服务器 overwatch


Pixel is a safe, welcoming gaming community whose primary focus is being friendly and inclusive for all no matter what games you play or what your background is. This server is LGBTQ+ friendly and gender inclusive. Most importantly, you can be yourself here.

Average age range between our 200+ members is around 25+ so we have a really diverse community. Many of us are young adults whom along with other life commitments like to spend our free time chatting and playing games.

We currently host an Gold Overwatch team called Nano Pixel and a Platinum team called Pixelate. These teams participate in regular tournaments and scrims.

What we can offer you:
- Friendly and supportive environment.
- SR ranges (Bronze - GM)
- Active LFG section
- Channels dedicated to coaching and development
- Variety of channels for showing off your cute pets, creativity and cooking skills.
- We run events every now and again for our community.

We have members that play a variety of other games:
- Runescape
- Animal Crossing
- Pokemon
- Minecraft
- Destiny
Plus many more!

The only thing we ask is that you're 16+.

If you're looking for a community who are a bunch of gaming nerds to build skill and friendships with. Come try us out!
This server is for mostly gaming and just making new friends and talking. This server uses MEE6, Carl Bot, Dank Memer, And Mudae! The server is professional so don't get thrown off by the name and picture, every week or so we open new applications for staff! We hope you have a great time and cant wait for this server to grow! Thanks!
𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕠𝕣𝕒!

we are a fairly new server that’s been live on disboard for a good few weeks now. we have an estimate of about 20 something members currently, and 10 bots.


messengers of aurora is a pink themed anime & gaming server. we focus primary on minecraft, overwatch and pokemon as our games, but we have an ‘others’ channel for any other games you may like - if one game gets popular, pop a suggestion in our suggestions channel!

as well as anime and gaming, we also have two special channels for kpop & jpop, and every bot also has its own channel to control bot spam. bots include; eli, mudae, helios and yggdrasil!

we have a specific voice chat category, filled with voice chats for games such as overwatch (limited to 6 per chat so you can have your whole team in the chat!) and minecraft, as well as a music bot voice channel.

different to the voice chat category, we also have a streaming category for the streamers in our server. with voice chats so you can stream live, and no-mic chats for each stream vc so people without mics can communicate with the streamer! there’s also a promotional channel to promote your twitch, or whatever you stream on.

so join us! come grab your roles from our reaction role menus and introduce yourself, and become a messenger yourself!!

arigato!! - neko’s nya
Welcome to OWRP! We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly Overwatch roleplay/chill server! Play as a canon or original character and enjoy what we have to offer:

♫ Literate and Casual Roleplays
♫ Active Chats
♫ In-Character Chatrooms and DMs
♫ Multiple OOC Chats
♫ Canon and Original Characters
♫ Multiple AUs
♫ Ages 16+ Only! We enforce a mature roleplay environment.

And in case Disboard is being mean...

Come join!~
Welcome to the SuperJump Squad! A semi-competitive clan for Splatoon, Smash Bros, Overwatch, Paladins, and Speedrunning!

Stop on by! We are very chill and nice people! But we also have a bit of a competitive edge! Feel free to join us today!
Small community that is horny for friendship! We have little to no rules and take nothing seriously, come game with us!
This server is a community for streamers and gamers of any platform. We have multiple channels dedicated to different games and other topics like art, pets, and memes. You can even promote your social media, YouTube channels, Twitch channels, and so on. We're hoping to have this small server turn into an active, fun, and inclusive community. Please be 14 years old or older if you join, some memes and conversations are not suited for younger audiences.
Scuffed Overwatch is an active and thriving community where memes and dark humour are very present, the server's purpose is to have a fun and safe environment where people from the age 15 and up are welcome to join the server at any time! We only ask that you respect the rules so that your time in Scuffed Overwatch is an enjoyable experience!!
Salut à tous @everyone , ce serveur est un serveur multigaming

Le jeu déjà présent sur le discord sont :

- [⛏️]Minecraft [⛏️]
- [🔫] Overwatch [🔫]
- [⚽] Rocket League [⚽]
- [⚔️] Brawlhalla [⚔️]
-[🇺🇲]GTA V [🇺🇲]


Et d'autre arriverons dans le futurs
Ils y auras des tournois , des évents .

Bien-sûr que le discord est encore en développement

A friendly PS4 community for gamers to come together, meet new people, form new bonds and socialize while playing games together. The server primarily focuses on OVERWATCH and soon OVERWATCH 2, but there is room for many other mainstream games.

Toxicity and people with bad behavior are not welcomed here. We want this place to be as friendly as it can be.

You are welcomed to drop by and check out the place. We wish that you like it and become part of the family.
Zapraszamy was na serwer, na którym staramy się uzyskać jak największą aktywność.
Na serwerze w głównej mierze prowadzimy luźne rozmowy lub dyskusje. Co jakiś czas rozmawiamy o nowościach z gier.
Można wymieniać się opiniami (które nikogo nie obrażają), wyżalać się zw swoich problemów, wyrażać swoją frustrację z różnych zdarzeń. Wszystko poza obrażaniem innych i postowaniem nieśmiesznych memów.

Od użytkowników wymagamy:
-Podstawowego szacunku wobec innych
-Tolerowania mniejszości
-Przestrzegania regulaminu
-Stosowania się do zastrzeżeń administracji
-Używania kanałów zgodnie z przeznaczeniem
This is knighthood, a friendly new community on the block! Looking to take discord by storm!!! We offer gamers the gaming experience while getting your daily does of social interaction. (Something gamers hate xD) - jk
We have an overwatch and a Minecraft section! Overwatch is the servers main game but we love other games! That's why, when we expand we plan on bringing more games into the server! More info here↓
I am here to talk to you about Knighthood.
A new community that I'm running along with some friends :)
We are a growing community with lots of new people joining everyday!
We support PS4, PC, in our server. We do not support switches and Xbox sadly, mabye one-day 🤷‍♂️
Game wise, we support Overwatch and Minecraft. In the coming future we hope to support league of legends and Valorant😄
Every team is region arranged, for anyone who doesn't know what that is↓
We have Eu teams playing against Eu and Na teams playing against Na teams. This is hard since we are starting out as a server.

What we offer
💬 - Great Staff
🎮 - A wide range of games
🎭 - An active community
🥊 - Tournaments
📔 - Channels for everything
🚨 - Anti-hate speech (racism, genderism, etc)
🎥 - Special events, (widow, torb hammer tournament etc...)

We have our own tier system,
Overwatch Team Tiers
Tier 1
4000 plus Sr

Tier 2
3000 - 3999 Sr

Tier 3
2000 - 2999 Sr

Tier 4
1 - 1999

Planning on making a survival Minecraft server.

Come join in on the fun :)
Here is the link to out server↓
See you there👋
Small community of Overwatch players that are bored of playing the game as it stands. We do free boosting, comp, qp- really anything to have fun w this dead game.
Most members are 16+, and we mainly play on EU server.
At times we play other games like valorant, osu and minecraft (we have a realm).
Chat is always active, and on the weekends we often play casual games like jackbox or do 'drunkwatch' for whoever is down.
Overall an open and 'chill' group of people who like meeting new ones to play videogames with, and to get to know.
A server dedicated to Reinhardt Overwatch himself. We'll likely chat about other things relevant to OW too, but we are Rein fans first and gamers second. Minor and LGBTQ+ friendly!
everyday we stray further from god in here. join us if ure a gamer or a weeb thenk :D WE R HOSTIN OVERWATCH TOURNAMENTS EVERY WEEKEND SO JOIN THE FUN BRUH.
[PC / NA / 18+ for sensitive material]

My personal server, full of different emotes and people with a lot of different opinions.

We have 100+ emotes for your leisure.

We offer self assignable roles for games. We play:
—Overwatch (US region)
—Animal Crossing
—Deep Rock Galactic
—Rainbow 6 Siege
and others
Welcome to Athena — we're an 18+ Overwatch server home to players of all kinds.

• We play on PC and EU.
• A chill server for both casual and competitive matches.
• There's also roles for a bunch of different other games.
• Make sure to be respectful and have fun!
Overwatch Switch FR est un serveur que nous avons créé afin de rassembler la nouvelle communauté d'Overwatch qu'a créé le jeu depuis sa sortie sur switch 😊

Tout joueur possédant Overwatch sur Nintendo Switch y est donc invité! 🎉

Il est question de convivialité, de partages et de communication afin de nous permettre de jouer ensemble dans les meilleurs conditions possibles!

Chez nous, il vous sera possible:

🏆 de rejoindre ou de former votre propre équipe afin de pouvoir participer à des matchs amicaux, des tournois entre équipes ou bien tout simplement de vous performer avec vos alliés les plus proches !

🎥 de partager vos idées, vos stratégies, des médias !

📰 d'être au courant des dernières mise à jour !

⚔ de participer à des évènements communautaires réguliers !

Nous sommes à l'écoute de notre communauté et proposons à chacun de participer à son développement!
C'est donc l'entièreté des membres du serveur que vous retrouverez chez nous!
Un endroit conviviale où vous ferez de superbes rencontres et où vous vous divertisserez!
Hello, welcome to gamer's hideout, a nice little place filled with people who play:
Overwatch (eu mainly), CS:GO, LOL, Apex Legends, COD and are willing to do more if needed.

we currently are doing weekly Overwatch scrims (sometimes more)
and are trying CS:GO scrims (intended to be weekly)

we have a highly active community of Overwatch comp enthusiasts.
Hey! Welcome to Achievement Unlocked! We are a friendly server with people who like to game, chat, and chill. We play many games and like to joke around in voice chat with friends. Anyone who likes playing games and meeting new people, this is the server for you!
Main Games:
Dead By Daylight
Rocket League
Rainbow Six Siege

Please enjoy your stay and make friends!
🌸 Что же, Bread's Home - это сервер, созданный абсолютно с нуля с целью: объединить людей с различными интересами. У нас есть свой бот, над которым продолжается работа и по сей день. 🌸 Поскольку сервер еще совсем молодой, ему требуется активность. Пока постоянные круги общения не сформировались, новичкам будет легче влиться в коллектив. Администрация прилагает все усилия для улучшения этого хлебного места.
У нас вы найдете: League of Legends, Overwatch, Black Desert, OSU!, APEX, CS GO, and other games. 🌸 От вас лишь требуется актив и подтвержденный аккаунт 🌸

Find active overwatch players who share the love of the game with you !
tons of self assignable roles to show off your sr and heroes !
regular events such as weekly comp like matches !
find people who play on your device PC , XBOX , PS4 and even SWITCH !
players from all regions in the world to talk to !
discuss the latest updates and share your opinion !
share your overwatch art and potg's in specific channels !

its just a nice place to hangout ! !