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We are looking to build a small company and this is the place we start, this is the interview and questions server and if you pass the interview (required to avoid spam bots) you will be invited to our main server. The title says it all, Writers, artists, and voice actors needed!

-We are an upcoming small group joining together to make ends meet. if you love playing video games (whichever platform) then this is the right server for you. We'll start with few of us before expanding into each one having their own wing/ breaking off to build their own. I'm a gamer, If I love it, just like anyone else I'd like to make it something profitable. There's only one problem with being a lone gamer or part time player trying to grow. It's competing with the active people mostly usually already earning who have already time to think of content, create and release it in tons. Furthermore already earning from it, allows them to promote their videos.
So here basically what we'll be doing is making work light by involving many hands
We all have watched videos around and know what type of content people want. We all are creators and gamers. And we all want to also earn from it.

Review us as well.
We are a community that brings together web developers of all experience levels. Get help with your code, connect with other web developers, discuss your current project and chat about your favourite languages, libraries, and frameworks.
🎭The Voice Acting Guild🎭
Wanna learn how to voice act? Or do you have work that requires a voice actor? Join us! We can help you find the people you need!

What do we offer?
• Jobs for all ages & genders
• Adult based work (horror, sexual, etc)
• Channels to post your work and ideas
• Channels to interact with other voice actors
• Quickly help find you a role or job you can fulfill
• Helpful and caring staff
Learn to code for free and get paid for your skills through https://www.quantatask.com , an e-learning website linked to a freelancing website.

A Newly created server for people who are struggling in School, Jobs or any other Area. We will provide support to those looking for a job, those who want a job in acting or many other places where you may want a Job. We also inspire and give advice to those who need it. We are dedicated to helping people figure out their life and get them on the right track! If you yourself are interested hop in and give us a shot.
The land of Phantasia is a highly developed UnbelievaBoat-based and Dyno assisted interactive action roleplay community server with Races, Classes, Factions & many Professions and other Affiliations. Phantasia has many items and weapons, a full shop with 50+ items! We have an engaging combat system including 13+ weapons and spells. The server has a soft roleplay element. Start as a lowly peasant and triumph until wealthy and powerful Choose the path of the a Combatant, Archer, Mystic and or even politician. The land has laws that must be followed or else risk fines or being sent to the dungeon. You may judge or be the judged. Seek out Professions you wish to receive once you acquire the requirements ask for the position and follow the role of your job.
Navigate through this authoritarian bureauocracy, swear allegiance to the People's Party and its Chairman, climb the ranks of the various Ministries. Glory to Belogorzka!
(This server is currently abandoned, it will not receive any more updates or giveaways. Join at your own risk if you like to roleplay by yourself.)

Hello There Pal! Would You Like To Take a Trip To Fredbear’s? We've Got Everything That Your Child Will Enjoy and As Well As Yourself. We Are Currently Looking For Hire So Be On the Lookout, You May Be Our Next Nightguard! Or Uhm- Dayguard too. There Are Also Many More Jobs, and Other Things to Do Such as Role Playing, Many Fun Bots, Friendly Staff and Security, Giveaways That Contain Roles That Give You Special Perks!, and Much More. So Come on Down to Fredbear's and Join The Family!
Welcome to AstraAdvertise! Here you can advertise your servers and much more! Enjoy! We are run by a professional team of staff, and we have a HR team.
This is a school roleplay where you learn from low-high classes and when you’re done you get a job there, we suggest you stay active as there’s no time for lessons. We try to make this as best as possible for everyone!
Welcome to Life!

You, with billions of people, has been born. You are in control of yourself and do whatever you wish. Perhaps you should have a job, or learn more in the educational system, and even have a Family!

Your life is yours to command.
Come to our world!~
Come to the world of Konosuba! We have a ton of things such as-
❥Three different cities
❥Lots of events
❥Friendly Mod+
❥And much more!~
If you've ever wanted to have fun, and roleplay at the same time, this server is just for you! There is a lot more to come and with your suggestions and questions, there will be a lot of fun things to do! Please come join us on our journey, and you won't be disappointed! You are always welcome here on Konosuba, so why not come along and have fun AND have awesome roleplays? I would!
Hello I'm star struck and im the owner of this server,there are lots of fun things to do here,it goes from adopting cute little pets,to hanging out with your friends,also make lots of money off of getting a job,and buying your own little home in Magic city,also can go and make your own shop once you have been in the game for three week,in those three weeks you have to be active,if not you will have to be active for one more week,you can also make your own weapons and a couple of characters,so come and join Magic academy you will have lots of fun!!!
-= :black_small_square: ___***~ Employment Central ~***___ :black_small_square: =-

**-> What is __Employment Central__?**
"Employment Central" was founded by Zhai_#3829, FreakingAwesome#0001, and Amethysttt#0001 on 2019/November/14th. If you're looking for a place to find jobs, or staffs, here is the right place.

**-> Why __Employment Central__ a good choice?**
When you go to "looking for" section of a normal advertisement server where you can advertise servers, the majority only says: looking for job, looking for staff, looking for partners and looking for others, well, here you have everything more organized, and it doesn't have a lot of channels! What does that mean? Well, it won't be crowded and every channel is emojified for you to understand everything in one second, and not needing to read all the text.

**What does __Employment Central__ offer? :arrow_heading_down: **
:notes: -**Multiple voice channels, for communicating and music!**
:dizzy: -**12 (which is a lot) Channels 4 you to look for job, and staff!**
:fire: -**Active Members! (when you join of course)**
:angel: -**No dramas, minimum arguements, 99.9% respectful community! But 100% SFW (Safe For Work)!**

**What is __Employment Central__ looking for? :arrow_heading_down: **
:man_in_tuxedo: -**Server staff!**
:busts_in_silhouette: -**Partnership Managers!**
:man_technologist: -**Moderators!**
:eggplant: -**Active members! (and don't ask why I used a eggplant emoji)**

**:heavy_check_mark: Join us today! :heavy_check_mark:**
[~ ~ :black_small_square: Invite Link :black_small_square: ~ ~]
~ https://discord.gg/RtgccfS ~
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Salut, le serveur discord est un RP écrit moderne, avec des touches Science-Fiction. Vous pouvez rejoindre la Capitale de l'Empire Démonien. Vous pouvez prend n'importe quels jobs disponible pour RP. Économie activé. Les joueurs font le RP, en gros un marchand peut être un joueur et vendre des choses. Le Role-Play Romantique est autorisé sans en abusé.
Augmented reality gaming, memes, real life resources, music, art, and general discussion. This is Outside: The Game.
Need some tutoring? Join our server! We have only a few tutors now, but that may change. If you join us, you can rank up to a certain grade level, and even to Head Tutors! Why wouldn’t you join our server, I mean, it’s free homework help!
Erlebe hier den Alltag in einer kleinen Stadt mit vielen Jobs und Aktionen! Kauf dir ein Auto und entdecke die ganze Welt. Oder kauf dir ein Handy um mit den anderen zu twittern. Du hast beschlossen hier zu bleiben? Dann lasse dich als Bürger eintragen, kauf dir eine Wohnung und starte eine Karriere. Bei Fragen kannt du dich auch gerne an die touristen-info wenden. MfG WC-Ente {Oberbürgermeister}
We are a good server so make sure to join we have a lot of cool things about our community
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