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Hello people
This server is made for having fun with discord games and stuff like mudae bot waifu bot etc and chatting with people about your favourite stuff
We have some cool dudes and dudettes here and we would be happy for you to join
holla up
Some of our main stuff
• Unclaimed top tier waifus
• Custom role requests
• Nickname colors
• Good variety of emotes
Serveur de la communauté twitter de Madamademoisel (@Madamademoisell), venez pour discuter, vous faire des amis, de petits rp (ou quelques parties de jambes en l'air 😉)
Cat themed server we play competitively & casually.
Regions : US-E, US-W & EU
ALL platforms are welcome!
Defiers of the Mad God is a Realm of the Mad God PServer developed by two morons in their spare time. The pserver itself isn't public yet, but you can join this Discord to watch us. Also a bit of the content is based off of Touhou, so there's that.
Bienvenue dans "[FR] Le Salon !"
Quel est le but du serveur ?

Ce serveur à pour but de réunir des personnes souhaitant faire connaissance.
Que ce soit pour discuter, trouver des amis ou encore l'amour (vous emballez pas non plus), nous essayerons au maximum de vous accompagner.
Notre but ? Rassembler les gens qui ont des points communs, afin de discuter avec des gens similaires à vous ou encore totalement différents afin de découvrir de nouvelles choses.

Qui que vous soyez.. :

- Jeune ou plus âgé
- Gameur ou musicien
- Fille ou garçon
Nous avons une place pour vous.

Dans Le Salon soyez au maximum "chill", détendez vous et prenez vous pas la tête.
Just a fun place to chill and hangout, we do giveaways, hang out, and play video games together. We are really laid back and have fun just being in each others company :) We also have A LOT of emotes and Fun bots
We have
- fun bots
- Game nights like cards against humanity and skribble
- Movie nights for everyone to join
- Fun people who play games on xbox, PS4 and PC
- Giveaways and raffles
- Server advertising and partnering
- Over 150 Cute and funny emotes
- Self assignable roles
- NSFW allowed in certain channels
- Hardly any rules
So please come join my family and have fun :)
If you're looking for a server to lewd your Waifus then this is the server for you. Where we lewd basically anything except your mom.

About Us
We are a fun community server, who loves talking about random stuffs all the time
There are alot of things that I would like to tell about this server, but I believe it would be better for you to join and experience it all for yourself.

Here are some of the features of this server :-
We got all the fun bots that you might need
We got channels like
- Music Player
- Roleplay
- Story Making
- Pokecord
and many more
Hello and welcome to Strawberry Café ☕️
We are a anime and gaming server whit
a lot of fun bots and events 💕
This is a SFW place, LGBT welcome and no
racial discrimination ❤️
Make new friends who like the same things you do 🍰
Basically a server with nice people. We all show cool interest and we also need a few more people. So I recommend joining for lots of fun. The more active members we have, the better the server is.
A friendly server where you can chose your own empire to play as and progress. Conquer land, make alliances, attack enemies, and rise to power. Come and join now!
At its most basic, the Pokemon Ultra RPG is a Pokemon simulation game, run by the community and including rule sets the games don't allow. Activities possible, via Discord or forums, include:
- Battles and contests without the four-move limit
- Rewards of in-game currency for battling, contests, and more
- Purchase of items and Pokemon from the Poke Mart
- Catching Pokemon by writing stories, engaging in roleplaying games, and drawing art
- Special battle modes and challenges, such as Free-For-Alls and custom tournaments
- Collect gym badges by defeating formidable Gym Leader players, and challenge the URPG Pokemon League!

And the best part about it? It's all run by our awesome players! Join and learn how to play today!
Hello there! So I own an unofficial UNO discord server with over 500 members and still growing! And I would like to invite everyone to it.

You can do many things here, like:
⚬ Have UNO discussions.
⚬ LFG with other people.
⚬ Or you can play UNO via the UNO bot on Discord for free!

So if you're interested, be sure to join and meet some cool people!
Welcome your self to the ⚡𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕖 [𝔼ℝℙ]⚡

🔶What we have to offer
🔹🅶🆁🅾🆆🅸🅽🅶 member count
🔸Custom 🅾🅲'🆂 are allowed
🔹Custom 🆁🅰🅲🅴🆂 are allowed
🔸Many areas to 🆁🅿 about
🔹🅴🆁🅿 Dedicated section
🔸A 🅽🅾 shame policy
🔹Add 🅱🅾🆃🆂 at user suggest
🔸🅽🆂🅵🆆 areas to post whatever to
🔹🅼🅾🅳 spots are open
🔶And many other sights to see

So come join us😜 for a drink or two we will be waiting we'll keep a seat warm for you
This server get highly compressed games every day
as gta 5 on 92 mb! AFTER EXTRACTING IT WOULD CHANGE TO 100/125 GB Make sure to join for your favourite games!
Crazy gamedev family place!
Its legit!
Come on, come in!
We're a friendly Discord server dedicated to the cartoon Happy Tree Friends! Feel free to join us and talk about mainly about the cartoon, share art, music and memes, play games, and much more! 😊
Hey ! Te voici sur le Discord Communautaire 𝑨𝒃𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 !
Ici, tu découvriras une communauté active et soudée, soutenue par un Staff mature et réactif, autour du sujet du jeu vidéo !
Libre à toi de nous rejoindre, et de faire partie de l'équipe !
Serwer, który powstał niedawno, ale już ma wiele rzeczy.
Posiadamy: kilka stref tematycznych, autorskiego bota, event i konkursy z nagrodami, wiele rang. Poznaj nas lepiej! Dołącz do nowego świetnego serwera! https://discord.gg/uJewCee
Ücretsiz Minecraft Preminium/Spotify Preminium/Netflix Preminium

Free Minecraft Preminium/Spotify Preminium/Netflix Preminium
Non-Toxic, Positive, Friendly and pretty chilled chat (as names says)
VC is active most of the time
Growing server
We also do nitro and games giveaways (well soon)
Well established anime server that has been around for over one year. Come join us to discuss your favorite animes, listen to music, play games or simply relax and socialize with our awesome members!
Zapraszam na polski serwer discord 🇵🇱. Serwer jest dobrze rozbudowany. Możesz porozmawiać z ludźmi o wszystkim. Serwer związany jest z grami i luźnymi gadkami. Możliwość potwierdzenia członka ✔️. Możliwość kupna rangi. VIP i S-VIP jest już dostępny na serwerze. Jest też możliwość założenia własnego kanału do rozmów + czat - za zgodą Administratora. Miłej zabawy 🔥
Здесь можно поиграть в pubg и пообщаться
Добро пожаловать на дискорд сервер игрового коммьюнити: Rising Great Knowledge!
Где рады всем и вся!

"Мы - это дискорд сервер масштабами в более сотни геймеров, веселых людей и просто умелых работяг, которые смогут помочь вам в чем угодно!
Также здесь вас ждут новости о различных играх, раздачах, конкурсах и многое другое!"