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Lugias Lair is a server revolving around the bot Pokecord. The whole server is generally pretty friendly, and if you’re new to Pokecord, others can help you. We host events, giveaways, and more. It’s a fun place, and we recommend you join if you have similar interests!
We're a community server with amazing emotes, annoying people tho, and some quality top tier shitposting so join if you like that. Also quite toxic ngl, so join if you like that t o o.
The Minecraft Bangladesh official discord is the primary hub for all those who love everything minecraft.
Hey, are you bored? Don't have any servers to talk in? Maybe you like games? That's great! Because you can join "Super_XDGuy's Gaming Hangout"! What do we have here? Well:
1. We love memes and gaming
2. We have organised server rules
3. A ton of text channels and bots for any taste
4. Very nice administration!
Join this server and Enjoy Your Stay, i hope you're gonna like it!
We all have had meaningful experiences so come and have a conversation about them. Our goal is to enrich each other's lives by having a place we can share a story or just have a good laugh. We hope to welcome you to Our Home and we hope you can make it yours as well! Please be drama free and you must be 21 or older.
We are a small server right now and are trying to build a friendly fun community if like that then please join us!
A streaming community for
Hey! Quieres jugar videoju.... ndeaaa, hola capos, todo bien? Ojala que si porque hoy les quiero enseñar este recien fabricado server de discord latinoamerica, nos encanta el league of legends pero apestamos en el, la gente es muy sociable y carismatica asi que no tengas miedo de hablar. Nos veremos(?
'Krusty Burger' is a server for anyone who plays PC, PS4, XBOX, or simply wants to be social and apart of a community. We share memes, listen to music, play discord bots, and have fun! Check us out!
A small discord server looking for active people who just want to draw and hang out.
We maybe big but we are active and depent on our members!
We accept all kind of art from traditional to image edits!
You can meme, play games, or just talk here about anything!
Even special Fandom channels!
This is a discord server for anyone who is interested in looking to meet new people to play games with or just hangout with. Feel free to swing by and say hi :D
☪️Islamic Rep. of Islamabad☪️

Based on The Islamabad Capital Territory and Rawalpindi District
Main Religion: Islam
Official Languages: Punjabi, Urdu, English and Pashto
All Cultures and races welcomed
Hierarchy system, many roles available
Sunni and Shia alike can join
All religions allowed
Brand new server, very chill, just join and see whats up lol,we're always open to suggestions
Want a nice community? Chat with people worldwide?
Maybe just enjoy some memes and chat, well we have it all here! Welcome to Refix's memes ran by a Youtuber that is pretty known for his community posts!
Events & More!
We do something called "PFP Of The Week" basically we let people decide what's gonna be the pfp of the server, we do it every Thursday!
We a simple but nice server, we hope you join and have a great time.
Hey! So I made this server with the hopes of bringing people together as well as meeting new friends and overall just having a chill community. Everyone is very lowkey and nice so you don't have to worry about anyone being toxic XD (Just as a side note, the server isn't about danplan or anything, I just thought it would be nice if it had a little bit of a theme.. most of the people in the server don't even know what danplan is and that's alright) So, you won't feel left out :)

hello people of the internet!

we are inviting you to our server :
˗ˏˋ ・゚☕ ⁀➷MUSIC CAFÉ~♡

it's a friendly server,everyone is welcome!

we are LGBT friendly community and we would like to be friends with each other!

This server can be:
-dating server
-gaming server
-friendly server
-anime server
-chill server
-aesthetic server
-grudge server
-goth or pastel goth server


owner: @Chiyo~♡

you can also do what you want,you can be edgy,emo or whatever you are..

you're very much welcome and don't think you are always alone and no one cares

because i do,maybe but not,all does too!

thank you for reading the description and we are happy to have you here!

thank you also for JOINING


This server is about socializing with other people, gaming with them and having fun! Mostly a CS:GO server but it's for every gaming community! You get to meet new people and become friends with them and play games with them! So come join the server and have a quality time with us! P.S. auto roles are coming soon
Bonjour, Bienvenue a toi !!
Je te présente OkaGaming!

