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Are you looking for a new RP partner? Struggling to find a new RP server? Or maybe you are simply looking to advertise your own RP server? If so, this is the place for you! An RP Hub to post and respond to "LFRP" with both SFW and NSFW sections!
Welcome to Velvet Underground, an exclusive escort service for discerning clientele.

Browse our selection of lovely boys and girls for your viewing pleasure. Take them on a night out, spend an intimate evening in their room, or simply sit down for conversation at our lounge. You'll be surprised what kinds of secrets can be found behind closed doors, and you'll find we're more than just pretty faces...


Hello! We are a new, 18+ literate to advanced literate ERP server looking for people to help grow our club. All colors of the rainbow are welcome! We offer an immersive experience by providing:
- A literate to advanced literate environment, with an application system in place to ensure quality writing
- A comprehensive in-game system
- Character builders to fully flesh out your characters
- Multiple channels to grow your plot
- A growing collection of tasteful NSFW photos
- Cheerful and accommodating staff
- Open spaces to just chill out and have a good time!

We hope to see you there soon!
The time is 3022 It was after a plague 3 world wars and civilization has collapsed underneath itself people turned against each other now since then people have been trying to to put it back together (please come and join or brand new server 18+)
╰─ Heyo cutie, look at this server!~ ! ୨୧ ─╯

───── ❝ ❞ ─────

— Welcome to Yuki's Erp Hotel~ this is a hotel themed erp server with a diverse community of literate and semi lit/ non lit roleplayers! we hope to welcome you with open arms into our hotel of pure pleasyre that includes all of the following below~

───── ❝ ❞ ─────

. . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Yuki's Erp Hotel includes~... ;;࿐ྂ

✧Friendly community
✧ Loads of self assignable Lewd/ kink roles~
✧ Partnerships but no pings for them~
✧Interactive erp channels!/General chats
✧ A wide collection of emotes and bots
✧ A unique room system~
✧ And many more things!

╰─ Join today & start chatting, can't wait to see you!~ ─╯

Welcome to Shygal's Horny House!
You can post lewds, Roleplay with each other and laugh with our fun (and horny) community!
Fate/Lewd Order is an 18+ server focused around RP/eRP with the Fate world. We have an ever-growing number of RP channels, bots to help RP, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and plenty of lewd goodies to come, as well! RP as your favorite master or servant from the Fate world, or create your own custom character!

Come give us a try!
Welcome to the oceans end
An Azur lane based RP server where every Faction has combined against the sirens familiar and unfamiliar faces, the base is located in the pacific ocean in uncharted territory.
It’s a hard life being a cryptid with a discerning taste in coffee. Of all the shops in San Francisco that claim they have the best cup, you’d think the Jersey Devil could find at least one place for that taste of home they’re craving. Other people have problems like trying to figure out how to hide their angel halo, and don’t even get me started on those hoodlum werewolves trying to awoo on the mortal plane without a permit.

Yeah, we all got problems, but the Bureau of Accordance does their best to try and keep the wheels turning. We’re all a little weird and just trying to make ends meet here in the Golden City.
- 18+ roleplay server
- Modern Fantasy setting with snips of humor
- Erp is allowed and encouraged but optional
- GM moderated quests and rp storylines
- All races are allowed with few limitations
- Safe space where all walks are welcome, LGBT, Trans, my guys, my gals, my non binary pals
- Unbelievaboat for fun and money making
- Easy to achieve five sentence minimum per rp post
- Perks and incentives for bettering your roleplay skill

Join us! The Golden City is a brand new baby server, and we'd be happy to have you here with us on our journey!
Welcome to the Freedom Charter Academy Roleplaying Server!

We are a server focused on the daily and nightly activities in and around our rather mediocre school. With our staff, teachers and students going about their lives and interacting with each other. Now there have been rumors going about some activities that most parents would get on barricades for, but surely... those can't be right, can they?...

To join this server you will have to submit a filled-out character template and be admitted by server staff.
📜 | Synopsis :

🌹| Nous sommes en 2017 quand labelle Mia Ramirez, actrice X, eu l'idée de créer un lycée où chaque élève compris entre 16 ans et 21 ans, de toute race imaginable, pourra venir et apprendre le sexe et plein d'autre matière.

