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Hello there , looking for a nice and fun place to chill out and relax ? .
Maybe have a coffee , vibe to some music and socialize with some fun people here @ Cafe Vio .
Welcome to (yet another) Danganronpa killing game server!
Looking to have a bit of deadly fun? Come to the right place!
Looking to talk about danganronpa or other things, but not play? Right place!
Looking for just a place to hang out and talk to a bunch of nerds? Right place!
We might be small right now but that doesn't mean we have nothing to offer!
Come on in and join our game!
What we have to offer

♥ Robux Giveaways
♥Nitro Giveaways
♥In-Game Item Giveaways
♥Cool Roles
♥Active Chat
♥Admin+ 24/7 Team
♥None- NSFW
♥Safe Community
♥ Free Community

♛We hope you consider joining :)
We are a skyblox based rewarding server, all of our rewards are listed below!
🎉Robux, Skyblox🎉

🎁Invite rewards, level rewards and boost rewards🎁

🔆100 members🔆

💜300M coins for boosting💜

🎁Skyblox Rewards!🎁
💯10 Invites = 10m coins💯
💯20 Invites = 20m coins💯
💯30 Invites = 30m coins💯

👍Thanks for joining and passing by!👍
a "new" server mainly focused on playing karuta!!
we have:
•karuta focused chats
•karuta dye shops
•level roles
•level rewards
•multiple bots for max enjoyment
and many others!! <3
⋯ :: Vitamin+ ♡

⌗┊a mental health server just for you~┊⌗

╭╶ ╸╸╸╸╸୨୧˚₊ ɞ ✧
୨୧ ─ cozy n' non toxic!
୨୧ ─ vent and support for your needs
୨୧ ─ lgbt friendly and wholesome community!
୨୧ ─ friendly staff n' members!
୨୧ ─ various self assignable roles!
୨୧ ─ Art channel & aesthetic layout!

─ hiring active pms + ams & of course psychological supporters!
─ we welcome you with open arms as we go on a journey to better our mental health.

─ note: We are not professionals, and we encourage professionals to join the server. Join us to help the world!

─ Let us be a vitamin to your burdens.

𐐪 invite ─
🎉Welcome to Chill Mania🎉! We are a welcoming server where you can hang out and talk to others. Stop by and say hi! We have cool looking level roles, fun channels, chill vc's and much more!
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Nocturnal Woodlands  。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

General server with witch-y aesthetic! Happened by accident then I just rolled with it.

☽ ✦ ☾ Must be at least 18 years old
☽ ✦ ☾ Mostly SFW server with NSFW hidden channels for those who CHOOSE to see it
☽ ✦ ☾ Art prompts & competitions
☽ ✦ ☾ Gaming channels
☽ ✦ ☾ Leveling up system for cool roles
☽ ✦ ☾ Points system – manually added
☽ ✦ ☾ Raffle tickets that could win you real prizes
☽ ✦ ☾ Multiple bots to play with
☽ ✦ ☾ Customization & personality roles for your member info

ღೋ Friendly owners and staff
ღೋ LGBT+ friendly
ღೋ Non-toxic
ღೋ NO racism, sexism, bigotry


•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙ The server is pretty new and my first time creating a server with this much effort, so please be patient with any mistakes
Only the brave and strong may walk through the doors of Valhalla. The Valkyries offer you their hand. Will you accept it?

Here at Valhalla, our purpose is to create a community fit for everyone. In our server, you can talk about many things such as anime, gaming, shows, and even listen to music. Members can choose one of several color roles. We also offer channels for using the Mudae bot to collect and trade for characters.

FGO enthusiasts are welcome! Several of our members play Fate/Grand Order and will allow anyone to ask for help, talk about the game, or share their gacha results. We may expand beyond FGO as the population increases.

We may be a small community, but we hope we can grow and become a place where everyone can fit in.
。 Chixon

You have been invited to Chixon࿔₊•
Chixon is an aesthetic based community! Our goal is to make a server where everyone feels accepted and welcomed.
╭──── What do we offer?
│ʚ Welcoming Server!
│ʚ Non-Toxic Community
│ʚ lvl 2 boosted + Boosting Perks
│ʚ Partnerships and Affiliate Also hiring Pms + AMS
╰── ∘ʚ And more!
Come on don't be shy click the Join button.
We'll be waiting for your arrival!
We're raunchy but civil.
We're savage but sweet.
We're toxic but wholesome.
Come in to join our mess of a community.
We're strictly 18+.
Don't want any munchkins and keep ya drama at the door.
✧ Bella's Furry Roleplay ✧
We don't judge, hate, or bash people for their interests. We are here to have fun and roleplay with you all. You may join here for a safe, kind place. We will support you with decisions, help you out, or just chat with you. We are a friendly furry server. You can be yourself here and express the true you. Satisfy your needs, wants, and desire for roleplay.
-Rated T for Teens
-Roleplay channels
-Roleplay Events
-Nsfw channels (Verification is needed!)
-LGBTQIA+ safe! We support and allow all sexualities/genders/identities ♥
-Level one booster perks!
-Friendly community and staff
Enjoy your stay!
Note: There is a partnership info channel in the server for you to check out! If you join for a partnership, make sure to read everything in that channel to find out the requirements and who to talk to ♥
Therian’s Meaning:
“A Mammal Of The Major Group Theria”
🐺 ━ Therian Shadows ୨✪୧ ⊹₊˚˖
.││ │.✫
││ ✪
│♡ ° ✷
♡ . •

Feeling Bored, Nothing To Do During Spare Time? This Is The Place For You! This Is An Entertaining, Educating, Family Role Play Wolf Pack Server!

