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Welcome to Dank Memz New
Yeah, that's it, we really don't care just join
Very wholesome no toxicity
Please join our Disocrd server. We got raided by a group of retarded hackers 6 times!
We are a fun community hoping to expand our server!
We offer you:
1. Funny Community
2. Friendly staff
3. Awesome bots!
4. Active Members!
5. Edating/dating. Eboys/Egirls.
6. shitposts.
7. and much more!
Join fast and climb up the ranks! Everyone is welcome and everyone here is loved<3.
this group's name changes a lot, lol
if you're looking for a bunch of nice, cool and possibly funny friends to hangout with feel free to join!

the server is improving slowly but we'll get there

-sincerely, jaz
バラ園 R̴o̴s̴e̴ ̴G̴a̴r̴d̴e̴n̴ is a community where our members can chill and feel relaxed, regardless of age, race or gender. The server is designed for members to meet new people or to simply discuss their life or experiences, whether that be social media or anything else. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy a little time away from your personal life and make memorable moments with our group of friends. Most of our active members have been friends for a while and we wouldn't mind making a few more.


What we offer:

⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・A community of friendly and sociable people!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・Plenty of active text and voice chats to socialize in!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・Plenty of server emotes!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・Plenty of self-assign roles and a variety of different colors!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・ Plenty of bots to entertain you!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・A designated channel for Pokecord!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰ ・MEE6 Premium with level rewards!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰・Amazing staff members!
⊱ 🌹 ⊰・Currently hiring Partner Managers!

At it's core, Horny Sanctuary is for casual conversation both sfw and nsfw.
We offer a fleshed out nsfw-section for those interested, but feel free to join even if you aren't interested in that.

Clear and easy role system
Nudity channels (for verified adults)
Gender-exclusive text channels
A decent male-to-female ratio (currently at least)
Handy array of bots (MEE6, Dank Memer, NotSoBot, Tatsumaki etc.)
Hentai bro hell yeah
And more
It’s just a hangout for people who like to talk. It has some bots and some chill people to go along with it. READ THE RULES AND REACT WITH A THUMBS UP IN ORDER TO VERIFY YOURSELF THANKS
Hi there! This is a server where you can talk about your interests and make new friends, maybe even find that special person

There will be a NSFW server

Dating is aloud (report pedos)

This server is new so its a work in progress

I hope you will join!
Welcome To Blossom Academy! A school based theme server.

We are a fun community, Good place to chill and have some fun. We welcome everyone and try to make everyone feel like home. We also have almost all the popular bots.

—————— ''We offer'' ——————
◈ Active Chat

◈ Friendly and trustable community

◈ Self assignable roles

◈ Anime nerds

◈ Fun bots

◈ Multiple music bots

Check in!
Eyo welcome to Moonlight Falls!
Were a small, fairly active server full of all sorts of people. We play tons of bot games and events so you better be up for that if you join.

-We got-
•Weekly events
•a e s t h e t i c
•Friendly staff
•Friendly people
•Active members
•Lots of channels
We just chillin in the freezer. Main rule is no doxxing other rules are lax.

Chat is mostly active, and if it’s not when you join just @ me the owner. I most of the time am able to respond and like to talk.
I’m not gonna write anything more because who wastes their time reading long descriptions
This is a NSFW 18+ server.

Welcome to Calamitous Intentions, a server where you can explore your deepest desires and have banter in the process. So come, chat and find yourself between the calamity. Come and help our new community grow!
- Self Assignable roles
- LGBT+ Friendly
- Selfie channels and nude channels
- Many Voice channels
- BDSM and Kink friendly
- Make new friends
- DM choice preference
We are a brand new and growing server, this enables us to take requests and server suggestions to help us flourish.

The server is simple, fun, and easy to use. The members and admins are all kind. Many Bots to use. Also this Server is always getting better as time goes on. Hope you join, Bai bai.
welcome to our cafe! :D were a safe, inclusive group that's really just nice and we try to keep up with everyone in the chat as often as possible.
we're honestly just vibing like no lie. So if you are looking for some fun with a bunch of active and fun members come join! We have a bunch of fun emotes and lots of bots!! We are always looking for new was too spice up the server. Also please don’t just join to leave 5 minutes later;; We can’t wait to see you at the café!!

