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350+ wholesome members! The Kimchi Café welcomes basically anyone. We are a community Discord for those who want to have fun and meet new people. You can find artists, anime fans, K-Pop fans, and others here.

• Active Community
• Level/Ranking System
• Server Events (Karaoke, Game Nights, etc.)
• Giveaways
• Self-Assignable Roles
• Cute Emotes (Non-Animated & Animated)
• Partnerships
• Server Shop & Currency

Join us as we are waiting for you! We have cookies too.
Are you looking for a place to talk about your favourite anime? This server is obviously for you! This is the perfect place to socialise with people around the globe! Our primary focus is anime and manga but there will be something for everyone
Small community of people who are super chill! We have channels about anime, music, memes. We have self assignable roles too so you can flex on everyone else! If you join i hope yous tay and make yourself at home! c:
*Welcome to Crimson Moon! Here we try to make life as fun and as easy as possible, We allow dating gaming and socializing with people and making friends of course.*

*Things you can expect*

♡ -Dating

♡ -Anime

♡ -Gaming

♡ -Chilling

♡ -Memes

♡ -Music

♡ -Therapists

♡ -And More

*We are here to make your days better, So we hope you have a fun time in our server.*
"This is an 18+ safe-space for wandering minds and aspiring creatives to share work and express ideas. We are a collective consciousness learning together through discussion and collaboration. Come delve deep into the human mind and incubate your creative excellence. This is a community which fosters and promotes the individual and collective creative endeavors of its members while teaching them how to promote and market themselves. A place for thinkers and creatives to develop themselves and each other through critique, cooperation, open mindedness, and honesty. The FUTURE is a reason to create NOW."
ESPORTS and Gaming Community server.
And Pokemon bot to catch em all and duel 😍
❤ 1000+ members ❤Games & Nitro Giveaways ❤ Partnerships ❤ Events ❤ Cats & Noodles Nitro Emoji ❤ Looking to satisfy your appetite for noodles and make friends? ❤
UH is a quite active and fast growing community with well over 430 members. This is primarily a community + chill server that provides a relaxing environment and accomodates it's members and encourages them to try our unique features! We aren't based on one topic; we talk about anime, music, gaming and more! You can use our category for socializing, post selfies, promote your social media and have fun with our bots. In our Trending category, you can interact with others through a diverse set of minigames and bots at your liking. So join now, before you miss the chance!
A new server I made with voice channels, cool roles, fun bots, and not many people yet. With more people this server could be very active and fun.
Laidback community with weird culture and plenty of emojis to use. Small hangout place with people that have known each other for years. Would love to add new friends to our community. We are a 16+ community.
Giveaways || Sarcasm || Gaming || Music || Art || NSFW || 1:1 Girls to Boys Ratio || Events || Active VC's Night and Day || Confessionals || Join Today!
Welcome to bobs with cheese
200+ members
subscribe to pewdiepie and join the 9 year old army.
❁With active text chats, voice chat, regular events and games
❁You can be sure there will always be something to do. Once you join, don’t hesitate to get to know others!
❁ Feel free to make yourself at home, and make new friends!
We’re active and we have:
★btw we also have no life
And way more!
I would love for u too join! ♡♡♡
𝕚𝕟𝕧𝕚𝕥𝕖: https://discord.gg/22TR9zY
𝕓𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣: https://media.giphy.com/media/ferJZ8Nef5HzEmgR0n/giphy.gif
we would love to see you and subscribe to pewdiepie ┐(ツ)┌━☆゚.*・。゚
Our server welcomes all people from across the world.
We offer giveaways, moderator applications etc..
If you have any ideas or suggestions your voice will be heard. We will try our
absolute best to attend to your needs and provide you with a warm welcome.
Join us and feel the wonders
Friendly staff members, with friendly members. Rules are simple, just don't break it. Let's get along well!
Hello! Join us for weirdness and intriguing convos coupled with a loving staff and a community that we will strive to keep respectful and encouraging. Chill and just be your lovely self in this quite nice server. We have a torture channel and Old English!! It's a new server and so we would love to accept new people.
Laid-Back Camp is a camping themed community server for everyone! We provide 30+ emojis, advertising for your Twitch or Youtube, and a friendly community of many different types of people! We hope to see you camping soon!
【 ✿ Sean bienvenidos a TSUGUMI ✿ 】

✧。Aceptamos a cualquier persona que quiera formar parte de esta bonita familia. Somos una comunidad que busca combatir el aburrimiento charlar de distintos temas y divertirnos!! 。✧

❥ ┊〔✯〕Ranking por actividad
❥ ┊〔✯〕Temática variada
❥ ┊〔✯〕Ambiente agradable
❥ ┊〔✯〕Staff atento
❥ ┊〔✯〕Actividades
❥ ┊〔✯〕Canales especiales

Just Some Bitches 💕🎨🎭🎠🎆🎶🎬📚📷✍🐱‍🐉🦓🦄🦎🦖🦕
Hey! We're the MCR discord, with around 200+ members! Please feel free to join and talk about MCR or whatever other stuff you would like. I like to think of us as a friendly and open community. (lol even if you don't like MCR feel free to join, there are others here just for the community)
Yo come chill here! Theres pretty much no rules, just don't be a knob. It'll be cool, just join now m8
BOOM-SQUAD to polski serwer Discord o wielu tematycznych kanałach, przeznaczonych dla różnych odbiorców. Na naszym serwerze możesz porozmawiać na wszystkie tematy, poznać nowe osoby o podobnych zainteresowaniach, pograć z kumplami i po prostu dobrze spędzić czas. Serdecznie zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych do odwiedzenia naszego serwera. Poniżej znajdują się informacje, które mogą Cię zachęcić do dołączenia do naszej społeczności.

• W swojej ofercie posiadamy liczne kanały przeznaczone do różnych odbiorców, więc każdy powinien znaleźć coś dla siebie.

• Na naszym serwerze występuje system ekonomii, a także levelowania, który pozwala odblokowywać nowe kanały i przyznaje wam rangi w zależności od waszej aktywności serwerowej

• Nie znajdziecie u nas żadnych płatności za prawdziwe pieniądze. Prywatne kanały, rangę V.I.P i tym podobne możecie zdobyć za serwerową walutę.

• Profesjonalnie zarządzanie serwerem i jego liczne aktualizacje

• Zarząd utrzymuje kontakt ze społecznością i liczymy się ze zdaniem każdej osoby. Swoje opinie możesz wyrazić za pomocą kanału z ankietami

• Przejrzystość regulaminu, a także kanał objaśniający mechanizmy obowiązujące na naszym serwerze.

• Liczne ogłoszenia zawierające ciekawe informacje, a także kanał informujący o udostępnieniu kolejnego utworu waszych ulubionych wykonawców (swoje ulubione kanały z muzyką możecie zgłaszać aby były dodane do tego kanału.)

Na zakończenie chcę jeszcze raz zachęcić was, do odwiedzenia naszego serwera, a także do stania się częścią naszej wspaniałej społeczności. W tym miejscu chcę się pożegnać i do usłyszenia na BOOM-SQUADZIE.
A new anime based community server. We're striving to make a nice community without any toxicity. Hope you'll enjoy your stay <33
Real Nigga Hours 2 is a fresh meme server full of gaming and music niggas. I like art and such so pull up with that cute shit. Meet cool niggas and use the bots. Real Niggas + Dank memes + more. BITCH.
music chill room is a discord server where you can chill with other producer or if you arent a producer you can also join so you can hear some songs and give them your opinion. so if you wanna join click the link and your in!