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Wouldn't you rather be chatting with us rather than reading all these long-winded descriptions?
a fun fast growing community looking to expand, were planning to add a whole bunch of new stuff to make the server safe and fun for all !!!
Wanna be part of a Community
Playing the nice Games
then u are here right
talk with a nice Community
get support by problem
and have fun
`·. Join The Exodus ★°゚

Here's what to expect if you join:
✩。:•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•:。✩

✧ Friendly staff and members to talk to
✧ A welcoming community that is very active
✧ Active voice channels
✧ Many emotes plus spaces for emotes where we can add your own!
✧ Regular movie nights / event nights
✧ Many roles and colour roles + Custom roles for Boosters
✧ The cutest animals on discord!

↠ We host giveaways and events for people to have the chance of winning Nitro or gift cards too! ↞

✩。:•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•*:。✩
Bruwucord ヂ ス

【Who we are】
Greetings, my name is Bruwu, and this is my server: Bruwucord ヂ ス. We strive to be a peaceful active server to talk about anything from gaming to artworks to writing, and anything that has to do with creating amazing things. This server is here for you to share those amazing things and make great friends along the way. We just recently reached 100 members and our next goal is 200, why not join and see for yourself how nice of a community we really are! Side note this is also the official server for my twitch account BruwuLIVE so if you are into that sorta stuff that's another reason to join us.

【What we offer】
We offer many great things that are catered to sharing or collaborating with artists, gamers, musicians, and many more people. We also encourage others to talk and become great friends. My DMS are always open if you are struggling to find friends or have a question about the server. Now, here's a small list of things we offer:
° Self Promo
°Java Minecraft Server
° Over +50 color roles
° Custom emotes
° Pet pictures and a selfie channel
°Friendly staff and a safe environment
° And much more!


Join us today, you won't regret it!

What our server includes is:Hentai,NSFW Overwatch pics and video,Cosplay pics,Porn video,Role play,Rule 34,NSFW 3D video,Fortnite trading, Custom Roles, Anime,Artworks,Music, and much more.

If you do decide to join, please know that the server is much likely made for teens and young adults. As of that.
We're currently working on updating, upgrading little things.
we don't try to become the best server.

Joining the server will automatically apply the `sailor` role
^~^ Can't wait to see you in our server!
🚪Welcome to the Rented Room🚪
Its a small server with a lot of good and friendly people. We're pretty quiet and chill, there's barely any drama in this server which is a good thing. A bunch of people here are really nice and they are also hella fun.

Few things to know about this server:
📌 We tend to talk more in voice channels, so feel free to join in when there's one or more people!
📌 The server has a couple of anime fans and weebs so if you're a fellow weeb, then you've come to the right place!
📌 There's a feature suggestion channel so if you want to suggest some new things or remove some then let us know in that channel!
📌 Strict rules when it comes to drama so make sure to read the rules of the Landlord properly!
📌 Once in a while, there's a stream session going on in the vc so you can hop in to watch a fellow member playing a game!

Will Add:
📌 More events like playing skribbl.io or cah
📌 Other small events to get to know each other better
📌 Anime/Movie session

So come on down, rent a room and join in the small community!
Hey, we are a community of gamers ranging from retro rpgs/ strategy games to newer games like Rocket league, destiny 2 and World Of Warcraft. As a community, we are trying to grow and also help you grow in return! Please come help and join our Community!
Hello! We are a dedicated server on "The Isle". We have just started this server up! It would be much appreciated if you lovely people could help us grow! Please feel free to stop by and take a look much appreciated if you do! We are a fun server with a fresh new take on "The Isle" servers hoping to have our community grow and expand as time goes on and we would love if you could come help us!
For all of your gaming needs, as well as a nice place to hang out and meet new people while you look around the store. The staff is friendly and anything not found initially can easily become a staple to our ever growing selections.
Hello! Welcome to Creative Station! This server is dedicated to those who seek an active chatting server who seek to have fun. We offer various emotes, customizable roles such as color roles, NSFW channels that spam content, economy system, and many more! Enjoy your stay at Creative Station!
Servidor con el objetivo de ser un punto de encuentro para hacer equipos para diferentes juegos, hacer varias rifas y dinámicas divertidas con premios.
Was ist Panda-Network?

Wir sind ein kleines Team aus Hobby Programmierern,
Wünsche / neue ideen sind in jerder unsere Produkte / Projekt sehr willkommen auf Nachfrage und ausgiebiger Planung sind wir auch bereit etwas spezieller Wünsche für einzelne Personen / Projekt zu verwirklichen.
Desweiteren entwickeln wir für verschiede Projekte z.b. Tools für Mitarbeiter Verwaltung oder ähnliches

Mach jetzt mit bei Pander-Network !!
Wir haben:
- Selbst erhältliche Programmierrollen
- Hobby Programmierer in vielen verschiedenen Sprachen (PHP, Java, Lua ...)
- Menschen, die Ihnen helfen, Ihr Wissen zu erlernen oder zu verfeinern
- Exklusive Tests / Beta-Tests
- andere coole Allgemeinwissensthemen
- Ein Team was sich einander auch gern unterstützt.

