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A small comfy rat-themed server for gay rodent lovers to hang out in. You have to be 18+ to enter the server, enjoy your stay! :)
【 h e l l o 】
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Welcome to our server! We are a community for all ages, and our server centers around the idea of having a fun, relaxed, and chill experience!
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What we offer:
♡ self-roles
♡ cute emotes
♡ level up and economy bots
♡ friendly members
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We're a new server, but why don't you visit us?
We hope to see you soon!
This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize,talk to new people and make new friends.
This is mainly a socializing server, but we also play games.
Its mostly a community server.
Everyone is Welcomed!
Staff will make sure you are comfortable and you will enjoy your stay here.
Have fun!
A new osu community! Come join us to enjoy osu together c:
Welcome to K - H O L E. This is a server where any discussion kind of discussion is welcome. Casual, gaming, science, poltics, and philosophy just to name a few. We try to be lax on rules and moderation, but there are still certain things that need to be followed.
No matter your interests, likes or dislikes, you will find your place in Edelvania. We're an open-minded, non-toxic and welcoming Community. Do not hesitate to join us and have a good time !

• League Of Legends • E-Sports • Gaming • NSFW • BDSM • Anime • Events • Dating • Selfies • Art •
Amazing chill server that hunts for egirls. we primary enjoy raiding servers such as furry's.
Join here: https://discord.gg/dPWsv6
#rip OG raid.inc
Bienvenue sur le serveur Games & Cheers :beers::video_game:!

Nous sommes 3 potes un peu bêtes (et pas qu'un peu), qui avons décidé de créer un serveur discord pour se taper des barres avec des inconnus et surtout parce que nous voulons du pouvoir sur des gens.

Bien évidement nous prônons:
-le respect
-la rigolade
-et bien évidement l'argent

Amicalement votre,

- L'administration

Hey. I'm mitch, the owner of social club.

In the social club you can do basically anything you want within reason. As long as you don't break our rules we're fine.

Talk about anything!

We have community, art, nsfw and gaming channels. With much more coming!

We will be doing giveaways soon.
Zapraszam Ciebie, właśnie Ciebie na skromny, lecz dobrze ogarnięty i rozwijający się serwer Thonkers!

● Giveawaye z różnych okazji!
● Przemyślane kanały!
● Sporą aktywność!
● Pomocne selfrole!
● Różnorodne ciekawe boty!
● Rozmaite kanały tekstowe!
● Kanał na reklamy!
● Przemyślane rangi.
● Stały rozwój serwera!
● Nie oznaczamy bez powodu.
I dużo więcej!

Możliwe że jest to serwer stworzony idealnie dla ciebie nie ma na co czekać wejdź i sprawdź sam!
This server is meant for anything that deals with Gaming. No matter what games you play or what console you play on(You can even play on a potato). You are welcome to this Server
Salut ! "Au temps perdu" est un serveur majoritairement fait pour discuter et rencontrer du monde sur lequel on fait des jeux et du RP de temps en temps. On a pas trop de règles, on préfère que vous soyez libres :wink: On est pas beaucoup, donc venez, il y aura pas de drama ^^
Welcome to Skull Krushers

Invite your friends and make this your gaming home, get to know the people, chat, talk, and make friends with each other. Waiting eagerly for your arrival!!
Looking for active and engaging members, such people may be promoted to staff as well!!!

We have
Friendly members and helpful and supportive mods and owner.
A healthy, friendly and safe space/environment for people to talk about themselves and their irl problems.
Many bots to have fun with.
Music bots and music channels.
The main chat for all the languages.
Self promotion channel.
Partnership with other servers.
Selfies channel.
Different media channels.
Suggestions channel.
Memes and meme bot.
nsfw channel and a nsfw bot as well.
A channel where you can share your gaming clips with the rest of the community.
But above all else, this is a safe, healthy community for everyone, join me, and help me in making this server, a great one
Happy gaming!!