Tu joue en multi, en coop, tu galère à trouver des joueurs Français ou tu souhaite partager ce que tu fait sur YouTube et Twitch ? Ici nous avons la solution à tous tes problèmes ! Venez comme vous êtes !

Serveur communautaire qui a pour but de regrouper tout type de personne ayant du bon sens et le jeux vidéo dans le sang, Gameur dans l’âmes.

Le serveur dispose de channel vocaux mise à disposition à la communauté, ( Général, musique, média-image, art, ect…)

Des évents mis à disposition dans le salon #event-annonces🎉, mais il n’y aura pas que sa ! Il aura aussi des activités inter-serveur ( Championnats,etc... ) pourquoi pas des partenariats avec d’autre server.

-OkaGaming, Est un serveur ouvert à tous le monde !! Multi-gaming sur tous type de jeux et de plateforme ( Pc, Mobile, Xbox, Ps,) le serveur regroupe une multitude de joueur cherchant du monde avec qui jouer.
Discutez de vos centre d’intérêts dans nos salon, rencontrer d'autre personne partageant les mêmes passions communes tout sa dans un cadres amicale et ludique.

➤ Possibilité d’évolution dans notre serveur, candidature Staff mis à disponibilité à la communauté. Si tu souhaite rejoindre le Staff actuelle.
Voici quelque règle :

1°) Au moins avoir 15 ans.
2°) Micro obligatoire pour le Staff.
3°) Prendre connaissance des règles du serveur, et rôle Staff.
4°) Êtres actif principalement ( Vocal, Général ).

➤ L’équipe staff sera à votre disposition et vous souhaitent la bienvenue parmis nous et la communauté.

➤ N’hésitez pas à rejoindre notre serveur, vous ne serez pas déçus !
vous ne le regretterez pas !


『Come to the Internet!』

We have:
▻Karaoke rooms,24/7 music and cool chat with owner days
▻Cool currency and role giveaways and special events
▻A nice community with nice admins,mods and a great owner
▻Special invite giveaways and invite roles
▻Fun game nights,Minigame nights,and also The owner making youtube vids!

『Come and remember this is still a WIP server so more will be coming soon!』
Na tomto serveru se predevsim soustredime na gaming a na to, aby meli vsichni pohodli a vsem se tady libilo.

Mame aktivni lidi, kteri si s vami kdykoliv zahraji!
Welcome to RRTTTT
RRRTTT is a growing, casual server with several unique features that is Level 1 Boosted
What do you get from our server?
╭━━━━━━━━WE HAVE━━━━━━━━╮
- active chat
- unique emojis
- gaming
- music channel & bot
- welcoming and friendly mods
- frequent gaming events
- minecraft server
- nsfw channel
- self-assignable roles for colours, gender, location & gaming
Despite all of this! We have so much more coming in the future such as specific channels, events & so much more.

Make sure that you aren't kept in the dark -- join RRTTTT now to be part of a thriving, friendly community!

Yo Leude,

Leite einen nicen Server mit zwei richtig netten Leuten! Wir arbeiten so gut wie jeden Tag an unserem Server! Sei es Design, Aufbau, Bots oder so sind wir immer bereit sowas zu machen! #AllesFürDieCommunity

Was wir dir bieten:

• eine große Gaming Fan Base, welche gerne mal zusammen zockt!
• eine stätig wachsende Community
• gute Bots
• ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden
• ein kompetentes und lustiges Team welches dir gerne hilft
• nice Chats mit spielen wie: count, one word story oder cleverbot
• Season Funktion wie in Fortnite mit exklusiven Rängen die es nur in einem gewissen Zeitraum gibt!
• Gewinnspiele wo ihr Ränge oder Discord Geld gewinnen könnt

Wir freuen uns auf jeden einzelnen !!

Liebe Grüße,
Das Cosmoia Server-Team