服务器 monster


- Every Monster in the MH series to roleplay as!
- Areas from just about every game to explore!
- Elder Dragon Balancing system
- A friendly community
- Monster Hunter strategy discussion
- **shrine of chonk**
- Fun Bots!
- Questing system for currency!
0Music and Voice channels!

**Join Monster Hunter Planet Today!**
A monster girl dedicated discord server primarily focusing on anime (and of course hentai). All are welcome (except antivaxxers/flat Earthers/global warming deniers of course). I promise I will personally try my hardest to keep this server a nice and safe place for anyone that wants and needs one providing they obey the short list of rules we have which is visible once you join. We're always happy to hear suggestions to help improve the server and welcome it. I hope you'll choose to join and enjoy your hopefully long and happy stay.

-Ferrofluid Fae <3

P.S. We got monster guys too.

There is a world where black sludge turns any who fall into it into a monster based on their hopes and dreams. With this sludge spreading across the world, it has pushed humanity to the breaking point. Humans eventually came up with the technology to be able to turn their hopes and dreams into weapons that can combat these abominations.

Join the battle and reclaim our world!

Dream Catcher is a semi-literate RP with its own unique systems. It features a wide variety of monster types and theming.
-29 monsters and counting.
-Wield weapons based on the monsters you slay.
-Lore and a whole database filled with information on the world!
-Database includes details of the monsters and weapons, as well as events.
-Information is always being updated!
-An active VC where there’s always someone talking.
-MH and MH-clone fan-friendly.
-More features to come
This server is a place for people who enjoy ERP, especially those who enjoy themes of lactation, breeding, and transformation in a contemporary fantasy setting focusing on humans, near humans, and monster folks (monster boys & girls). Anthros and more feral entities are also welcome provided they can assume more humanoid base forms/ disguises. We also cater to vanilla kinks and offer some SFW roleplay channels as well as other NSFW channels for pics and media!
Mortals and Monsters are separated by their realms. To keep hostility at it's minimum, the two civilizations agreed to separate themselves. The monsters live much like our modern humans. They can talk, eat, they have similar modern technology and much more.

But, because of the conflict the two have, humans are strictly forbidden from passing through to the Monster Realm, and vice versa.

Most monsters go to the prestigious school known throughout the realm; Monsters Academy.
There, the student council works to enhance the education and technology of Monsters to its finest. They abide by the rules, and make a perfect role model for the future generation.
Until one day, they come across a human hiding in their world, and are forced to come to a decision that could otherwise determine the fate of their lives.

- New Server! This means we're small, so feel free to join!
- Very accepting!
- Nice and Welcoming community!
- we support lgbt!
You wake up in a gigantic mansion. The doors won’t open and the windows won’t break. At first this seems like a paradise. The food restocks itself. And the water never runs out....But then Night came and things got worse....Very very worse. When the sun goes down all the light shuts off....Then evils come out to play....Will you be an evil in this game of madness....Or will you be a survivor and live this hell show?
Located in the Rocky Mountains, of Montana, is a Facility. Which this facility is owned by the Mostrum Ignotum Foundation, where they hold cyrptids and other mythical creatures. The Job of the Mostrum Ignotum, is to locate and capture these creatures to prevent the public from knowing their existence. The Foundation is comprised of teams and units to do the job the right way. For the paranormal and supernatural is out there, and its they'res no room for failure. The Units are comprised of Investigation and Retrieval. Investigation units are your average investigators, investigating the property, presence, and mystery of the creature and area that surrounds them. Their job is to gather intel and hand it over to the retrieval teams. Retrievals are moved in to capture, armed with weaponry and military training, they move in and retrieve the creature.
Once brought to the facility it is up to the scientists jobs to use human test subjects brought from prisons to see what the creature does and what i can do while also having a subtidal habitat. You can be anyone of these, including a creature itself. You can even have a creature assist the Foundation like many that does. Enjoy the supernatural.
The Carting Hub is a server full of passionate Monster Hunter players who know their way around the games insides and can provide help on every aspect of the game.

Another focal point is finding a group to play with, and for that the server is loaded with tons of session ID channels and group finding channels and finding a group of experienced hunters to play with has never been easier! Hop in and see if you like it!
Hello, my name is Fledgy and I would like to invite you all to my monster hunter world (PC) discord! We have a pretty large community of over 600+ members from all around the globe! No registrations, no hassle, just come on in and join the community! I hope you stop by and check us out, Happy Hunting!
The world is at war, again, in this modern age.

There are humans that arm their guns and aim to kill what they classify as a threat. They prey to their God to strengthen them in the fight to purge demons that walk what they believe to be their earth, and their earth alone.

Then you have the monsters. Those who are wrongly accused. They are killed because they cannot be explained, because they are seen as a threat.

In Ravenspeak, humans do not reside. A place for monsters to feel at peace. Yet, little do they know of what's coming for them. The humans have advanced their technology enough to rival the monsters, and wish to rid of them.

Join the fight in this world of chaos.

Will you side with the monsters?

Or with the humans?

Choose your side.

We have:
- An Open World 🌏
- Fun Bots 👌
- Friendly People😁
- A non-canon fighting arena👑
And much more!
Are you a monster?
Are you want to go to a school full of monsters? Than you are at the right spot. Sign in today for Allentias School for the gifted and enjoy an nice RP experience with a bunch of funny people that want to have fun.
Der Beginn eines neuen Todesspiels...

