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Serveur roblox ou il y a du full rp , dans les vocales .... Systeme d'appel avec les urgences .. Il y a beaucoup de script , meme du jamais vue sur d'autres serveurs
Welcome to The Supernatural Highschool.

Hi, welcome~! We are a roleplay community who welcomes every kind of character to our highschool.
In the middle of the woods, close to a city just outside the woods, you can find Kami Gakkou, the high school. Multiple buildings, one with classrooms and the other with dorms and way more. Students and teachers walking around. Will we find you among these people too?

We offer:
¤ Relaxed and chill rules.
¤ Dorms you can share.
¤ A town with a mall, a coffee shop, woods and more!
¤ Enough roleplay channels for you to roleplay in!
¤ Fun bots, such as OwO, Groovy, Dankmemer and way more~!
¤ Friendly, helpful and active staff.
¤ Self assignable and color roles!
¤ Memes, art, gaming and anime channels~.
¤ LGBTQ+ Friendly server!
¤ Channel for suggestions.
¤ Lots of emojis that you can use~<3
¤ NSFW category and bots.
¤ A loving community!!
¤ 100+ members<3

We're looking for:
▪︎ Active and friendly roleplayers.
▪︎ People who are willing to join our lovely community!
Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Slice Of Life, Monster, Super Power, Future, Fantasy and Sci-Fi

☆Premise/Main Story:☆
Year 3000. The world is one continent where multiple cities around the world have their own clans of people with special powers called "Shift". With Shift being born with and some can even buy it. They use their Shift to make lives easier for all kinds of things; food, water, land, goods and many more. Many have normal lives as there are normal jobs for students. Everything isn't as easy going, in the vast majority of the world is covered with the Wastelands, with it consisting jungles, deserts and more. Small to giant Monsters running most of the Wastelands. With the help of Monster Military to keep it in order. There has been trouble in the passing year regarding a group known as the "Renegades" are a collection of shifters who believe there should only be shifters in the world and they want to run it.

☆What Makes This Different☆
¤Semi To Literate Roleplaying
¤3rd Person
¤Have a Choice of NSFW or SFW.
¤Real Face Claims
¤Actual Story Progression
¤Friendly Helpful Staff
¤Flexible Character Creation
¤Wide Range Super Powers
¤Simple Role Play Style
¤Likable NPC Villains
¤Side Story Missions
¤Every Character Feels Some Importance
¤Alternative Worlds
¤New Places Being Added
¤Some Mystery Solving
¤125+ NPC's To Enhance The World

×Become whomever you want here.
Want to be a Shifter in a team to do missions and fight monster ✅

Or want that slice of life just going on through life ups and downs of the world and characters around you ✅
WNA is a casual and competitive hang out that's crazy different from all others before. We have a variety of streamers dedicated to doing giveaways, a friendly staff, and the bounty system for Ninjala that can get you awesome monetary prizes. Our systems allow everyday people to rise up through the ranks, and we just want you in our team so we can spit gum at each other.

We may be late to the scene, but our ninja gum technique can knock your lights out clean. Join the academy to learn Ninjatech and complete bounties for a chance to win season passes and skins. We'll Also be hosting seasonal tournaments for rank ups, Goofy fun, and awesome prizes. We're also looking to partner with big or small groups, because that's what gaming is all about, connecting, and beating the living snuff out of each other. So join WNA academy and be a student your parents can be proud of!
Welcome To The Dead By Daylight Community Server! 🙇
If you love playing Dead By Daylight or youre looking to play with new people, then this server is for you! 💀
Meet players of multiple skill levels and consoles, From Rank 20s To Rank 10s To Even Rank 1s and PC to Playstation, you will most certainly find a group of players that you can spend your nights with, trying to escape the trial! 👥
Even if you are just a newbie at Dead By Daylight, we can help you improve and become a better player! 🔝
Whether you are a bloodthirsty killer main🔪, or a witty survivor player🤕, this server will have a group of people for you to play with and interact!

