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Leidsieg is set within it's own corrupted and dangerous world where the players will be introduced to a horrific world of dark beasts and the wrongdoings of other races. It is set on a large continent that has a long history of different things, from warfare to undead plagues. This world is harsh, unforgiving and will give players no mercy.

You will learn that one does not get power for nothing, you will start off just as weak as the wretches around you, but if you are smart and thoughtful to your current predicament, you can grow in power. There is no easy start in Leidsieg, it's dark horrors and evils that surround it will turn the greatest warriors into nothing more than tin-can snacks. So be prepared to work for your survival.

- You can play as a King, Knight, Mage, Barbarian, Bandit or a talking chicken if you wish.
- You can make your own factions, join up with other community members and rule one of the three kingdoms, or make your own.
- We have our own magic rules.
- We have our own in role play currencies.

Join us in trying to survive Leidsieg.
Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.

♔ Engage with ever-expanding lore and world
♕ Join a noble house and feud for power and influence, building alliances or challenging rivals
♔ Forge your own path with the help of experienced, helpful staff
♕ Control which server notifications you receive with unique news stream with separate subscriptions for different types of news
♔ Progress naturalistically through the world through an unobtrusive, holistic purchasing system
♕ Become a central piece to the expansion—or the fall of Akanthia’s ever growing empire!
A new, growing WAKFU RolePlay Server. We are still small, but steadily growing in size.
Join us in the World of Twelve.

You don’t need to know much about WAKFU to join us, and there are informative materials available to help learn about the world and abilities your character will have.
An academy made specifically for those with supernatural abilities!

What we offer for roleplay:
-An economy system that rewards students for improvement and effort!
-A ranking system from E - S, so you can climb to ranks of the academy!
-A measurement system used for measuring the power and potential of your characters!
-A lore that will be developed and updated with your actions!
-Events, a student council, clans, and more!

We've put in much effort to ensure the best experience possible, we hope to see you there!
A brand new RP/ERP Server growing fast everyday ! With members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythological and Supernatural creatures ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some Master x Slave ERPs ?
Do you like infinite kinky ideas and endless hours of leisure ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Divine Temptation, the server with perfect mix between Smut and Story !
Iovrea is a land of opportunity for the most powerful royal to the smallest adventurer. Evil creatures scour the Unknown, while civilizations thrive in the East. Fame and fortune are at the hands of those who seek it.

• Medieval fantasy roleplay
• Free and flexible lore
• 13+, advanced level
Ferro Ignique (Realistic Fantasy RP\RPG)

Ferro Ignique is a Simi-Fantasy style roleplaying server. Have you ever considered becoming a Game Master or story developer? Are you more interested in playing the part of hosting players into a quest created by yourself? Then Ferro Ignique is the place for you! Offering a vast selection of lore for Game Masters to choose and interact with, creating quests and stories is sure to have quite the variety for several ways of approach, with the choices of players affecting the overall outcome and the shape of the world! Ferro Ignique is set on the planet of Nira, with the central hub, being the land of Gothinheim and its flourishing city. Every aspect of Gothinheim has lore, and most of it has been created by the playerbase! With a new plotline in the making and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore, the server calls upon you to help forward the legends!
**Transcension Hotel**
A hotel that transcends the even concept of space and time. Seems cool enough to me but you probably don't know how you got here.

Some of the cool things that should definitely make you wanna join here:
- 🔨 Lenient Staff (Just me for now anyways.)
- ☑ No Character Approval Needed
- 🎇 No Theme Restrictions
- 👉 👌 ERP/NSFW channels if you so desire to unlock them.
Seeking 20+ Human members SFW RP Server Partners!

Welcome to the Chronicle of Drase! We're a brand new medieval-early renaissance, gunpowderless high fantasy server focusing on semi-literate to literate roleplay (Paragraph to multi-paragraphs). We provides an expansive, expanding fantasy world for everyone to roleplay in. You can adventure, quest, or simply sit down at the local tavern and have a drink with your fellow friends.