Du stehst alleine auf dem Plaza mit Teleporttor und schaust dich Hilfe suchend um. Keine Menschenseele weg und breit. In deiner Hand hältst du eine Anfängerwaffe und einen kleinen Geldbeutel. Plötzlich siehst du eine Gruppe von Menschen, die auch eine Waffe in der Hand halten. Du bist neugierig und näherst dich den Personen. Sie schauen dich an und winken dich zu ihren Tisch heran. Gehst du hin oder nicht?

Das ist deine Entscheidung!
Welcome to Spooky High! This server is created by three dorks who love Monster Prom. Talk about it, roleplay, and have fun! Become a canon character or make your own! Fall in love, and ask them to prom! Or don't! And simply be alone to talk.
Ever since the war against humanity, miscreants-monsters have been driven to close extinction. Those who survived have gone into hiding. As time passed, they soon became nothing but fairy tales and myths.
The Sol’era mansion, with the dark power of the Old One, created as a safe haven for all miscreants to escape to. Protected under a barrier that no human can see, know or enter (though some for unknown reasons have slipped through), the mansion guaranteed safety for all outcasted abominations to stay and live their lives in peace.

Sol’era Mansion is an adult roleplaying revolve around the daily life of the mansion residents with a slight touch of Lovecraftian vibe to it. Erotic Roleplaying is not necessary but encouraged.
We’re a tight-knit community and welcome you with open arms (or legs ;p )
So join us if this is your taste!
Hello there! Welcome to Belua Island, a server filled to the brim with monsters and humans who will fulfill your every desire. RP or ERP to your hearts content and share your favorite art pieces. We'd love to see everything.

I know there are a lot of other servers, so why would you want to join us? Our server has friendly staff, no real restriction and we have our own unique story.

The server is rather empty for now, but, that's why we want you, dear reader, to join and send a breath of life over this island.
this server is based on the kind of monsters you see in Monster Munsume. Though stuff like vampires are allowed, that’s what this server was made exactly for.

Long ago, monsters and man had a war for the ages.
But when man won, monsters were forced underground, into hiding from the world for centuries.
They formed a civilization, known as the Den of Monsters.
They live in peace, hiding from the world and the terrible humans.
Some humans wander too far underground and end up trapped underground in this world, some killed by monsters, some adopted like a pet, etc.

All fetishes are welcome, including stuff like vore and futa, but they are not always done, so if you don’t like those things, you don’t have to do it.

This is a new server, and my first attempt at making one at all, but it's focused around monsters like Lamias/Nagas, Arachnes, and other sorts of mythical beings and them lewding each other or humans.
That means you can play as either monster or human.

Come join my new rp!
there is a war against the supernatural and the government, the demons, monsters etc are thought of as evil incarnate so the governments wants to kill them off, the supernatural beings are in hiding after a law forbidding any and all supernaturals some even forced into slavery, some also have started a rebellion but these are a minority of the supernatural population along with very few humans who agree with the supernatural side of things

We just started so we don’t have very many people but we have loyal active staff

We have private nsfw channels for people who want those types of rp

Keep it family friendly If it’s not a nsfw channel
welcome if your reading this you must be looking for a new server to join! well you came to the right place hunting season is a erp/rp server focused around a town surrounded by a large forest filled with strange monsters you can hunt and call your own, or maybe find something else for your interest. We have friendly staff and would love to have you here.
This server is a unique role play about a summer camp and a very unusual visitor. Rumor has it a monster is capturing innocent campers, making their weak willed mind's obey their every command, making it stronger with the more recruits it has. Will you be the one who solves this mystery of the unusual visitor, or will you fall into their grasp, ready to serve?
A fun accepting roleplay server for the Sanders sides AU: Monster Sides! I do not own the AU or Sanders sides. This is merely a fan work.
Welcome, young monster, to Amistar University!

Long ago, after the first War of Heaven, a young angel named Naomi Eveningstar decided to create this place for monsters to learn and grow. There are no humans anywhere on the planet anymore, what with all the magical fallout from the Celestial battles, so most of the monsters that attend school here are friendly and kind, though you may watch out for the Nagas, just a personal tip. Join us today and enroll yourself in a fantastic university for monsters.
welcome to little monsters daycare a place for kids of all races be it human,dwarf,werewolf,vampire,mermaid,kemonomimi,gnome or whatever else is out there to be safe from the discrimination of the outside world and in some cases get a new family or to come work at said establishment.

Welcome to Harrowing!

This is a monsters roleplay server! We have a nice little community all here to give support for your ideas!

We have out own custom lore thats too long to explain here! Please come take a look around and check us out!

Please don't be upset when submitting characters as we have undergone a massive rework to the server. So we are tighter on rules for characters coming in...

🕯️ We are a new server looking for active roleplayers
🕯️ We strive to be friendly to all
🕯️ Our server will have custom emojis of roleplay characters
🕯️ We are open to ideas
🕯️ We have simple lore and would love to get your input
🕯️ Currently looking for Mods and Gatekeepers
🕯️Custom Emojis
🕯️OC trading and buying!
Egodog high is for monsters and humans of any ethnicity, Sexuality or looks we are an accepting server that hopes you will stay, we have:
》nsfw chanels
》a gay superintendent
》friendly staff
》awsome artists