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Phantom Velocity was created to be a place where people could meet and interact with others. Along our way, we have grown to over 100 members, with multiple features, and custom attractions.

Everybody is welcome, and we highly recommend you check us out!
Here at the Loggo Doggo's we sell keyloggers for use, they are cheap too, so we are not putting holes in the bank account, yes, you can receive a trial keylogger, but it requires a monthly payment, you can cancel it of course.

As always we are](NOT)[Responsible if you use the keylogger for anything that is not legal.]

[Our keyloggers are intended to do, but is not limited to:](Having the ability to see if other people were on your PC whilst you were not there, or making sure that your child is not doing anything unwanted on the PC)

[Those are just two examples](You can use the keylogger to do whatever you want, but that does not mean that we are responsible, just remember the examples that we would expect, and wish for you to do.)

Thank you
🌟 **Welcome to ΛZЦЯΣ !** 🌟
We are a growing RP server and we are looking for other roleplayers to have fun !
We offer :
- 🏘 A large community that loves roleplay !
- 🌐 A lore-free system where all universes and fandoms can be used :D
- ✴A staff team that is open to suggestions !
- ⛾ A lot of Roleplay channels !
- 💽 A few bots (Pokécord, Dank Memer, Notsobot..) so that you can play even when alone ^^

🌟 We can't wait to see you here ! I hope I'll see you soon. !
A server to do what ever. We are also taking suggestions for stuff so please if you want to suggest something please tell the owner
friendly server lots of bot commands lots of cool channels
Cool bot's to mess with
Cool staff
Cool Member's
Economy bot command :)
Just added thighs back but only sfw thighs we need new Posters aka thigh posters
👋 Hi there, Will you join my server 🙏


have lots of cool things and you can hangout, 😎

You can...

talk to new people, 🤪

chillax after a long day, 😌

If you like, invite your friends, 👌

we need people to join so my server is known and we can get new stuff, We are halfway of finishing our server. So please help a brother out.

(The server might be dead at the moment but if more people join it won't be as dead as it is right now). My DMs are open Friday-Sunday (or on breaks) So if there is any problem you can talk to me lil_Shinobi#9698

Also Mondays-Thursdays, but I won't respond as well as Fri-sun. I will be doing H.W after 5:00
Looking for a new amazing community server to join?
Check out __Aesthetic Mist!__

We are a friendly server geared towards creating an active and friends community. Anyone can feel free to join. We do have quite a few things to offer such as:

• Caring staff who are always willing to help.

• Plenty of channels including game channels, selfies, and more.

• Lots of voice channels.

• Self assignable roles.

• Lots of bots with many amazing features!

• Partnerships.

• And much more!!!

Anyone is welcome at anytime!
We can do many things including
Helping you get a girlfriend or boyfriend
Helping you start your own server
Make it easy to get high roles
Lots of roleplay
Some anime
plenty of minecraft, roblox, CSGO, and stardew valley
Hey, salut toi !

Dis, je pourrai te déranger quelques petites secondes pour te présenter un vrai bon serveur ?

J'te fais la description en 2spi !

🌺 𝑲𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒃𝒓𝒊_ est un serv communautaire comme il en existe plein mais ce qui nous différencie c'est que nous sommes une famille soudée qui rigole de tout en bonne ambiance !

De plus, nous avons des salons spéciaux tel qu'un casino où encore des salons de présentations !

Qu'est ce que t'attends ? Rejoins-nous ici !
. Do you like memes........... Do you like eggs....... If you like any of those two things.... You should become an egg man.......... or woman................ If your ready and mature enough...... Join The Egg Warriors!
join cv right now !!!!

Community Vibez 🦋

♡ loving community
♡ cool bots
♡ cute emotes
♡ non toxic community
♡ giveaways
♡ events
♡ staff applications;; open

─ https://discord.gg/mTz4mRM
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ੈ♡‧₊˚
This is a server for some superhero fans to meet and hang out! We have a rival and, that's pretty much it! We are a new server made just for having fun! We may also do some giveaways and events too! We, as heroes, can't wait to have you join the fun!
The forest it the only place humankind has ever known. There is no one alive who knows what the world looks outside of the forest. Anyone who has tried to find a way out, has never come back.
In the early days of the forest civilization, all people ever did was try to get out. After they realized they couldn’t, they gave up -though people still do try to, and fail. After they gave up, they built a civilization. It first started out has a small village of huts made out of wood, but eventually it grew. They learned how to mine and thus- the age of stone began.
The age of stone is one of the most prominent ages in the forest civilization’s history. It’s the foundation of how it became what it is today. The age of stone was an important time, full of mining and finding out many new things; such as ores like coal and iron (later finding gold and diamond) and magic for a select few too.
Along with the stone age, small village started growing into a small kingdom. But along with change came conflict. Since the newfound kingdom was getting larger, there was the problem of who was to rule the kingdom, eventually, there were fights breaking out about who would be king. (or queen)
Eventually somebody stepped up to rule, their name was King Rowan Coliar. He was an important figure in history, as he, named the kingdom, Croix, founded the council, and many other things.
After the rule of King Rowan and during Queen Nessa’s rule, people didn’t like the way she ruled and some decided to split into different kingdoms. Creating Obasal, Zican and Phaya.
˗ ˏˋ Chill Out ™️ ˎˊ˗

Welcome to Chill Out. A chill community
where you can make a ton of new friends and
chat with cool people! We are a growing
community that plans on doing many
giveaways to satisfy every single one of our
members and show how much
we appreciate everyone that joins!
The server contains the following⁑

─・Friendly community & staff
─・Active chat & VC’s
─・ 1.5:1 Male to Female ratio
─・Weekly giveaways including Nitro & Spotify premium
─・Enjoyable events for you to participate in
─・Self assignable roles
─・Invite rewards $
─・VIP Partnerships
─・ Custom emotes

➤ Currently looking for Nitro Boosters that are willing to boost our server💘
➤ Nitro Boosters have special privileges !

Overall, the staff in this server which is a few..are very nice and accepting. We will joke around so beware. When we don't joke around, the staff are very nice and funny! PLEASE JOIN (-;
fun for people 12-17, loads of profanity lmao,
lgbt+ safe space, cowboy stans, lerm too
This is a server dedicated to gamers I guess. We have qotd, memes, and more fun events in our server.
We are a cool, growing server. easy to level up and gain new roles/perms.
Join if you want to be part of a chill server, with constant Nitro giveaways!
• You are welcome to invite friends and hang out with them •

• We are open to suggestions to help make our server more enjoyable •

• Self-assignable roles •

• Partnerships •

• Friendly and Active staff(: •
Welcome to The Duckbunch. This is what we have:
-A kitchen
-Gaming help
-fun stuff
-cool things
-epic stuff