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In the very corners of your eye, sitting in a hole in the wall is a bar,
You’ve been down this street 100 times and you’ve never noticed
a bar down the end of an alley way, sitting in the doggiest and most suspicious
area. It’s not possible, it can’t exist surely?
Enter the Blue Moon, two very obscure characters greet you, neither
look quite human in the dazzling hues of Neon, as they both welcome you,
like a whisp of smoke, making you feel dizzy with fear or excitement,
as though you’ve been truly whisked off to another world in the bar’s shades
of purple and smoke covered barkeeps. There’s an air of danger and it is delightful.
Do you dare order a drink in the pale moonlight from this strange and mysterious bar?

-Yoho! I’m Nishi; one of the Owners. Just wanted to set a few things straight, ya know?
This bar ain’t for the faint hearted. It’s gross, vulgar and rough. Expect bar fights and dark humor. If you're sensitive it probably ain’t for ya.
-Also this is a semi-lit to literate server, so that’s what it is.
- Not to mention, with this much adult shit, I don’t want any kids joining. Take this as a warning 'cause it really ain’t for the underaged and no; turning 18 soon don’t count. Don’t join.
-If you’re someone that likes to chill, ERP and do weird shit, join! Heh it’s not like I can judge ya. Join if ya dare to, ya damn punks.
Um server pra ser um lugar confortável para as pessoas conversarem e se divertirem, possuímos, bots de entretenimento, salas de anime, salas de música, desenhos e muito mais
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This Server is a SFW station. The main general, #the-bar, is a non-roleplaying area rather than #order-a-drink which is the main rp floor! Many rooms are for personalization along with venting out your problems.
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The Rules are simple, The Roles are simple, thank you.
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We have:
• bot-tenders
• personal rooms [birthdays, intros, photos of yourself]
• friendly bartenders along with amazing waiters
[of course, this is only a taste of what it’s like.]
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This is The Bar. If you feel like it, come on down and have a drink. Talk with the chill community, crack some jokes, talk in VCs. We're a server that welcomes all types of people and assures that you'll want to take another visit or maybe invite friends. We hope you enjoy your stay!
Come into the bar and have a drink! Or just meet new people to roleplay with your OCs! We're always friendly here and have a pint ready just for you. It's a chill server where you can come in to make friends or create stories with other writers.

Welcome to The Basement Lounge, a nice small bar themed server with simple rules. Chill, talk about games, shitpost with your fellow #drunks, or just hang around with your fellow barflies.
➢ Salut toi Jeune Entrepreneur connais tu mon serveur Communautaire TV Non je vais te le expliquer

C’est Une Serveur Basé sur Le Communautaire TV

- _____ __ - ____ __ _ ₋ ____

〘〙➢Des Salons vocaux est Textuelle pour le jeux et Les Sport !

🎁➢Des Giveaway Exculsif

〘〙👂Un staff à l'écoute et compétent

On et comme une petit Entreprise avec plusieurs rôle comme, Responsable des Ressources Humaines
〘〙 🗺️ Un salon de partage pour pouvoir partagés ses créations

〘〙🤖 De multiples bots

PS 🎒: Nous Recrutent ton Modérateur Information dans Le Serveur

Ja foi traido porq ficava muito em um jogo ou vendo muito anime?? Ent venha beber conosco :D um server para vc falar de tudo e mais um pouco! temos chats para todos os assuntos! (ou para quase...) Não garanto q vc vai se divertir mas garando q pelo menos vai ser um otimo lugar e sera sem toxidades :D
Welcome to the Twisted Tavern, an amazing community server with so many features! We have cool events happening all the time! (Feel free to also give suggestions!) You can share the dankest of memes, have civilized debates, bully the bots, help us improve the server with your input, play with many bot commands, games, and a brand new currency system (coming soon!), engage with amazing staff and community members, buy drinks at the bar, and so much more! So why not come on by for a pint or two? We hope to see you soon! Cheers!
The year is 2037, life on Earth is doing good. The stock markets are doing great, businesses are booming! There’s this bar in Vermont called Devil’s Den. It’s a fun little bar, but there’s a secret no one outside of town knows about it. It’s ran by Benjamin: a guy with a no sense of death, and Angel Dust: a literal demon from Hell. Will you find all the secrets this bar has to offer?
Serveur discord sur lequel vous pourrez discuter de rock/rap/dubstep/lo-fi etc etc, faire des concerts virtuels, et discuter dans la bonne humeur ! (possède un salon nsfw)
Welcome to our virtual drunk hell!

We offer roleplay, a safe place to come and talk about your problems, you can even do so over a good drink!
Welcome to the Razor's Edge Bar and Lounge! A nice place to come in and hang out, meet some friends, have a party, drink your cares away! We welcome anyone and everyone, Human, orc, elf, Demon or Angel! everyone is welcome, just mind the rules and we'll get along just fine and leave you with a night you'll never forget
Welcome to the Wonderland Nightclub, a place for all to find their inner peace with others and begin to expand their friendships and new chapters with other peeps.
The Requiem Corporation (Roblox group)

A better alternative to cafe groups.
We have Filipino Food and flavored water.
Good service.. I think..
Why join this server?
-we have fun to talk to and active members
-semi active voice chat
-very active staff
-fun hangout place to chat with people or get friends
-and lots more!
Welcome to "la tarverne au chat noir". A nice bar themed server. you can talk here, get a drink, play games, listen to some music. All political ideologies are accepted, all fandom are too. We don't judge but we care.
Servidor en Español y en inglés, BadWolves es un servidor social en el que puedes elegir en una gran variedad de roles con temáticas diferentes, personas locas y buena gente. El servidor también cuenta con minijuegos y canales para música, roleplays, juegos y demás.
THIS is a server where you talk in the vc OR text ,no shit mods so you can raid and troll i dont realy care bois