Haben wir deine neugier anregen können Schau gern bei uns vorbei
Pssst... Hello there, my fellow lurker! This server isn't just for 𝗗𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗡𝗶𝘁𝗿𝗼 - we're making it possible for anyone to get it in their hands. Not just 𝗴𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆𝘀, but we also do have 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗴𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗮𝘄𝗮𝘆𝘀. Doubting that we are legit? Join the server and check the 𝘃𝗼𝘂𝗰𝗵𝗲𝘀/𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗳 category. Already having the eager to get the Nitro? Join 🎉 𝗡𝗶𝘁𝗿𝗼 𝗗𝗿𝗼𝗽𝘀 now!

➡️ Invite links: https://discord.io/nitrodrops | https://discord.me/nitrodrops

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Hi people!
Come join Tea Time and:
-Make friends
-Chill with us
-Listen to some music
-Talk about anything you want

In Tea Time we accept anyone and are looking forward to talking with everyone!
Hallöchen und herzlich Willkommen bei The Crew!
Wir sind eine Community von Gamern. Du willst Teil dieser Community werden? Okay, dann joine uns doch einfach! Sea of Thieves, GTA, Stardew Valley, Minecraft - du kannst wahrscheinlich für alles Teamkollegen finden!
Selbst wenn du kein Gamer bist, kann man auf unserem Server nette Leute zum Schreiben finden. :)

• Jeder ist willkommen!
• Freundliches und aktives Serverteam!
• Regelmäßige Mitgliedsumfragen, damit das Wohlbefinden auf dem Server verbessert werden kann!
• Verifizierung durch das Serverteam, um für eine Sicherheit zu sorgen!
• Serverspiele für Mitglieder!
• Der Server ist zu 100% entenfreundlich!

Welcome to Hunters Academy.This is the type of place where you will find all types of audience:people interested in editing,atrists,weebs,otakus,introverts gamers etc.We have different channeles dedicated to different topics,We have;
☆Gaming channeles dedicated to the most devoted audiance.
☆Anime channeles
☆Channeles for people who enjoy light novels
☆Manga,channeles for people who love mangas
☆Drama,for people who watch Asian dramas
☆Spicific spoiler channels meaning you don't have to worry about people sending spoilers in other channeles there are spicific channeles for spoilers.There are different spoiler channeles for different catagorys like,a spoiler channel for anime,a spoiler channel for light novels,a spoiler channel for manga readers etc.
☆We have alot of discord bot games like zero two,minecraft,pokecord,waifu bot and many more
☆We have alot of voice channeles too for people who like talking with other people on discord.
☆Specific gaming voice channeles
☆Streaming channeles
☆Channeles for people who love music(like a spotify channel)
☆A FM channel so that people can listen to songs together
☆Different chats for people who speak other languages besides english like,chinese,dutch,arabic,and anyother language
☆And lastly we have seperate channeles for AFK people and muted people
So,if you love gaming,watching anime/dramas,reading lightnovels or mangas,listening to music or just chilling ,this is the place for you.
Welcome to Hunters Academy
This server is mostly aimed at either anime fans or league of legends players, because it's most of our community. Don't worry if you're neither! We have many interesting chats where you can talk about other hobbies. You can join discussion clubs or create your own once you reach a certain level. Often contests and events await. If you put effort in them, you'll end up in our Hall of Fame. The server is free speech (to some extent), so you won't get punished for your opinions. I keep experimenting on new things, so you'll often come across innovative features like Quests, databases, server related problem solving tickets, our own blog and more. I acknowledge all suggestions, so once you're used to the server, submit a thing or two in the suggestion channel. It'll help me a lot.
I heard you are a Music Producer/Singer/Rapper?
Then THIS is THE server for you.

We arent tolerating disrespectful members. Our Community is nice to each other and if there is help needed we are doing our best to keep you save.

We got reaction roles and much more!
Hey if you got Youtube dont hesitate to promote in our promotion server :D

See you ;)
Kom gezellig in mijn gaming discord server, deze server is gefocust op mijn twitch community. We gamen veel met zijn allen, ook op stream! Alle leeftijden toegestaan. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Compleet met:
-Leveling systeem 🌱
-Muziekbot 🎼
-Roles die je kan verdienen 💎

Ik zie je daar! 😉
A Fortnite Community with a lot of bots and a WIP e-sports team.FNPPL stands for
Fortnite People
We are looking for e-sports members if you are skilled pls consider
The Cokes are a community/gaming server.
We are very new but quickly growing.

Things to look out for here are:

◊ Auto-ranks
◊ Family game night once a week (jackbox or similar)
◊ Presence in many online games (inc Minecraft, R6 Siege, Clash Royale)
◊ An actual sense of humour
◊ And much more to come
RecTendoTV est un groupe de créateur de tournoi sur plusieurs plates-formes de jeux-vidéo.
Désormais, nous rejoignons la communauté Française sur le jeu Brawlhalla pour ainsi pouvoir développé la communauté eSport Française du jeu en étant un tournoi officiel.
Wir können so viel für dich sein wie eine Seelsorge oder eine witzige Truppe.
.Viele bei uns zocken Nintendo Sachen wie Smash,Mariokart Pokemon und co.
Wir spielen momentan vorallem Animal Crossing New Horizon und besuchen unsere Inseln gegenseitig und helfen uns gegenseitig. Zusätzlich schreiben wir über viele verschiedene Themen. Wir haben verschiedene Bots wie den Memebot mudae bot einen musik bot, pokebot marriage bot.
Diese Woche findet ein Künstler Event statt (die meisten sind zwar von uns noch nicht so gut aber Übung macht den Meister oder die Meisterin)