It takes place in the World of Drase, on the great continent called Ramul Ta. On its northeastern corner, the High Elven Silnarian Empire, once master of most of the known world, had lost most of their territory and former domination to the three-centuries old Macen (Human) Salvain Empire. Yet, the elves are finally resurging in power, while the Salvainian had grown complacent. Peace rules for now in the northeast, yet the many countries in this area are waiting for the opportunity to assume their rightful place in the sun. The republican dark elves of South Silnaria wait for their opportunity to spread their revolutionary ideal, while the tribal beastfolks of Itchsunia seems ever eager to crush the presumptuous civilized folks of the west...

📚Detailed nations, world and race 📚
❤Active, caring, professional staff ❤
😃Friendly, slur free, non-toxic environment😃
🔞ERP-free environment 🔞
🎲Turn-based, detailed (T1) combat 🎲
🧙Detailed, singular, balanced, spells. Simple and fair stat and mana system🧙
🧙Multiple guilds to join, learn and socialize in!🧙
⬆ Character progressions, updates, enchantment, quests and more! ⬆
🐍 7 races, 19 subraces 🐍
✏ Ever expanding settings ✏
🎊Active NA & ASIA/OCE Community🎊

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and experience an all new, immersive fantasy world!
Temporal Cluster is a Science Fiction roleplay server set in a cluster of many different star systems close to a black hole. It has a large scale, and is a very expansive open world. As such, writing lore for each system is down to you, the writers. You guide your adventures, or, if you're not feeling creative, you can ask someone else to guide your adventure for you.

We cater to more advanced writers, typically those who can push out a paragraph or two at least, but we expect a minimum of three sentences per post. Don't worry if you can't quite make that, if you're willing to at least try to post the content, we will accept you on the condition that you try. I believe anyone is capable with enough effort and practice.

Our server is currently in the expansion phase. We're trying to get a good collection of roleplayers here to make the community active. Once this is done, I have a main plot I've been working one that I'll begin to push, as well as many other features that I hope to roll out over the next few weeks, such as:
>Joinable Factions (with Ranks)
And some other more "secret" things.

We have good moderation, and I'm experienced with owning roleplay servers (I own another server with 300 members two more with about 100), so I know what I'm doing. My aim here is to create a good fleshed out and rich environment for experienced roleplayers. As such, I've implemented systems to help keep the world balanced, such as:
>Custom Weapon Creation
>Custom Ship Building
>Custom Gadget/Power Creation
>A tested rubric for judging fights and battles to fairly determine the winner.
As well as a work in progress economy.

So, if you feel like flexing your literary muscles, why not come on down?
✵ ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 ℂ𝕒𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕖 ✵
Havenlight Cascade is a modern fantasy roleplay server that enables its members to create characters that partake in adventures and scenarios that could not happen otherwise. Your characters range from witches, humans, demons, harpies and various fae that can roam alongside mythical beast ranging from the largest dragon all the way down to the smallest fairy. Join us today and see where your adventure may lead!

-The ability to take part in a fantasy universe and roleplay with members that bring a wide range of different styles!
-Helpful and friendly staff!
-Bots with fun commands (can add more as suggested)
-Freedom to create.
-Semi-literate members! A minimum requirement of 3+ roleplay lines on PC.
-Opportunity to own a shop.
-An accepting community, LGBT+ welcomed here!
-Friendly server members as well as a place to destress.
-Opportunity to make friends, because who doesn’t like friends?

---We need your help!---

-Currently we are in need of council members and shop keepers! Join now for the opportunity to snag one of these relatively exclusive roles before they're gone.

Wether you’re an experienced role player or quite new to the art, you are welcomed here! We hope you consider taking up a place in this server!

Havenlight Cascade.... where will your adventure take you?
We are a new roleplaying group working to build up. We have kind staff, many locations, and meme bots. Come join us to help us grow!
A fresh breath of air for roleplay servers involving a revamp of the basics you once knew and an incredibly eccentric server owner.

Join today and see what this server has in store for you!
This is a tale of times we all read in fairy tales, times of peace, war, happiness, advancement, and death. When all were united, the knights of the realms were respected and highly feared, protecting the lands and their peace.
Among this connection of thriving leaders and outlanders, a group emerged who betrayed the peace of the land and become mortal enemies to all who stood for the light.
These malicious groups were the demons, shadows, and outlanders...

Join the server and join the fight on the side of good or evil.
Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!

In a world ravaged by ancient corrupted gods, the final bastions of life reside in what have been come to be known as the "Surviving Kingdoms". These five kingdoms all hold their own beliefs, values, deities, and purpose within the world of Ignition. Numerous organizations and guilds have found their way into the borders of these kingdoms and impact the daily lives of their citizens.

The world of Ignition has expansive lore and a dynamic future that changes with decisions made by roleplayers like yourself! With many different races and an abundance of magic, weaponry, and intuition in the world, your characters have the possibility to become an integral part of the kingdoms. And with the world in a neo-fantasy setting, becoming a gunslinger is just as viable as becoming a mage.

⭐️Expansive and dynamic lore
⭐️ Multiple different races all with unique abilities and backstories
⭐️An active and dedicated mod team that listens to feedback and suggestions from community members
⭐️Paragraph/Multi-Paragraph roleplay that creates in-depth storytelling
⭐️ Events created by the mod team and veteran roleplayers in the server

Join today and create a character that will change the future of our world! Will you fight for the values of Order and restore the lands of Ignition to their rightful owners? Or will you become an agent of chaos and spread corruption within the borders of the kingdoms? Both of these options can be followed, or you can create your own path within the ever-changing world of Ignition!

**Now accepting partnerships!!
The universe is no more than a thousand years old. And yet, it has been graced by sentient life, magic, gods, and war.

Magic is the most common and fundamental force in our universe; and with such widespread magic, millions of collective individuals have had the potential to end the universe as we know it. And yet, we hold. In the beginning, it was nothing more than an empty void.

This void was discovered by a deity who we call the God of Plenty. Throughout the years, it's become the vessel for life, magic, and the universe as we know it. The God of Plenty would continue to form a group of five gods which govern over the general universe. They are called the Five Rulers. They are some of the most powerful gods to ever be known.

Their position doesn't remain unchallenged, though. Two wars have threatened everything they have established. The Divine Forces have had to overcome corruption, dragons, curses, gods, and more.

Today, the world is diverse with different conflicts and nations. It's been hundreds of years since the last great war. But, with the Morai cult and the Seven Deadly Sins getting restless, anticipation is growing for what may be the third Great War... Where will you come in?
It was your 16th birthday, and you thought it was going to be perfect. Your perfect sweet 16 with all your friends and family, or whatever you'd like to do on your 16th birthday. Thinking this day was going to go perfect. But did it?
You were struck, with a mysterious lightning bolt, one of of the four colors, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Each different color corresponding to it's own power.
Now what are these powers?
Red- Telekinesis + Vampire like qualities
Blue- Element Control
Yellow- Time Manipulation
Green- Animal Whisperer

You recieved these powers the moment you turned 16, but you were nearly instantly taken and dragged off to some.. facility. A facility to where you can never return home. Or can you?

What will you do with these new powers? Will you learn to use them and use them for the greater good, or will you use them to attempt to escape?
That is for YOU to decide.

Start your story, join us.

NOTE- mature 18+ material throughout server in their proper channels.
★彡 Welcome to Agate Academy 彡★
What is Agate Academy?

➳ Agate Academy is a place where superhumans come to embrace their differences and learn how to improve their powers.