❝ ━ -ˏ💫ˎ˗ ️ What We Offer ⊹₊˚˖࿔
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Supportive, Caring Members !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Many Pack Ranks (Eta, Epsilon, Etc) !
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Fun Playful Bots (OwO, Dank, Etc.) !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Fun Pack Daily’s (Polls And Quests) !
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Role Play Channels !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Exciting Role Play Plots !
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Server Booster Role !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ And Much More~
❝ ━ -ˏ💫ˎ˗ Join Today! ⊹₊˚˖࿔
Neko's Harem!
Community • Feeds • Roleplay • And more!

🦐 Active community server for degenerate weebs.
🦐 Boatload of emotes
🦐 Trashy dank memer currency.
🦐 A bunch more bots for more fun.
🦐 **Extensive** material in the locked lewd channels.
🦐 Become a waifu and roleplay as her (+Free Yuri cutscenes)
🦐 Feeds for memes and upcoming anime releases!
🦐 Colour for your username!
🦐 Safe from haters and raiders.

✨➞ Lgbtq+ acceptance, hangout and dating server. ✨
✨➞ We have plenty of roles (and more to come to help you feel accepted, and welcomed.)✨
✨➞ Plenty of cute emotes!!!
✨➞ We have lots of bots and are open to adding more! ✨
✨➞Strict rules to keep our members safe✨
✨➞ An extremely friendly environment, with active staff that truly care✨
✨➞ Mental health safe space✨
✨➞ Looking for active members! ✨
✨➞ Please become apart of this server, we’ll treat you the way you deserve to be treated.✨
Welcome to Ren’s Basement where you get dragged down to the bottom of the stairs to his basement to forcefully live down there forever unless you somehow leave.
The server is looking for people who are chill and laid-back who over-all just pass the vibe check.
We use fun bots for entertainment in the server when it’s dry asf and we have funny and chill convos with each other. If you start drama.. we don’t claim you because that shits annoying asf.
Anyhow, if you see this you have to join because you don’t have a choice. Just check out the server and if you don’t like it just leave. - Ren <3
Message from K2: have fun mates, see ya in there!
The Michigan community Discord is the best place to connect with anyone that loves our beautiful state, denizens and outsiders alike!

🌌 Everyone is welcome!
🌎 No political debate!
👫 Not a dating server!
a chill server for artists, gamers, or any type of creator to hang out and make friends! everyone is welcome in our community!
(must be 13+ to join!)

✧active staff + members!
✧LGBT+ friendly!
✧art channels: contests, collaborations, games, etc.!
✧manga club!
✧gaming text and voice channels!
✧weekly movie nights!

we hope to see you soon! ♡
The Chill Den is a fun server to join, talk and make friends in (talk about anime, date ;))! Anyone is welcome and we do weekly nitro giveaways! We have a large following and love new comers!
Chill community server, idk what to put here but join if you're bored and looking for a place to talk. <3


*Notice: We are not the official Canadian Armed Forces. We’re just a roleplay group that solely focuses on roleplaying military operations. We do not condone to any sort of violent actions or behaviour.*

The Canadian Armed Forces is now officially recruiting new members to join our newest and realistic server. We offer many different types of jobs you can roleplay as such as Non-Commissioned Officers, Officers, and even take command as a General! We also offer different branches of the Armed Forces such as the Royal Canadian Airforce and the Royal Canadian Navy. Come on down and help serve your country!


👀 **What We Offer:** 👀

❗️__Three different branches__ you can serve as: Army, Navy, & the Airforce!

❗️__Several regiments__ you can join in order to participate in Weekly Regiment Challenges: __Military Police__, __Rangers Reserve__, __Doctrine & Training__, __Recruitment Corps__, & the __Infantry Corps__.

❗️A __separate advertisement channel__ were you can advertise your own server, job openings, and such in!

❗️__Army Staff Applications__ are **__OPEN__**! We are currently looking for Co-Owners, Regiment Commanders, and such! Join for more information.

❗️__Multiple VCs__ in which you can join and have fun in! This includes music VCs.

❗️__Weekly Regiment Challenges__! These challenges are hosted by the owners and the winners of each challenge will win custom regiment roles for the week!

❗️__Level-up promotions__! We offer many ranks in which you can easily obtain just by chatting or if you are wanting to become an officer easier, you can apply for the ROTP Program.


⚠️ If you have any questions or concerns, please DM **AwesomeMaps275#8085** for more information. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible! ⚠️