We have:
🌸Active main chat
🦷Art channel
🌸Lots of memes
🦷Animal chat/bots
🌸NSFW channel but that’s it for nsfw stuff (don't come just looking for nsfw content please)
🦷Anime talk
🌸Gamer chats
🦷bots to mess around with!
🌸soon to be dnd nights!
🦷lots of voice call channels. We also call pretty much ever night so don’t be scared to join!
🌸venting channel
🦷self promotion channel
Yo bro, this is just a place to hang out, chill, make friends, ect. We also got like some NSFW Channels, and userphone. We know your just a lonley fuck whos looking for friends. so why not come here?
A lovely server which is not only there to ERP!

This server got way many featured bots to also add some extra fun on the server! A lovely little hotel rp with many events which were designed by the stuff team! Way much more awaits you here as you can meet also other people to enjoy some RP/ERP on the server!
Just a server where you can chill and hangout! Have le funnnnnnn

Also NSFW is also here but not our biggest thing, see at your own risk
・〉Welcome to Chéy Lea's Community!

We strive to be a welcoming and friendly community where you can be comfortable, meet new friends, and be treated with kindness and overall, love. We are more than just a community server, so everyone and all topics are welcome!

What Our Community Offers:
➺ Hosts Movies Every week in server!
➺ Many cute and adorable emotes!
➺ Active Chats + Vcs to make and meet new friends!
➺ Events + nitro giveaways!
➺ Birthday Announcements!
➺ Play with bots all. day. long. Dank, Mudae, TTT, Owo and more!
➺ Variety of self-assignable roles!
➺ Ranking System + Booster Perks!
➺ Self-Promotion, Art, Counting, Gaming, and Music Channels.
➺ And so much more ~
Pings: @/everyone, @/here, @/lurker {on occasion}
・〉Looking to grow our community!
✿ | Vanity link: https://discord.gg/cheylea
✿ | Invite link: https://discord.gg/GQ4ezJU
✿ | Banner: https://prnt.sc/r2hjh1
We're just a meme community that praises our lord and saviour Hamood Habibi! But seriously, we wanna create a wholesome meme community and just have a good time!
Um servidor Inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis.
The Hangout by Alatar is the official server of AlatarRhys. We have the goal of creating a friendly server with community goals and challenges. You can choose to fight for a faction against other factions or to go solo and become a server legend. We have everything under the sun and are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
We have:
Chats about different topics
Friendly staff
Chat rules
The disaster that is Marriage Bot
And much, much, more!

We hope you can join us and see for yourself just how much fun The Hangout is. We are together to create a Discord community that will change the world for the better through all our projects. So please join and bring your friends for the ride of your life.
Are you bored, lonely and want to make new friends or just want to chill with some super cool people ?
Well then this is the server for you...
Our server includes:

🌸Fun bots
🌙Voice chats
☁️Make new friends
🌸Friendly people
🌙Movie and game nights
☁️VIP Lounge
🌸Colour Roles
☁️And lots more...

So click that join button and come and chill !
250+ members !
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
~ It is a dark and dangerous world out there. Trust is a commodity in rare supply. But the night breeds desire and loneliness in equal measure. If you ever find yourself on that dark and empty super highway of the world, look out for the blaring sign of Siren's Solace. A torch against solitude, a bastion of debauchery with enough seductive secrets to corrupt even the most pure of heart; this might just be the place to get your fix. So give in to the buzzing of neon and the sweet voice of the Siren. Join us.
- Based on a bar straight out of the noir films of the 50s, we've built up a community of kinky people looking to learn and laugh together. Come join us and rise through the ranks of notoriety as we add more theme-based roles, items, and commands. We are focused on the safety and privacy of our members. Guests 21 and up are welcome.
A place for gays, trans and straights alike to join in and play games with one another. (: