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ZeSuGames's Free Advertising Discord
My name's ZeSu and I'm a YouTuber with almost 1,000 subscribers. I made this Discord for small creators like me to network and share content with each other. If you're a Streamer or YouTuber looking to grow, join and let us help you with that. :)
🔷 YouTube/Twitch Networking
🔷 Free Advertising
🔷 Fun Community
🔷 𝙏𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚!


Welcome to the brotherhood we welcome all tech wizards of all categories. We are here to learn and move forward, hope to see you brother

We also welcome anyone who wants to hire a hacker. We are white hat hackers so we are only doing a pentesting session for business's. If you have a job please only use the jobs section
Come our art server, to talk about art and make new artist friends that share your interests! It’s a discord server meant to help everyone improve their art, get motivated and for networking, critiques and fun project collabs. Artist isn’t limited to visual. We welcome writers, musicians and whatever. ♡
This server is for the round pegs in the square holes. We embrace people who are unique and have a sense of humor. Most of all we want to network and help each other grow
Hey all! This is a server all about YouTube channels, we have a small community providing criticism and feedback on each others videos while supporting each other with any issues we may have. Anyone with a YouTube channel is welcome to advertise as long as they stay involved in the community so feel free to stop by!
The Hood twitch community are open to new members we have a variety of twitch, YouTube and mixer streamers that like to come together hangout. We have a Roleplay channel have alot of self promotion channels to help you grow.

Come join us today and Enter The Hood
The only Server on Discord that provides updated security news from 30+ feeds every hour. Give us a try because we are truly unique. Get the latest news on computer threats, hacks, data breaches, vulnerabilities, Cisco and now gaming news. If your not satisfied let us know why before you leave so we can improve because your opinion is extremely important to us.
A server to come and self-promote your Twitch Channel, join our server and become a member of our community and support other Twitch streamers!
This Discord Server is for all those who love networking. Professionally, as a Hobby, and just getting started! We love all brands and are a calm collected community.
Server for Twitch.tv/ryankubo - Come in to meet other like minded people. All streamers who join are added to a streamer role when they go live on Twitch. (Details in the welcome message)
We are serious gamers who want to make gaming our career. It could be streaming, recording, announcing, or even becoming a professional gamer. We just love gaming with a passion and want to make video games a central part of our life. So join us today and become a Goliath!
My name is Kevin the owner of the server. Here at the Bar N Chill we take pride in keeping this server safe and fun for all of our members. I have made this server to help grow friends and meet new people from all over the world. We are a gaming, memes, networking, and friendly server. Support here is earned not given. What I mean by that is you wont receive any support if you don't show support yourself. We have a good amount of text channels such as #general (main chat), #video-or-stream-links (where you can share videos or streams you have done), #memes (where you can post SFW memes), and #gfx-artwork (where you can post some gfx, drawings, photos and more.) We will be adding more as we grow but I don't want to overwhelm the server off the jump. At this time I don't have anything else to say but if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to dm me. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this. I hope you all ENJOY YOUR STAY!
We are a gaming community mainly focused around PC gaming who love to meet new people! We are a thriving community who mainly play Rainbow Six: Siege, but are open to playing with people on a number of games! Anyone and everyone is welcome, as long as you are willing to follow the rules!
P.S. This server also doubles as the CaptainWheatThin Stream Server as well, so if you get any pings, feel free to disable pings in the notification settings.
Originally started from doing team projects for school. Currently turning it into a community for networking and designing games and just being creative in general. If you're an artist, programmer, musician, video producer, writer, or anything else in this broad category, join us.
Excessive is a fresh server made for Twitch streamers & Viewers to connect.
are you looking to grow your channel or are you looking for new channels to discover? join today and you might find what you are looking for :)
Greetings from Machines and Memes! (Now looking for mods!)
What we Provide
• A chill, non-toxic environment for all
• Active, helpful and friendly staff
• Quality memes
What else is included in this server?
► Self-promotion channels (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer etc)
► A neat little levelling system
► Open voice channels for gaming
► Networking Channels and more to come!
► NEW - 50 new emotes for your enjoyment.
► NEW - Suggestions channel to improve the server!