So what are you waiting for? Click that link, and join in the fun! 🍻
A New timeline ? A new path ? Hmm well it seems a new generation has been born... New gods ? New worlds ? New everything? Hmm How about you join and get into the chaos yourself !
The Magic Emporium is a community dedicated to playing a diverse portfolio of video games, building friendships, and providing a comfortable atmosphere to relax and hangout. LGBTQIA+ friendly.
A large scale multi group roleplay server with a large scale roleplay that has been going on for almost ten years. It is a literate Server with its own systems for power scaling, magic, unique abilities, and species to pick from. The server hosts and uses original content, characters, and creations to spice things up.
A custom made fantasy universe with elements of traditional folklore and mythology ranging to Lovecraftian style cosmic horror. One in which the balance between the Human world and the supernatural which they drove into hidden corners and beyond the Moon is held together by families working to protect both sides of the balance.
The old guard Coperture and Terremoto, noble families from past the Moon, royal in their own regard who protect the Earth and Moon together with their combined efforts.
Redwoods, a group of wanderers who protect the soul and spiritual balance of the planet from tipping and being lost to madness.
Kazahana and Zenith, families made of both humans and the supernatural living beyond the Moon, their job is to protect their new world and the life of the supernatural beings who were nearly driven to extinction centuries ago.
There is a constantly updating Wikia acting as a repository of information, updates, weapons, characters, and lore of the roleplay.
This is the main page which links to all of the others, other important links will be added below
This link connects to all of the various species that people can pick from, they are being updated and added onto every week giving our members something new all the time
Lastly this page has some general rules about the rp for new members to read, though the server itself has individual rules to being there that you will be able to find and read once you join in.
With all that said, we hope to see you there!
In a tiny little red dot, a unknown infection spreads like wildfire through out a urban metropolis and business hub of South East Asia. Martial law has been enacted, and the government has gone to shambles, as well as the entire population and some foreigners. These three people are fighting tooth, hand and nail to survive, procuring whatever they can, only hindered from things like the infected, and simple things like walls, locks, barricades, to larger threats like cleansing operations and other humans, who may not be so friendly...

Welcome to 14 Days to Die Later RP, taking place in Singapore in the present day, where you can find things like,

-Random Encounters
-Combat, with a emphasis on hand-to-hand and melee
-Notable tourist attractions
-Not-so-well known places only the locals know
-Scavenging Encounters
-A wide arrangement of different items and equipment, each for their different purposes
-A huge fleet of different vehicles to get around faster

And most importantly, friendly staff who will be able to help you out and make yourself feel at home!
- Ace Combat RP!
- Genuine Strategy!
- Friendly Experienced Staff!
- Huge Assortment Of Aircraft!
- Pick a Nation!
- Rule a Connected Sky!

In the year 2019, Strangereal is rocked by a series of terror attacks that leave thousands dead. A mysterious new terrorist group called A United Dawn claims responsibility for said attacks.

Weeks later, the AUD carry out an attack the likes of which have never been seen before. Several Strangereal nations come under invasion from within. The AUD claims responsibility for the invasions and are boosted in their invasions by monetary and military support from an untold number of billionaires and military personnel who believe in starting the world anew under a new banner and ideology.

You, a pilot currently based at Shannon Air Force Base in Southern Osea for a multinational training exercise, hear of the attacks and want revenge.... You are formed into the IUN 1st Combined Allied Air Division or 1CAAD under orders from what remains of your nations government. Form up with pilots of different allied nations and help push back the AUD and restore peace and order the world!

The Sky is Connected...
The year is 4 ABY. The one great Galactic Empire is in turmoil as the New Republic, formerly known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic, is slowly starting to gain a foothold in securing it's place in the Galaxy. The fate of the galaxy lays in the hands of the individuals inside it...
(this server changes years so description may be outdated)
Welcome to Attack on Titan: Freedom! Here, you will meet wonderful new people and be greeted by very helpful staff! Here, we provide good RPs, immersive events, and involvement of everyone! Why not try it out?
Welcome to project Olton! An action-adventure rp server! Aspire is set in the city of Olton, Oregon, which is in America for you non Americans.. Anyways, it is set in the early future. technology has certainly expanded, with lasers and other sci fi related things! Magic and sorcery also exist, along with super powers. Nearly anything goes!
With an up coming plot, amazing staff, and tons of community involvement, project olton is probably something you should try out.
We have
-active staff
-several different factions
-nsfw channels
-Missions and bounties
-faction making
-and a lot more
What we're about: We are a roleplay-oriented group that is focusing on a long-term, story-oriented experience that will introduce character growth and world-building. There's plenty of lore and all kinds of juicy details for anyone who's interested in a fleshed-out world.

What we're looking for: Currently, as a group, we are looking for serious, literate roleplayers with an open mind. As of now, we're accepting three roles. Student, Teacher, and Familiar. All of the details you need to know are inside.

Plot Synopsis: The Order of the Scions is an organization of Mages that dedicate their efforts to a common cause: the complete preservation of mankind. Powerful Mages from all corners of the globe battle against unknown forces that threaten our world, and the very existence of human life. To utilize the supernatural world in order to benefit human lives, this is the very foundation of the Order. Of course, joining their ranks is no mere easy task.

In order to join the Order, one must first graduate from the Three Founding Academies. And this is where Pendragon Academy comes in.

Pendragon Academy is a prestigious institute for individuals who yearn to dabble in the mystical arts. Known to be the home of some of the greatest Mages in history, and the very home of the famed Nicholas Flamel himself. Here, students study and train under the best of the best. Of course, school life here is no mere fun and games. The possibility of injury or death is very real-- in fact, it's common among the weak links. If one does not learn to master the unknown, then they will be consumed by it entirely.