🏘️ | Le lycée vous loge, donc aucun besoin de prévoir une quelconque habitation.

👩‍🎓 | En fin d'année vous aurez votre remise de diplôme.

🚪 | L'entrée dans ce lycée ce fait comme dans un moulin haha. Une petite inscription est à faire et vous voilà dedans.

💦 | La directrice se réjouit déjà de rencontrer tous ses élèves ~

🗞️ | Voici ton dossier d'inscription, rejoins nous !

💯 | Un staff a l'écoute et compétent.

🤩 | Des RôlesReward et de futurs giveaway prouvant ton attachement (Ou le fait que tu n'ai pas de vie) au serveur

👑 | Des joueurs de qualités, les mauvais fiches ainsi que le fast-rp interdis
Hey there! Welcome to the ERP Haven! A place for dirty people to ERP (or just rp normally) without limits! Yes that's right. NO LIMITS!! Our server includes:
❤️ Tupperbox
❤️ More fun bots (some with NSFW commands 😏)
❤️ Easy rp finder
❤️ Nice and chill staff
❤️ All types of rp welcome (one liners, semi lit, lit whatever it's cool with us!)
❤️ Not many rules but the rules that are in place are very simple.
So come on in and live your fantasies here! We have both sfw and nsfw rp so don't be shy of you don't want to ERP!
From Liya, Owner of ERP Haven. ❤️❤️
It's been a long plane ride here. The scent of beaches and lust fill the air as you've finally arrived to the Island of Isolation. The place is clean, quaint, and all natural. Preds and preys will love this isolated resort.
❀ Welcome to the Felis Forest Resort! An 18+ ERP and RP Server! ❀
Always open to partnerships!

The Felis Forest Resort sits on an old forest that was once linked to powerful magic users. This has caused certain magical and aphrodisiac properties to run rampant within the resort, leading to many adventures and people looking to simply get away to visit the resort. So why not stop by and see what the place is all about?

Not so interested in RPing? You're welcome to come enjoy our bots, chatting, VC, streaming and gaming channels!

❀ What's new? Our recently opened Arena! For a stat-less, easy to RP monster fighting experience! ❀

Keep in mind you'll need to read and agree to the rules to fully open the rest of the server!

❀ What We Offer! ❀

-SFW as well as NSFW RP aspects. Interested in getting a drink and chatting the stress of the day away? We have a bar for that! Interested in a more naughty get away? Check out the kink rooms or the magic hot springs. ;)
- Working on hosting movie nights during the weekends! You help choose the movie.
- Giveaways! Including character art and in-server awards!
- Welcoming to all races/types of characters!
- Fun bots to play with! A custom level up system in place as well~
- Many self-assignable roles!
- ERP, RP and a new arena!
- A friendly community!
- Staff here to ~serve~ your many needs!
- A verified 18+ section for some extra lewd fun~ Trust me, the owner loves to show off her body ;)
- As the server grows we will be offering more in the custom shop, more giveaways and DnD styled events to expand lore!
Haven is an ERP server where we encourage our members to experience their innermost desires as they partake of the lovely variety of Deviants we have.

We value our guests and our cherished Deviants, providing an excellent and safe environment for everyone. Guests are encouraged to leave reviews for our dear Deviants, so that we may further be able to satisfy their every desire.

Our growing community is active, boasting a number of Deviants for your pleasure, channels for casual talk, rooms specifically designed to tackle certain scenarios, pictures, edits and more.

We have 30 boosts on the server, plenty of emotes, and our exceptional staff will always ensure that your every need is met while providing safety for all our guests and wonderful Deviants. What are you waiting for? Pay us a visit and make the desires in your mind a reality.

 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ • Haven is a +18 server mainly focused on socializing and Rp/Erping

 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ • This Server offers wide variety of Roles, an active growing community and chat for those who want to make new friends. We also offer role-play channels with a vivid theme of sorts.

 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying with the expanding community.

 ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ •Inspired by Jen's 'TSP.'
Brand New server, 17-25. This server is semi-lit to literate. 😔👐 Spare members?

This is based off of Taisho era Japan. The world is developing fast. Trains are the most common mode of transport, though cars have begun making themselves more seen. Omegas have began to gain more rights, and are showing up more in the work force.
The land is divided up by clan. There are Kitsunes, Onis, inugamis, Tengus, Tanukis, nekos, and rabbit shifters. Most humans do not know of these creatures as they hide themselves from the human world.
It is up to you all to make alliances or enemies. Arrange marriages can occur. fights between territory, or for lovers is expected. Will you keep your head down, or get roped into it all?
Futanari Dominion is a NSFW 18+ roleplay server catered toward those who enjoy roleplay that involves futanari characters! The server strives for an orderly and mature approach to the hub game, with clear rules, fair enforcement of said rules, and minimal channels/roles for ease of use. Though futanari characters and pairings the focus of the server, all are welcome, and there is absolutely no requirement that this theme be an aspect in any advertisement or roleplay that takes place on the server itself.

Please join us and take a look! We look forward to seeing you all here.
Hello and welcome to The Basement !
This is mainly a furry/bara server for all of you muscle and beef enthusiasts but everyone is welcomed regardless of sex/orientation! We're also NSFW/RP friendly.
The channel offers--
NSFW roles and chat.
Bots for music.
Bots that prevent spamming and raids
Movie nights!
And a variety of other stuff.

Cum Society is a Slave/Master ERP server. Slaves obey masters and will do whatever they say, including sexual acts. We have:

• Slave and Master roles
• Active chat
• Lots of ERP channels
• A wide variety of roles to customize yourself
• Our own ERP leveling bot

Slaves are active and looking for masters, so why not join and use one? You won't regret it ;)
Welcome to Kink Corner!
Explore your needs, whether you're here for roleplay, hentai, or just kinky conversation. All fetishes are welcome here, and all kinds of tastes, allowing for all of our unique personalities to come together and give something to enjoy and savor at every turn.

We welcome you, but in this slutty sanctum, all members will follow the ooc ground rules of this sacred temple.
•This is an 18+ server; this is a prerequisite to join if you are proceeding onward.
•Be nice, and respectful.
•There will be no kink shaming or harassing other members, including paying mind to opened or closed DMs.
•Please refrain from misusing the channels, or spamming.
Fallout: 69 is a Erp/RP server loosely based on Fallout 4 with some minor addition such as Enclave, Caesar’s Legion, and other fan favorite factions. Well, what do you do in this server, you make a OC and go around, enjoying yourself or another. We’re mostly a loose server with loose-ish rules and generally attempt to make people happy. On a last note to keep this a bit short, we have a custom mutation system for the server, so better be ready and just don’t hope you don’t set the world on fire.
Heya! Welcome to the Overworld!
This is a world where angels, gods and goddesses alike can talk and have fun with one another. The kingdom is peaceful, with the ruler, Seraphina Anthes II, soon to court and find a king for her kingdom.
You start as either an angel, god, or goddess who has first died on earth as a human. You were reborn in the Overworld with either some, all, or none of your memories intact from your past life. Welp, time to find them out and/or have fun with others!
This is a casual RP with ERP allowed as well. Once we get enough members, we'll start doing polls and votes! Please don't be afraid to help us improve the server!
It's been way too long since the previous wars practically reset humanity. Other species have popped up other than our own, vampires, werewolves, insectants, elves, you name it, it likely exists, living among humanity. However, the world is a dangerous place. Most species act like monsters because they choose to, and they aren't friendly. They're parasitic, and plan on harvesting the races they consider inferior to assist in their birthright.

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic realm of magic, there's no official name for these lands, there's no need for there to be. All that is known is that we have one safehouse, an old, abandoned school.

Join a roleplay where magic of almost all kinds is allowed, but is hereditary, meaning that you'll leave a legacy wherever you go. Every step you take will leave a mark on the future of the server.

Will you try to survive in this hostile world? Or will you get caught to be used as nothing but a sack of flesh meant to further strengthen the monsters?

The choice is yours.