Make Neko proud
FUF$ - Polish Gaming Community to bardzo dobrze rozwinięty serwer któremu jedynie czego brakuje to członków i aktywności. Serwer powstał 11 Marca 2018r. Posiada ogarniętą administrację która pilnuje porządku, pomaga innym, wprowadza zmiany i ulepszenia oraz zajmuje się sprawami technicznymi. Organizujemy ciekawe eventy w różnych grach i nie tylko. Posiadamy dużo kanałów głosowych jak i tekstowych, na serwerze znajdziesz różne ciekawe przedmioty i kanały do odblokowania. Gwarantujemy miłą atmosferę i świetną zabawę. Serwer jest przyjazny dla młodych osób ponieważ wiemy że na discordzie jest ich dużo.
Dołącz do nas i pomóż zlikwidować brak aktywności i ludności.
Serdecznie zapraszamy!

nie pozwól aby nasz serwer umarł
A Community of Mature, Passionate, and Friendly people to talk to. A Multilingual Community that you will NOT find anywhere else. Everything you can think of such as Giveaways, Events, Gaming, Music, Art, Anime, and promote yourself here! You can even talk about our personal bot! Visit our site: http://www.amr.gg

🍆 Growing Community
😄 Friendly Community and Staff
🎪 Weekly Giveaways & Events
🎮 Game Channels & Statistics
🎶 Music Chillout
⚡ Fun & Clever Bots
✋ Suggestions welcomed

Rocket League, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Destiny, Monster Hunter: World, Apex Legends.
Hey. Das hier ist der Sever des KnightsOfGermany kurz KOG.
Wir sind eine nice Truppe mit mehr als 80 Leuten.
Meistens labern, chillen, zocken und hören wir auch gerne mal Musik, obwohl dies hier eigentlich "nur" ein Gaming-Server ist.

Was macht unseren Server besonders:
1. Eine nice community
2. Hilfsbereite Admins
3. Mittelalter-Setting
4. Ein großartiges Rollensystem
5. Viele unterstützte Spiele
6. Häufige Updates bzw. upgrades
7. Ein Abstimmverfahren (Meinungen sind erwünscht)
8. Tolle Channels (Spiele-Channels, einen Satire-Channel, ...)
9. Regeln,
10. Viele Freiheiten

MEE6, Novus FM, Rythm, Rythm 2 und Server Stats

Wer einfach mal bock hat vorbei zu kommen, darf dies gerne einfach mal machen.

Haut rein... vieleicht hört man sich mal.

PS: Wir suchen noch weitere CO-Admins.
Hey everyone and welcome to sad timer, sad timer is a server that you can make great friends on and maybe you can get a (gf/bf) 💕💕 its for fun
Are you looking for a new server to just chill in? Join now and meet some awesome new people and help build a brand new community! We discuss anime, games, tech and much more. An awesome leveling system and fun bots you can play with! We can't wait to meet you!
Very small tight knit group looking to expand and make many more friends along the way! This server is very down to earth, adult oriented, and relatively active. It is a kink hub, aimed at the DDLG community mostly but we welcome all kinksters over the age of 18, and yes you must verify to get access to adult channels. We have many different text channels, roles, and voice chats, but not so much as to confuse you. Come join us today!♡
This is a fun server where you are able to do pretty much anything it's for gamers Anime Fans and ur able to self advertise
Also I'm trying to unite people from all over the World So since I know Spanish feel free to speak it with me
come join my fresh Discord server! have a chat, share some memes and just have a good time!
Welcome Devil's Den. This is a place where you can chill ,have fun and make new friends in the process. But be sure to mind the channels and be respectful of others
•The general where we usually hang out
•An advice section
•NSFW section for the pervs
•An art channel and a food Channel and many more coming.
Feel free to speak up if you got suggestions.
We welcome y’all to the sever and hope you guys have fun.<3