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This is a New server for role play, based on a BDSM club theme. It’s a place where everyone is open and theirselves, you can make new friends and find sub/doms, or new role play partners. Though the server is still undergoing some changes, we’re happily looking for any suggestions. There’s a section for OOC and Roleplay specifically, and other channels for fun things. Upon joining you’ll find yourself at the welcome channel, which will lead you to the rules in the message. To verify entry you must read and obey the rules. That’s all for now, do enjoy your stay loves.


We are a trans, nonbinary, and allies server.

We're all like 20 something. except toby.

we have a bot that sends pictures of rats and the dog in the PFP. and a third mystery dog.

sort of a funky gender club.

we have two rules
2. if you join and you have a pet you MUST send a picture of your pet.

》 The club is designed to be a simple and functional book club server.
》 Our target readers are those who have other main priorities like their academics, work, families, other hobbies, and etc but still want to join a simple reading community.
》 The club is structured for you to spend the least amount of with the club to pave way for you to focus more with real life priorities and more on actually reading. Basically, we are a book club for the busy and the occupied. We do not have daily or weekly activities that you need to keep up with.
》 The club is simply acknowledging that we do not have the same privileges. A book a month can already seem like a huge challenge to some of us.
》 You can say that on the side, we're also an activity-based club with reading races and sessions and a log-point system. We also have channels for other stuffs for those who might be interested!
》 I hope this clarifies what kind of experience you can look forward with us! For a start, we do not aim to be a big community that is always active.
》 We hope that you can grant our club a month-long try for you to actually experience the meetings which is our special highlight!
》 It is important to note that we are not professionals. We are students with a hobby. We are a humble server. Our main intention is to keep reading and to try to support that goal.
》 If we are not the book club for you, we recommend checking out other book clubs in Discord!
Welcome to the Garden of Books! We are a small community that chooses a book each month to read. the books are all free and online so don't worry about costs!🤍
Hi there!

Hope you're having a wonderful day or night.
Now that I've caught your attention, I hope you consider on joining!
We have..
Active Staff
Staff Applications
150+ Members
Voice Channels
Tea Time
Games we have..
-- Minecraft
-- Roblox
-- Grand Theft Auto 5
-- The Crew 2
-- Red Dead Redemption 2
-- Ark: Survival Evolved
-- The Isle
-- Garry's Mod
-- & so much more!

Anyone is welcome here so feel free to join! But please know not everyone is completely nice & friendly, but as owner, I can handle them.

And do not join if you're just gonna leave.

Thank you for reading this!
We’re a new server :). I’m open for all information to help our community grow. You should join haha, We’re kinda toxic but we know our limits. Love u!!
Rain Fall Cafe as a server for people that have plans in the future to make their very own cafe or work in a cafe, this server also has anime, music, and games in it. On this server, you can make many friends and also expand your plans on cafes or drinks. (this server is new and I'm trying to make it popular, pls help me make it blow up, it would help me very much!)

>Swearing is allowed.
>English Speaking/Texting is MANDATORY
>Being rude, starting arguments, or being petty is strictly not allowed.
>Dont take jokes too seriously.
>No begging, whining, or yelling for roles.
>No harassing/spamming admins or other group members.
>Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.
>No being jealous over others ranks you will be promoted eventually.
>DO NOT advertise any outside servers, commissions without permission!
>Most importantly... Have fun! ^^
After midnight clubbing, music events, chatting and mouxampeti Greek Server!
~Anti-lockdown ~
By Xaros ®️
Dobrodosli u naše društvo i na Otaku Light/Night Club server!

Nadam se da ćete sa nama da popunite usamljenost.... Da se pronadjete negde na ovom serveru...

Cilj ovog servera je da se zabavite, zezate,da upoznajete nove ljude i razgovarate o raznim temama.

Naravno isto da se pronadjete u nekom klubu.... Jer vecina nas nije mogla bas da se pronadje dok ovde mozemo...

Na serveru radimo razne turnire, imamo klubove i tako dalje...

Zamolio bih vas da nastavite dole da citate jer je jako bitno.

Ne zaboravite da procitate server-info kada udjete na server jer je bitno!

Nadam se da cete lepo da se provedete u nasim klubovima!!
Welcome in to the Debacherous Fox Club and Brothel. We are a blossomig with quite the theme. This server started as an idea I had on a server I was on. It all started with a rothel and from there it just exploded to the point where I felt it had grown to big and thus we find our self's here today. We welcome all who wish to join and you are open to inquire about working for our establishment. We have both server currency paid erp areas (the brothel) and also public rp areas where you are free to have fun. We welcome you in and hope you enjoy your stay in our tropical paradise!
Please head over to the rules and give them a read. After that please go to the I.D verification area and state your age and where you found us.
Teen Club is a nice and chill server for all ages between 13 - 17. The server includes,
- amaizing staff
- cool members
- fun bots
- fantastic activites

We invite you to join and hangout with us at - Teen club -
Valentino’s Lounge is a nightclub server where you can meet new friends, or even new lovers 😏😏 but let’s be honest, you’re here for the music! Don’t worry, we have four different bots you can use for music and plenty of extras.
14+ please
Some sections are 18+ 🤭🔞🔞
🧤: +9,000 miembros, muy activos.
🧤: Moderación activa
🧤: 3 modalidades de juegos Escondidas, carreritas e impostor.
🧤: 3 salas de música.
🧤: Contamos con sala de cine.
🧤: Sistema de economía y recompensas.
Serveur francophone communautaire qui ouvre ses portes le vendredi 16 octobre à 22h
- Pour les intéréssés, nous possédons un club avec 1.9M de trophées ( 16k mini )
Hello, welcome to doge community club! This server is for any shiba that would like to join and meet other shibas! We do tons of giveaways and we even have 160 doggos! The server is really active too, the more active the more giveaways we will add and updates to the server.
If you are a shiba this would be a good time to join
•▸────[ Ziften ]────◂•

Zapraszam na świetny serwer z własnym botem!
Minecraft , Amongus ... And more games , nice and friendly server and a really good community [ Staff Apps Opened ]
Welcome to "Your Senpai's Club" this is an anime server where you can talk to other people, play with bots, roleplay (if you want), you can choose your own race, every family has a leader (family as in race family which races are Doragon/Dragon, Akuma/Demon, Neko/Cat (if you aren't a girl it doesnt matter you can be a neko too if you want), Inu/Dog, and Tenshi/Angel. And yeah that's pretty much it the server is in maintenance will add more stuff soon so yeah

(It does contain 2 channels that are nsfw the server is not mainly based on nsfw content so yeah just gotta give a warning so my server doesn't get deleted from dashboard, so don't write a review about how it had nsfw and you dont like it, so just dont go in the nsfw channels that's why it gives a warning when you go in a nsfw channel)
Welcome to NEON's server! A chill server targeted towards everyone and from all nationalities.

NEON offers:-
Active and fun players.

Roles that make you feel part of our gaming community.

Giveaways and more.

Join now to feel the best of what our community offers!
this is a wip server so don’t expect too much when joining. we have many fun bots and a handful of cute and memey emotes. we’re a chill server and a non-toxic community.
This club was created to bring together teens who enjoy talking about astronomy! Once this club grows we'll have discussions, movie nights, and an overall community of kids who love all-things astronomy!
This server is from roblox game (still in developing stage)
We doing a mods applications.
Fell free to dm us!
Or talk on chat!