↤↤↤ What Do We Offer? ↦↦↦

‣ Lore and OOC based events~! ✔️

‣ Friendly & Helpful Staff Members~! ✔️

‣ Active Roleplayers~! ✔️

‣ Variety Roleplay~! ✔️

‣ Movie Nights~! ✔️

‣ Working Economy System~! ✔️

‣ Tons of Fun Bots~! ✔️

‣ LGBT+ Support~! ✔️

‣ Tons of creativity for ocs~! ✔️

‣ Pet ocs~! ✔️

‣ And much more~! ✔️

What are you waiting for? Press the button~!
Welcome to the Continent of Eldingar, a large land of mass home to many people, from the Kingdom of Helios, to the port city of Weeping Rock, all the way to the Culmination, where darkness reigns! A new place has been discovered, The Jungle of Hastur! Where large animals reign in the untamed wilderness. Welcome to your new adventure! Your journey begins now! ✨
The Silver Sword Tavern
GENRE: High fantasy
The Silver Sword Tavern was located in an odd spot compared to others of its kind. It was isolated from any life within 5 miles, and is the only building in sight while traveling near ██████.

It holds a dark secret, or perhaps a dark magic, that coerces travelers of any kind inside.

Will you be able to escape the Tavern?

Looking for more roleplayers to join the server! If you're interested, please click the link below.

Trolls are not welcome! However, any type of roleplayer is! This is a serious server.

Death is possible! But worry not! There is a roleplay channel for dead characters, the Tavern resets periodically as well.

Each reset will present a new challenge or something different each time.

Puzzles and hints to be deciphered, work together to unlock clues for extra information!

Professional staff team and friendly community, along with some custom emojis!

Are you ready to escape?
✿ **__Contexte :__**
*[ Dans un monde parallèle ou l’humain a subi de graves mutations, plusieurs races dangereuses et pacifistes sont apparues. On les appelle tout simplement les races mutantes. Certain ont intégré la société tandis que d’autres types de races mutantes sont traquées et exterminées ]*

***- Le rp se déroule dans les temps modernes, et principalement dans une ville nommé Androsia . Cette ville est réputée pour être une ruche à mutants. Elle est aussi un refuge pour de nombreux mutants dangereux car c’est facile de passer inaperçu entre tous les mutants. La ville possède aussi une Académie dirigée par la mairesse de la ville , Anastasia.***
***- Vous venez de vous inscrire a l’académie. Et votre principale but est d’apprendre tout sur les mutants mais aussi de maîtriser vos pouvoirs, qu’ils soient génétiques ou venant de vos mutations.***

‘‘Ce rp est une vie de rp school avec plusieurs races disponibles et avec des évolutions. Vous avez le droit de faire un étudiant ou un enseignant mais aussi un surveillant tout en découvrant la capacité de chaque race’’


• Channels bien rangés
• Staff à l'écoute et répond rapidement aux demandes
• Modèle de fiche simple
• Informations détaillées
• Plus on rp, plus on gagne de récompenses
• Plusieurs salons pour s'amuser
• Images pour chaque channel rp

__N’hésitez pas a passer ! Foncez !__
Welcome to Camp Serrano. This camp is a special place specifically for those with unique gifts super modified to be as strong as the Excalibur. This camp is located on an island called Perierusest Island. The name is a bit of a mouthful, but what fun if not? The island is isolated in the middle of the ocean, miles upon miles away from any main land. Camp Serrano will be your home for the rest of... well, forever. Nobody who enters the island leaves. Unless of course, you suffer the same fate as 50% of the universe.
This server includes
•81 channels in total, and growing!
•Active and kind staff members
•Semi-Literate roleplay
•a social media category
•A moderator request form
•Vast varieties of... bots.
•13+ Server.
•voice chats
•lenient rules...
•am awful lot more.

owner: fennel#7831
Kokuren is a land far, far away... Its inhabitants are fantastical creatures that can shift, get visions from the past and future, and even grant your every wish. However, they are also insanely dangerous to humans and creatures like deers, dogs, monkeys, and pretty much any creature you've come to know in the "real world".