The year is currently 2021. And you are among the many who study in this legendary Academy. I would say "good luck", but luck is a concept foreign to many in the unknown world.

⋅ In this world since time began people have talents and gifts.
⋅ A large group started the curriculum in school for these gifts and
talents which was picked up like a trend to the rest of the world.

⋅ Gifts and talents are something quite common in these schools,
it's more rare to see people without them.

⋅ Cherry High is the most prestigious school who's main curriculum
is combat. This school graduated some of the worlds strongest
combatants. In high respects this school keeps it's title as number 1! ⋅

⋅ If you ever decide to enter this realm be sure to watch out for the
monsters! Monsters are humans who's talents far exceed anyone
and anything else, no one can fight them eventually matched besides
other monsters. ⋅ (No you cannot become one, for reasons)

⋅ Join this world and climb the ranks! If you aren't interested in that
build your own story and goals, your own characters and have fun!
Just be sure to play by the rules and do everything correctly! ⋅
•╚════════════◄░░░░░░░░░░►════════════╝ •

【What We Offer】
◣All Forms Of RP Including ERP!◥
◣Decent Staff◥
◣Make Your Own Story Interesting!◥ ***(We aren't gonna create a story for you, that's up to you and your rp partners)***
◣Open Story Contribution!◥
◣Long Very Detailed Character Creation!◥
◣Original Story!◥
◣Unlimited Characters!◥*** (Must play all characters you create)***
◣OC Stat Sheet, Sadly Numerical Systems◥ ***(With good reason!)***
◣Custom RP Channels!◥
◣Even More!◥

We are strict on our rules but the good side is you can do nearly anything you want in this server! It's Action based but we are allowed heavy ERP elements and even more as well! So if you decide to join don't be toxic and invite your friends, have a good time and create a fun story!
Welcome to the Lands of Tiros, young adventurer! or are you a towns member? a blacksmith? You are whatever you want here! You choose to worship one of 3 gods here, each of which will grant you your desire! Here we enjoy just role playing together and having a good time. What are you again? Join us to find out! Note: To all people who are hoping to join and have peace. THIS IS FOR FIGHTING! You can start families and such, but don’t overdo it with slice of life.
The Universe of Sora is a roleplay server built on action anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and so on and so forth. Create whatever OC you wish, or even roleplay as a character from an existing anime or manga. The server focuses on how YOU want to develop your character, not on how the world develops your character. Give us a try! You won't regret it.
This server is for a upcoming clan that are trying to complete their team to compete in scrims, also for the people who are looking for a team for rank.
A new style of One piece Roleplay. Ever got bored of being your own crew? Want a chance for true power? In this server OCs join up to become apprentices Of the Yonko. Be a member of a wide variety of the one piece races that exist. Use a devil fruit or create your own custom fruit or fighting style. To balance things out somewhat this server uses a stat system to keep things in check. Getting more stat points giving you the chance to become stronger
Black Rose Military Roleplay

The year is 2036, and the world's powers have combined under one banner, for the majority. The Black Rose is an international peacekeeping organisation, which is presented in the form of a standalone military. It has presence in every continent worldwide, and all battles a common foe. What will you do to assist the Black Rose?

Multiple Career Options!
-Air Force
-And more to come, as we develop!

Ranks and Respects!
-A ranking system, that is actively referred to.
-Starting as a recruit, you evolve through your training.
-Each choice you make will reflect upon how your superiors see you.
-Everything that happens, will always be remembered by someone.

Active Development!
-Admins who are constantly overseeing and growing the server as best they can.
-Economy setup for ammunition, MREs, uniform and so on.
-Many channels for each section of the Roleplay.
-Vigilant Admins who wish the best for the server.

So, come and pledge your life and human liberties to the Black Rose now. We will be waiting.
VraxileMC is a network that strives to give its players an safe and enjoyable experience. We provide gamemodes such as hardcore factions, kitpvp, creative and skyblock. We're growing each day and have a friendly set of staff on our server.
Hey there! Looking for a Superhero Roleplay server? We are the perfect server for you! Join the server and see all the powerful things that await’s you!
Welcome to weapon force! (Apologies for the terrible grammar, I'm not the best at it which you'll notice!)

This is a futuristic anime/manga fighting server. Everyone trains to become better at fighting with the weapon they choose.

There are a few classes to choose from. (No, You cannot create your own class.)

Magical orb
Double guns

There was a man obsessed with alternate time lines and worked to open a portal to one. He cracked the code but those who came through killed him and now try to take over our world. Think you can stop them?

We hope you enjoy!




Espresso Depresso
fookin laser sushi

Le Monde des Kannushi est un serveur RP qui prend place dans un monde créé de toutes pièces par son fondateur et qui tend à devenir un véritable manga !
Venez incarner un personnage dans ce monde vaste en conflit pour accomplir vos rêves les plus fous !