger as an insurgency to help us reach our goal

To help other supernatural and paranormal people to understand what they are to benefit both of us to become better as a insurgency while recruiting more like minded people while others are accepted

Spread the word so we can help others
,,A dragon never yields.''
the Thirteenth Hour is a server split into two: Order and Chaos. This server's goal is to bring in a wide variety of people to discuss and research the paranormal, and if you're welcome to join.
We look forward to seeing you there.
welcome to Agartha
all are welcome, just be civil and dont harass staff.
this server is dedicated to people who lack a place to tell others their thoughts, theories, ideologically, spiritually and politically.
Welcome to Firefly Valley Academy for the paranormal! We are uniquely structured literate RP about a high school for paranormal youths. With a system that promotes the creation of highly unique characters, such as a boy who can move things with his mind, or a girl who flies and breathes fire like a dragon of legend, we make it all fit into the world in a logical way! Our world is dark yet delightful, and we hope to have you join us on this wild journey.

‣ A simple to use homebrew system that promotes creativity over everything else.

‣ Optional character progression through GM'd scenes, or just enjoy soft RP.

‣ A robust system for creating and scheduling player generated events and clubs.

‣ A world where contrary concepts like a steampunk robot and a skinwalker can band together while still remaining friendly to the lore.

‣ A developing world that is constantly being updated with new and unique facets.

‣ A philosophy of rewarding those who participate actively in the RP, where the community will reciprocate your efforts and help to make your character's place in the world more spectacular.

‣ A unique tone that mixes and juxtaposes the light-hearted and quaint with the heavy and dark; have tea time with your best friend before venturing into town to stop a mad necromancer


We are dedicated to unearthing the knowledge of the world that's unseen by the average person. Everything from extraterrestrials to spirits, the things that go bump in the night, and the things we normally wouldn't believe even if we saw it broad daylight; these are the things we hope to enlighten masses to embracing. Now, as more people are becoming aware of the ET presence and are embracing the fact that, not only ETs, but the whole of the metaphysical world operates in capacities not usually picked up by our traditional 5 senses. We are hoping to expand and bring that knowledge back to the people willing to keep their minds open, and hope to expand our reality to something greater than our physical senses.
A server for free and open discussion of the paranormal and the occult.
Over at Synthesis, we're looking to find new members, including you.

Synthesis is a server that believes everyone has spiritual potential, no matter what walk of life they come from. We're all-inclusive, welcoming everyone who'd like to join, regardless of your ideologies or beliefs. Everything goes as long as it's within the guidelines of Discord's Terms of Service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Admin or Mod, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

We are a community that has gone through several phases, changes, and schisms, yet through it all, we've come back together, realizing that "the real Occult tradition was the friends we made along the way".

For those who decide to join, we say:

Welcome to Synthesis, and enjoy your stay!
[🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒] = P.S.C = [🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒]

Do you have unexplained events to share?
Do you want to learn more about this field?
Dealing with unexplained in your home?
We'd love to have you!

⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ PLEASE NOTE ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Users who are inactive for a long duration,
may be kicked. We do this with good intentions
of keeping the server full with active and cool
people, that make our server what it is. Without
active members like you it's not a server.

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GHOST : A chill paranormal themed server with astrology & typology elements and aesthetics.
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