Our unique invite link: https://discord.gg/m6z5xvs
This server is dedicated to music networking (primarily rap and hiphop).
Hi! This is a small community server aimed at chat and assistance with a large range of computer based topics, including standard computer support, programming, networking etc.
This is a channel were you can advertise your twitch channel
Toutes les infos ici : https://hypel.ink/tavernepirate
💀 💀 💀
Ami Digital Entrepreneur, tu es un Pirate. Oui car tu as décidé de t'affranchir des règles de la Société et du Salariat, tu as choisi ta Liberté, prendre ton navire et partir à l'Aventure au grès des vents. Tu y trouveras peut-être ton Île (ta niche marketing ?) et en creusant à l'aide de ta Carte aux Trésor (des formations en ligne) tu trouveras peut-être ce Coffre rempli d'Or et de Joyaux que tu convoites tant (gloire, amour et fortune) !

💀 💀 💀
Viens discuter avec nous, rejoins notre Salon Privé Discord ou notre groupe Facebook !

Nous menons des raids fréquents sur les villes de Paris, Metz et Nancy
Nous recherchons à faire accoster nos Navires Pirates sur les autres îles Francophones, si ça t'intéresse ou si tu veux lancer un groupe local, clique sur la Taverne

Rejoins-nous Compagnon de la Flibuste, clique ici : https://hypel.ink/tavernepirate pour embarquer dans cette fabuleuse aventure du Digital avec nous !

💀 💀 💀
Mots clés pour nous trouver : QLRR ☠ Quitter la Rat Race ☠ Cédric ANICETTE ☠ Blogueur Pro ☠ Olivier ROLAND ☠ Esprit Riche ☠ Michaël FERRARI ☠ Marketing Naturel ☠ Jean RIVIÈRE ☠ Marketing Mania ☠ Stanislas LELOUP ☠ Maker Pro ☠ Antoine BM ☠ La Solution est En Vous ☠ Sylvain CARUFEL ☠ David LAROCHE ☠ Anthony NEVO ☠ VieDeDingue ☠ Martin LATULIPPE ☠ Aurélien AMACKER ☠ Enzo HONORE ☠ Maxence RIGOTTIER ☠ Entrepreneur Libre ☠ Sébastien NIGHT ☠ Koudetat ☠ The Family ☠ Oussama AMMAR ☠ GaryVee ☠ Gary VAYNERCHUCK ☠ Octalysis et Gamification ☠ Yu-kai Chou ☠ Marketing ☠ Digital ☠ Numérique ☠ Tunnel de ventes ☠ SEO, SEM, SEA, SMO ☠ Growth hacking ☠ Stripe ☠ Paypal ☠ Vente en ligne ☠ Dropshipping ☠ Automatisation ☠ e-book ☠ Infopreneurs ☠ infopreneuriat ☠ Tim FERRISS ☠ La Semaine de 4h ☠ Inbound Marketing ☠ Reverse Engineering ☠ Influence ☠ Networking ☠ Social Media ☠ Réseaux Sociaux ☠ Facebook ☠ Twitter ☠ Instagram ☠ E-commerce ☠ Ecommerce ☠ Youtube ☠ Meetup ☠ Pinterest ☠ LinkedIN ☠ Coach ☠ Coaching ☠ Mentoring ☠ Mentor ☠ Intelligence Émotionnelle ☠ Storytelling ☠ Copywriting ☠ Blogging ☠ Psychologie ☠ Empathie

Welcome to the NEW Wavy Network!
A discord community for various uses,
you can play with your friends and meet new people with the growing community of Wavy and meet new people to play with.

Wavy network will eventually host tournaments and competitions with prize money in various games depending on the demand

Join and experience the vibe of the server, hope you enjoy!
Zach Black kindly allowes me to run this Discord server parallel to the social site for modern satanists and people who are interested, his "Satanic International Network".
This is a community focused on helping individuals establishing there businesses collaborate, network, and converse.